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Friendship is Magic

Well, here it is!
I absolutely love this show! I work at a crummy part-time job, and this show always cheers me up before I head off to work. Its not ground-breaking (though, its use of flash is quite impressive!), but its a fun show all the same.
And how about that Season 2, ya'll? Off to a good start :D

btw, Fluttershy is my favorite. Applejack comes in at a close second.
all characters ©hasbro and
:iconfyre-flye: thankyou so much for this show!
Again, DA washed out the colors a bit. Download for full size and colors :)
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LOVE your Pinkie Pie here.
MagyarDaughter's avatar
I think this is my favorite Mane 6 humanization so far. Great job! ;)
FluffyMarshmallow's avatar
Ok thats it. These are my headcanon AJ and Twi
ImAnAries's avatar
oh god ! They're so cute !
Sardaukarus's avatar
More pls!
You can draw a Lightning Dust and Thunderlane as humans? =)
shypegasister10's avatar
Your art style is so simple and lineless! I love it!
DatPoneEnthusiast90's avatar
MelCreek's avatar
this is exactly how i imagine them as humans!
Clapping Pony Icon - Elusive Clapping Pony Icon - Butterscotch Clapping Pony Icon - Dusk Shine Clapping Pony Icon - Bubble Berry Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Blitz Clapping Pony Icon - Apple Jack 
juneopal10's avatar
no wonder i love your art so much!
XxFinnickLoverxX's avatar

I cant wait for season 5!

(spoiler alert, I heard there was going to be a seventh element, Forgiveness:Sunset Shimmer!)
HoIIyTheCat's avatar
Where did you hear that? :o
XxFinnickLoverxX's avatar
Lots of places, rumors flying x3
St1rl4's avatar
I just LOVE how they look!
abby2001's avatar
Omg I love them in this picture. It is so adorable!

MissPolycystic's avatar
Oh my,I really love this style,Pinkie looks too cute,Well,All the mane six looks really cute SpongeBob (Sexy Love) 
Jazz197's avatar
whats the of the girl that has purple hair and white dress so stylish
koopermatt's avatar
Her name's Rarity.
CandyAppleDiliahCake's avatar
Oh gosh, those designs for them and the art style is just so adorable! They all look so wonderful. Also, I love that wizard wand and goggles that Rainbow Dash and Twilight have.
drawwithmy's avatar
que estilo de dibujo usas? tienes speedpaint?
Raygirl789's avatar
These have got so much energy in them! I love the interaction between the characters. :) I love the smooth, crisp lines, which really emphasises their personalities! This is amazing and I love their rosy knees. :3
1234pig's avatar
nice! love the style!
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