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Kill the Samurai

I'm absolutely loving the new and final season of Samurai Jack!
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Screw you, mom! You send me and my sisters to our deaths

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That pose is incredible! 
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That looks awesome!

Would love to hear how you felt about the later half of the final season.
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Badass pose, badass woman. Love this pose!
A-young-soul's avatar
great artwork, nice style
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the booty ninja! :D
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I said "Samurai". That is a mask. I honestly don't know how you could've confused those two words.
Aqua-The-Smiter's avatar
You don't get it do you?

Ashi was CONSTANTLY saying 'kill the samurai' during one of the episodes.
Toonwatcher's avatar
I was making a joke, you boob.
Aqua-The-Smiter's avatar
Yes, because calling me names will make me like you.
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Jamurai Sack

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I have an evil idea Emote E X T R A T H I C C I have an evil idea Emote  
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Let us take a moment to remind ourselves that Aishi is completely nude and just covered in soot. :)
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You think Ashi is dead? Or will she might come back?
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the ladder DAMMIT!!!
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This is fabulous
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Watched both of the new episodes yesterday. The show is still great and so is this.
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Gennedy has been pushing to finish the series every year. CN finally listened!
Nin10Boy6464's avatar
It's was [as](I think) but YEAH!
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