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Published: July 9, 2009
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painting of surtur, a fire giant who brings about the end of almost everything at Ragnarock, from Norse Mythology.
In this image I have him about to fight Freyr (I think that's his name) who's lost his magical sword that kills giants on its own (whoops!). Not to ruin the ending, but Freyr gets thrashed.

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Generalobiwankenobi7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Quinton-WatsonProfessional Artist
"See me rise the mighty Surt
Destroyer of the universe
bringing of flames and endless hurt
scorcher of men and earth!"

very awesome painting, you should check out Amon Amarth if you are into norse mythology and metal :)
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Frej rises to make his final stand.
He doesn't stand a single chance,
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Quinton-WatsonProfessional Artist
The waves of flames that i've unleashed,
Will eat us all alive!
The rage that burns within my heart,
is uncontrolled and wild!
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Massive waves consume us all, the ocean is released.
Our dying world quakes underneath
And sinks into the sea
And now nothing will survive!

Extinction waits for everyone,
For gods and men alike.
When all are gone of the old world
A new one will arise!
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Quinton-WatsonProfessional Artist
High Five
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I love the pic but I'm kind of a mythology buff and Surtur was a part of Ragnorak but, he definitely wasnt the biggest part, it would probably be when Fenris ate Odin, the king of the gods and Baldr broke open Fenris' jaw, killing him. Or when Jormumgand the World Serpent appeared and Thor fought and beat him but the poison from the serpent killed Thor in the end. I kinda have to know this stuff because of a comic coming up.

With that I would like to make a proposal,

I am in the process of building up a comic company at the moment. I am in the process of recruiting artists, writers, colorists, and so on. I am hoping I can get you to contribute to the company. Will you be apart of a new revolution of comics? I would like you to draw a comic of mine. You are a great artist, it would mean a great deal to me if you could contribute. Contact me at if you want to know more.

Yours Truly,
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DarqTalon-AzelHobbyist Digital Artist
That's a very good Surtur, dude. I have my own version of Surtur that I haven't posted yet, but it's not nearly this good! Keep it up and may you ROCK ONWARD!
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Epic :D Reminds me of Glorfindel versus Gothmog from "The Sillmarillion" :D
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Awesome depiction of the most frightening individual in the entire Icelandic sagas! :)
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I thought Surtur was a demon from Norse mythology? And that he was killed by Freyr before Ragnorak(I know I can't spell) occured? Anyway, this is an awesome pic. ^^ I love how puny the little human looks. He's gonna get all squashified. >:]
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In norse mythology surtur is a fire giant and he wasn't killed before ragnarok. not a demon in the traditional sense
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Ah, ok. ^^ Just thought I'd ask. Cause we were doing a test on Norse stuff in class and when I got that question wrong my teach said he was a demon. xD My bad. ^^
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Very cool... I think the clouds could be a little more dramatic, its not dramatic enough. It is really a cool drawing but something is lacking to make it truly awesome. I will have to think about this picture and add some information that helps. The Beast itself is really well done, now I don't know if the scan of the picture is preventing me from seeing this picture in all of its glory but I am just pointing out what I think could be done to make for a great effect in the piece itself. other then the non dramatic clouds it worth a fav non the less and a job well done so far. :)
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NickTrip Traditional Artist
Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you like it. I probably should have put a little bit more time into giving the clouds some form rather than letting them just be shapes.
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NickTrip Traditional Artist
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the norse mythology is awsome!
great depiction!
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NickTrip Traditional Artist
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