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Random Phantasma drawing for fun, trying a re-design with my own take on her.
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COmpletely forgot she existed. Nice work!
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I want those girls to have their own TV show.
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Remind me of Samurai Jack art-style!
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Brilliant redesign man!
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Looks an awful lot like my redesign from four years ago :P

Phanty is a difficult character to actually redesign since the original design is pretty much perfect. Not much room for improvement, quite honestly.
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i forgot you did some designs!
Yeah, she's a tough one to redesign without completely starting over from scratch.
Phanty is indeed perfect.
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Yeah, very early on, between '14 and '16. I recall you drawing the characters back then as well :)
I did think about doing a complete overhaul but figured that a) I wouldn't really like it myself and b) most people would not like it either, as they already loved the original design... so I just went ahead and slightly increased the '80s-ness of her look and left it at that.
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Very cute .
Love the pose . :)

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