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All Cat related art on the DD's today.  And a "mandatory cat education" pop up while I'm writing this note.  Well done.
I am disappoint.
Got TWO in the running to wrap up my entries in the flip flop contest over @ Threadless.

#1 Land Shark

#2 Let there be TACOS!

Thanks!  $$5!!!
What's that you say?  Texas what?  Well check out my submission on threadless and see for yourself!

Vote here!
Like threadless?  You'd prob like my new submission "Rocky Mountain Globe Trotters"

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Posted my design "Commando Cupid" on Threadless, Score me here
get a chance to vote for my tee submission?

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Threadless 2K10 submission #2 is up for votin!  Let's rock it out on this one!

$$5 vote here!!!
Trucker Hats, Sock Monkeys and Red Wagons is up for scoring!

Score me a $$5!
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My Threadless submission "big wheelers" is up for scoring.

View the art here.

Score me here!


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Gobble gobble!  I used to illustrate my friend Chris Strupp's articles in the Weekender, so I hit him up to collabo on this edition of the Thursday Treat.  He gives advice to a reader that's having trouble with an unwanted, buzzkilling uncle of his.

Check it out here!
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Help me get printed on Design By Humans!

Check out my first submission: "Up all night got demons to fight".

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Literally.  See what I mean, new Threadless design up for scoring:

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So I do a somewhat weekly webtoon called the Thursday Treat.  This week's edition is about my college's mascot, Victor E Huskie, and his adventures.  This week he be taken by pirates of the mighty Kishwaukee River in DeKalb,  Yarr.

Read About it here matey!
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Submitted another contest entry for Threadless! (exclamation point is part of their logo).

This one is for some "geek" love.

Score Me Here!
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Hey kids, if you can do me a favor and sign up/sign in to threadless and score my design "crowberus" awesomely I'd really appreciate it.…

If you haven't voted already, please sign up at threadless and give me a $5 on my Illinoisjevich shirt!

Vote here:…
Finally submitted to threadless!  Please vote for my design:…

Thanks dudes!


Finally, after a year of building the thing, I'm calling it "complete". Check out my once daily comic "Gone Clean Wholesome Fun". Version 1.0 is up!

I posted all of the comics I created during my graduate school career at NIU. In case you missed it, forgot them, or just miss a quality comic in the N. Star or you have time to kill at work, get to know my comic "Gone Clean, Wholesome Fun".

I posted alternate versions and comics that didn't make it to print, be sure to keep an eye out. Also, I broke down some of the "favorites" into categories so you can hop right to them, as well as a page featuring all of the comics that I really got a kick out of.…

Check it out.