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About Traditional Art / Professional Core Member Nicky S.G.Female/United States Groups :iconconstellation-senshi: Constellation-Senshi
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ACEO Zodiac Virgo by nickyflamingo ACEO Zodiac Virgo :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 24 2 ACEO Amelie by nickyflamingo ACEO Amelie :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 37 6 ACEO Juliet and Erza Scarlet by nickyflamingo ACEO Juliet and Erza Scarlet :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 37 3 ACEO Morgan by nickyflamingo ACEO Morgan :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 45 8 ACEO Nilla by nickyflamingo ACEO Nilla :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 62 5 ACEO Zodiac Pisces by nickyflamingo ACEO Zodiac Pisces :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 41 9 ACEO Calanthe by nickyflamingo ACEO Calanthe :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 37 7 ACEO Doki by nickyflamingo ACEO Doki :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 34 2 ACEO Freyr by nickyflamingo ACEO Freyr :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 26 1 Crystal Freya by nickyflamingo Crystal Freya :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 55 11 ACEO Dextroluma Secret Exchange 2018 Ferrerra by nickyflamingo ACEO Dextroluma Secret Exchange 2018 Ferrerra :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 69 6 ACEO Let's Build a Snowman Hanzo and Eostre by nickyflamingo ACEO Let's Build a Snowman Hanzo and Eostre :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 37 9 ACEO Sachi by nickyflamingo ACEO Sachi :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 42 11 Galaxy Portrait Eno and Dustil by nickyflamingo Galaxy Portrait Eno and Dustil :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 22 5 Galaxy Portrait Arlo and Raka by nickyflamingo Galaxy Portrait Arlo and Raka :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 24 5 Kamitsune Ice Kunoichi CLOSED by nickyflamingo Kamitsune Ice Kunoichi CLOSED :iconnickyflamingo:nickyflamingo 65 29

What is Nicky Working on Now?

What's currently on the slab today:

Heart Border [Purple] by RevPixy

These are NOT all my commissions, ect so don't worry if you're not here. This is just what I would like to accomplish today!

Currently testing trello. I may be sharing my to-do list if I like it. For now, sorry I'm not updating my to-do list like usual here.

Heart Border [Pink] by RevPixy

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Want to Spoil yourself for the Holidays? Advertisement corner of Adopts and Commission Specials: 

3 deviants said MYO Kamitsune Slots OPEN! New Bundle options!For the holiday season, I'm test running these MYO's in specially priced bundles! With so many traits available, purchasing them the old was could get pretty darn pricey, so I thought I'd see how bundle purchases go! If the feedback on this method is positive enough, I'll be switching the MYO purchasing permanently to bundles!
Bundles mean you can use anything UP TO what is listed. EG: A Legendary Bundle means you can use any combination of common, uncommon, rare, and legendary traits. It doesn't mean you have to use ONLY Legendary traits. Mix it up! <333
10 spots currently available! Multiple slots per person are allowed and yes, you may purchase for someone else if you are feeling generous!! (though if there is demand, I will happily open more)
Angea AND Devi are both now available!!!
MYO Price list
All Common Bundle
Uncommon Bundle
Rare B
:iconkamitsuneadopts: Special Price Holiday MYO Bundles
2 deviants said $20 :iconmistressdoodles: adopts Mistress Set: December 2 OPEN by Jyinxe Mistress Set: December 1 OPEN by Jyinxe
2 deviants said Emergency character resells and :iconreliqualia: adopts by :iconsami-fire: Emergency CS ResellsHey folks. In a tight spot again... I need to resell some adopts pretty badly and I'd appreciate if you could buy.
Here's what's up for sale. - Lockette. $110 value, if I recall correctly. - Entrancer and Vassal. Original value ~$140 or so, willing to take $100 for both. - Lockette. Worth $35.
I'm willing to take payment plans for the first Lockette and the Entrancer/Vassal duo, but I'd like $75 to start, at least.
Well, if you're interested, please comment or note me. Thank you.
[RQ] Reliqual Set 1 [Set Price] [OPEN] by Sami-Fire
1 deviant said Beauty in the forest adopt by KatMonert Snow white, Snow bright Adopt by KatMonert Broken glass is the prettiest Adopt Kibran by KatMonert $10 princess themed :iconthekibran: adopts by :iconkatmonert:
1 deviant said *Updated* Commissions !!OPEN!! (Slots Available 2)After a lot of thinking I have decided to accept commissions. They are limited right now so I can offer lower prices as a starter. Please read the rules so there is no confusion.
My pricing and time with each project will vary due to multiple jobs so I will request a down payment before I start and then ask for the rest once the piece is completed. This is to ensure that you will purchase the piece once it's finished. If you decide against it for whatever reason your down payment WILL NOT BE RETURNED. It will then be considered a fee for slot cancellation that could have been used for another customer. You're down payment will vary based on commission, but if you cancel more than twice I will require full payment upfront before the project is started.
I only accept payment through PayPal as of right now. This is subject to change in the future.

Base Price:
Bullet; Green Headshot: $5
Emergency commissions by :iconbloodyeyes913:
No deviants said [Kamitsune] OPEN - Auction - Mini Metor Kami 3 by wandering-kotka Choose your element utter cutiepie :iconkamitsuneadopts: auction by :iconwandering-kotka:
No deviants said Limited Time Commission Saleso I have a small opening right after Christmas to get some art stuffs done - and as some of you know I was really sick this week and lost about 650 dollars worth of work. In order to make up for this a bit, I am opening up a couple commissions at a sale rate.
anyone interested in something like this;

they are normally $75 USD  (half sheet of paper :) ) and up to 2 character limit
I will sell a couple for the low price of $50 USD 
Claimed slots:
1. :iconunisamas-art: 
please note me if interested! I take paypal only!
Commission: Faust and Rhajat by Jyinxe Special Price Couple Commissions by :iconjyinxe:
No deviants said EMERGENCY BORDER HEADSHOT COMMISSIONSI'm so sorry to have to spring this on you guys so unexpectedly, especially considering how financially compromised December makes us! Because of billing error, my bank account is in the negatives, and on top of that, I'm unemployed and having real trouble looking for a job. I don't want to explain my situation since I'm really private. The headshots are $15 and they'll look like this:

If you can't buy one, you can help me by spreading the word. Rules and note form are at the bottom:

Character(s) name and Ref:
If you’re not the original designer, please provide username to provide proper credit:
Paypal email:
Any details and/or questions you wish to express:

Again, I'm so sorry for springing this and thank you so much for your support!
Emergency Headshot Commissions by :iconsariusa: [SS]CS Halloween Exchange-Gen1 Lynx by Sariusa [SS]CS Halloween Exchange-PokeMariana by Sariusa
No deviants said emergency commissions open hng//adding examples cause i didn't think of that before mmmm
hi yes basically surprise payments happened and i need to make up over a hundred dollars in twelve days haAA
so i know my to do list is already ridiculous but i gotta make up the money somehow. i'm going to a craft show friday to hopefully sell some things but i still gotta make up this cash so i can keep the internet to function hng
so everything is back open and such. either comment on here, the journal/piece, or note me please. if you can't get anything, please please share cause even that might help ~

Trashy's Boutique // open by SS-Trashboat
Trade Art // Renee Outfit Set by SS-TrashboatOutfits // Sirena and Cerenna Set by SS-TrashboatOutfits // nightmareantagonist Set by SS-TrashboatOutfits // Maggie Set by SS-TrashboatOutfits // by-MK Set by SS-Trashboat
YBH // Darshee by SS-Trashboat Emergency Commissions by :iconss-trashboat: and cs+ocs+gijinkas for sale [open]its the season of giving, so in order to help a friend in need, im selling a few things
all money will go to her, and im only accepting paypal for stuff
highlights include driftlings, and marie gijinkas
cs - $3 (driftling) - $3 (driftling) - $22 (driftling)
non-cs - $5 - $30 - $5 - $20 - $2 - $5 - $2
pokemon gijinkas - $29 - $18 (possibly pending? [will prioritize you if you offer to pay for her immediately tho]) - $5
there might be others i might consider selling if i can sell them, so if anyone else interests you, lemme know
:iconnightmareantagonist: is helping with selling characters
No deviants said Shuu's Shiny Commissions! Updating mailing Rule:new:UPDATED the rule about if you want your commission shipped to you internationally!:new: I didn't even think about it before it came up. I'm really sorry guys!! 
So I’ve decided to officially re-open commissions. Due to both chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, I am unable to work a conventional job. This (as well as my patreon) is currently my only source of income while I apply for cash assistance and SSI. 
You can also support me on my Patreon as well!
I take PayPal, SquareCash and Ko-Fi (my Ko-fi page is here: ). If you are paying via PayPal, please note me your e-mail so I can send you an invoice for the commission. I do not take points as I don’t use them. You can also send a check or money order in the mail if you want, but do not send me cash! It’s very dangerous to do that, pls be safe!!
I offer 3 types of
Shuu's Shiny Commission Menu! by shuu-bunni Emergency commisisons by :iconshuu-bunni:




Current Commission Offerings

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Nicky's Commission MenuAs I offer a variety of commissions, I needed a central location for them.
May 6th 2018: New commission types added, "Limited Sparkle Time" marker illustrations and "Limited Floral Watercolor Illustrations". Retired a couple older types.

These are my current commission offerings!

Please see each journal for commission details including pricing and plenty of examples. As always, feel free to note me with any questions and I will respond as soon as I am able to.
Thank you for your interest!

Full Color ACEO Commissions:

ACEO Dextroluma Aurora by nickyflamingoACEO Demi by nickyflamingo

These are the commissions I currently have open:
Thank you for looking :heart:

Regular Commissions:

Full Color ACEOs Commissions waitlist open

I am offering full color ACEO commissions, a little portrait is a happy, jolly thing in your mailbox or a friend's! :heart: I'm opening to all character types: Senshi, Closed Species (for possible feral species like Kamishiba or Foxfans, note me first), OCs of whatever flavor!
One card for $15 or two cards for $25
Free world wide shipping (if you would like one sent to a friend, make sure to include their address in a note)!

Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1]  Please read the entire "read me" section before placing an order or claiming a spot <3  Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] 
If you're interested in a two-color style like this instead: 

2 Color ACEO Commissions OPENStars Orange  Two-color ACEOs (character color and background color) Stars Orange

-white gel pen background (add or don't add)
-gold or silver if requested!
Also, if you want silver, copper, or gold details added, please mention it in your order and I'll add them like here:
Prefer Full color? Go here:

ACEO Loser by nickyflamingoACEO Koi by nickyflamingoACEO Rosalie by nickyflamingoACEO Denos Rose Noire and Ink by nickyflamingo<

Full Body Full Color Commissions waitlist

Full body, full color commissions for most character types (and gender, human, humanoid/humanoid closed species, senshi, ect).

(one single or couple per slot)
*note: I may go out of order if inspiration hits*

blue heart bullet SLOT 1: Middynx (couple)
blue heart bullet SLOT 2: Jyinxe (single)

pink heart bullet WAIT LIST:


Bullet Purple These are no background, full body, colored
Bullet Purple Paypal ONLY, no holds please. Payment due before work starts.

Bullet Purple One character or couple per slot, please (I may reopen some later)
Bullet Purple Please NOTE me your commission request, thank you!!
Galaxy Portraits closedGALAXY PORTRAITS
Nov 20th temporarily closed, will refresh when more slots available!

Bullet Blue These are postcard sized water color portraits of up to two characters per illustration (same price for single or couple pic). The character(s) are drawn in black in outlines, freehand. Chest up/shoulders up portraits. Shimmer paint and gel pens finish them off.
Bullet Blue Couples, Friends, different forms of the same character, family all welcome!

Bullet Blue Let me know if I should add something like flowers or a symbol!

Bullet Blue Please read the entire "read me" section before placing an order or claiming a spot <3

(a selection of my favorites)

Limited Floral Watercolor Illustrations closedNov 27th: slots closed through Christmas, will announce reopenings here later so check back!

Hello! I have a new type of commission I'll be testing for potentially adding to my regular rotation. Thank you for checking them out. If you like the overall style but are interested in marker illustrations, check out my "Sparkletime Illustrations" commissions here: Sparkletime Illustration Commissions
These are watercolor and colored ink illustration commissions with a floral theme. They will be from approximately waist/hip up depending on the elements added. Lines are colored with a coordinating color like blue, purple, ect depending on the character(s). Black lines can always be requested if preferred. Flowers are then added into the illustration (usually roses but others can be chosen, just be aware that I'm not going super detailed with many flowers like some of my past "in bloom" portraits). Then I'll add an overlay o
Limited Sparkletime Illustrations temp closedAug 26th: these are temporarily closed, sorry no wait list at this time. I'm finishing up commissions to get ready for the fall and winter holidays, watch out for re-openings and special commissions <3 Thank you!

These are somewhat experimental marker illustration commissions that have a light, shoujo illustration-esque look to them rather than my more solidly lined and colored commissions. They will be from approximately waist/hip up depending on the elements added. Lines are colored with a coordinating color like blue, purple, or green depending on the character(s). Sparkles drawn in, less shading, and especially suited towards light colors and pastels; roses, petals, and feathers are all fair game to show up. Each one is a different size, shape, and approach but the goal is an airy and magical feeling. Please tell me if you for sure want roses cause I can always shove some roses in XD
Also, unless specified, clear/gold/silver glitter will be added as appropria

Sketch Commissions slots temp closed**temporarily closed**

 pink heart bullet pink heart bullet pink heart bullet

Blue Heart Icon Full Body Blue Heart Icon 
Option 1, Single: $10/1000 pnts
Option 2, Couple: $15/1500 pnts
Great for pink heart bullet Romances purple heart bullet Friends blue heart bullet Stand alone characters black heart bullet even rivals/enemies if you want
Sketch Examples/Finished Commissions:

Heart Border [Blue] by RevPixy

Nicky's Patron Corner of Fabulousness

Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy

These wonderful folks make it possible for me make art full time. THANK YOU!

:icondiluculi: :iconnebulasowl: :iconbishilover16: :iconbluejaybae: :iconmintaen: :iconbeez1717: :iconsailormira::iconjkdreamer: :iconcaitzel: :iconunisamas-art: :icontsuzukikun: :icondedizenoflight: :iconrose-songstress: :iconcrimsoncommande: :iconsamiikinns: :iconlunathyst: :iconbadseedshalo: :iconilantiis:

Heart Border [Orange] by RevPixy

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