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February 23, 2012
A fever dream of Darth Maul from the mad Jedi skills of *offtoseethewizard.
(With thanks to ^kasumichan2003 and $spinegrinder)
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Suggested by Natalia-Luz
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Darth Maul

Darth Maul from Star Wars.

Nicky Barkla Facebook Art Page
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LiForm's avatar
is that an oil painting?
LiForm's avatar
Ok, now you're speaking to my heart.  Beautiful.  :thumbsup: 
Yukkis-Soul's avatar
Incredible ❤️
NickyBarkla's avatar
Mr-Grumpy1's avatar
Wow amazing work, and he's a bad ass Jedi :D (Big Grin)  
khiirhiidhos's avatar
A rainbow of terror nice.
LittleMonster789's avatar
Incredible work! I love all of the colors, very captivating! :)
Hydrexo's avatar
That is truly amazing work! Like WOW! Darth Maul is my most favorite villain from Star Wars :)
DoctorPerverticus's avatar
The Sith were at Haight-Ashbury in 66?
Whay if Darth Maul was rised by Khohloma painters :-)))
SicklyGoregous's avatar
280077s's avatar
Awesome tribute piece! :D
AFraga's avatar
I love this artist!
is  cool, but knda creep at first... still good.
RomaniaTricolor's avatar
15t's avatar
awesome work ,amazing colors
VoiceOfTheOutcasts's avatar
Even though Episode 1 was an abomination, he was a pretty chool character.
reecerachman's avatar
Darth Mauls one of my faves
N0T3R's avatar
Phoenomenal... as an art and Maul fan, this is masterful.
Badurr's avatar
Oh my god it's so beautiful!
AdamRichesArt's avatar
Wow! what an awesome painting
hypesystem's avatar
I want these as prints so bad!
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