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There is usually some sort of theme or color scheme to a wedding; the question is which one are you going to opt for? Most traditionally weddings will stick to wedding color schemes but there are many that choose to have some sort of theme involved. There are lots of ideas to choose from.
One of the most common wedding themes is the butterfly one. This adds some romance to the day without being too over the top, which is what love hearts would add. This theme can all be handmade too, which will help to keep the cost down if you are after a budget wedding.

Another popular wedding theme used is flowers, again because it is so easy to do. The problem you have is whether you opt for real flowers, which will die, or go for plastic ones, which can take away from the big day.

Whatever you choose, you need to stick with the wedding color schemes or theme ideas throughout the wedding. This means starting with the save the date cards and going up to the final moments of the wedding. This can be a fun experience and will offer something unique and personal for the guests involved in the big day.

If you are worried about how you are going to do it, and keep the budget low, you could consider making your own invitations and save the date cards. Technology is a wonderful thing and you can set everything up from your own home. All you need is some colored paper and card and the ability to type on a computer; you can make the cards as flashy or as traditional as you want.

The wedding dress and colors for the bridesmaid dresses should also match the scheme or theme. If you are opting for a medieval theme, you need a dress that will match it and not a modern styled one. If you are opting for a red and green color scheme, then find bridesmaid dresses that will match that. Also, think about the ties and small details for the groom and groomsmen; they also need to match the theme for the day.
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Submitted on
September 23, 2011