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Nicky's Sketch Advent Calendar Pt 1



PAGE 1 IS DONE! Page 2 to follow with like 27 more people on it! *faints*

There are three pages, and this will be going from Dec 1st-Dec 31st 2013. They're just inked sketches, sorry I just couldn't color 31 panels with the time I have. But I hop you like them!

I wanted to include as many people who have supported me this year as I can. No one is on here in a specific order, just what I was able to come up with on each mini scene :giggle:

Thank you all, I really, really appreciate you all, and everyone I wasn't able to fit in one of the three pages!


:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 10th: (uploading slightly early)
My Sailor Cheshire and :iconsenshi-of-legend:'s Sailor Love Moon go on a grand trans-dimensional adventure onto page twoooo!
Sailor Cheshire by nickyflamingoSparkles! by senshi-of-legend

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 9th: (uploading slightly early) :iconmarushi-dracul:'s Messier 102 and :iconfreckledsleeper:'s Sailor Eris are simply being beautiful! Very much so!

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 8th:  :iconmoongirl29:'s Sailor Messier 28 :iconstefbani:'s Sailor X enjoy each other's company and discuss the tree topper for out tree this year.

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 7th:  :iconkuroshi-tenshi:'s Sailor Nehal and :icondedizenoflight:'s Sailor Nisaba continue the trend of SMV residents celebrating the holidays.…

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 6: (uploading slightly early) Hey everyone, time to go caroling! Here we have a small crew from SMV spreading holiday cheer! :iconjeishii:'s Sailor Illumina holding a plush of :iconquixoticapricot:'s Sailor Orcus (well, Alexis!), :iconfencergirl00:'s Maeve (Sailor Aine)... note her book and drink choice XD, and :iconjatgproductions:'s Magical Thief Princess Heart.

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 5: (uploading slightly early) :icontoto-the-cat:'s Sailor Skat experiences her first Christmas on Earth, in which :iconwickedz:'s Sailor Earth teaches her the great tradition of decorating :iconmadwon:'s Sailor Gamma Rei for the holidays (read annoying Madwon whenever possible) :giggle: Also, Sailor Tungsten Flamingo is a Christmas Fairy.

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 4: Pale haired senshi who look great with snowflakes unite! :iconshade-lover31:'s Sailor Skadi, :iconsailordarkness:'s Sailor Snowstorm, and :iconwhiizu:'s Sailor Astraea looking like winter beauties!

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 3: :iconprincess-estrella:'s Sailor Jewel Star-Estrella spreading christmas cheer via santa hats, and :iconrodentfanatic:'s  Sailor Nemesis is her first (surprised) victim.

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 2: :iconunisamas:'s Sailor War and my Sailor Gamma Leonis just found themselves under some mistletoe! (Thanks Sol!)

:iconwizardllamabadgeplz: Dec 1: :iconcrimsonsmouse:'s Sailor Sol and :iconre-pyper:'s Sailor Iris get into the gift giving spirit. Sailor Euphrosyne and Crystal Sailor Moon are spreading cheer as Holiday fairies!
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Whah, this is so cool! *o*
For whatever reason, dA didn't "mention" me in this, so I had no idea that I was included. O:
But EEEEE, everybody looks so awesome! Thank you so much! :D