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Fulgrim - Warhammer 40.000
Fulgrim, also known as "The Phoenician" or "The Palatine Phoenix", is one of the Emperor's 20 sons. Primarch of the Emperor's 3rd legion: The Emperor's Children-

Fulgrim was a handsome and elegant boy raised upon the planet of Chemos, a world with scarce resources which fought to survive. As an infant Fulgrim was to be executed as all other infants on the planet to save resources but the planets governors made an exception. Fulgrim worked his youth as a factory worker, who would later revolutionize the efficiency if which work was done. Now that twice the materials were made with half the amount of resources, the planet for the first time in ages had resources to spare. 
Fulgrim developed a burning need and obsession with obtaining perfection as he carried on perfecting workforce of Chemos

When Fulgrim was reunited with the Emperor, Fulgrim immediately pledged his loyalty and was given control over the Emperor's 3rd legion. But unfortunately that legion in particular was weak in numbers, only 200 men. As to compensate Fulgrim utilized his skills in efficiency and perfected his legion into an elite fighting force, but his weak numbers was made up for with aid from Horus and the Luna Wolves.

Fulgrim made friends with the Primarch Ferrus Manus almost on sight, they both shared an affinity for fine art and the desire for perfection of their individual crafts. Fulgrim also got close with Horus during all the times they teamed up on campaigns.

After slowly falling to the temptations of the Gods of Chaos Fulgrim was one of the first to betray the Imperium of Man, as he was one Primarchs to help conspire with Horus before his treason had yet been revealed to the Imeprium. Despite this Fulgrim always had his regrets, but they were ultimately rendered inconsequential when he decapitated Ferrus Manus during the Dropsite massacre on Istavann 5. It was only after he had killed Ferrus that Fulgrim was truly lost to chaos as he became a Daemon Primarch for Slaanesh, the god of pleasure and pain.
Lion El'Jonson - Warhammer 40.000
Lion El'Jonson, also known as "The Lion" or "Primaris Angelus Mortis", is one of the Emperor's 20 sons. Primarch of the Emperor's 1st legion of space marines: The Dark Angels.

Named Lion El'Jonson(meaning Lion, son of the forest) and raised by a knightly order upon the planet of Caliban after they found him in the wilderness, Lion El'Jonson is a steadfast and stern figure and a formidable warrior and tactician. Though loyal to the Emperor and the Imperium of Man, Lion has always been secretive and distant from his brothers and has never been considered truly trustworthy(hence the joke of dark angel's questionable loyalty)

Lion and his legion has always had a very bad relationship with Leman Russ and his legion. After Lion killed a rebel leader Leman was going to kill for insulting his honor, Leman of course got pissed and threw hands at Lion which ignited a feud between the two legions. To this day, 10.000 years later, the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves cannot be in each others presence without getting into a fight, there was even a small civil war between the two legions.

Lion's foster father Sar Luther, who found, raised and cared for Lion, would however later on commandeer a good portion of Lion's own forces against him and betray him and the Imperium.
Luther was put in charge of governing Caliban in Lion's absence, but Luther rallied an army to ambush Lion upon his return. The following battle not only left Caliban devastated but also mortally wounded Lion which resulted in him being put in stasis 

Due to the nature of Lion and his legion, the whole incident was covered up just like the rest of the legion's questionable deeds, and the traitor Dark Angels now known as "The Fallen" was too covered up, in the sense none spoke of them and all Dark Angels denied their existence. But despite the secrecy, the Dark Angels continue to seek out and attempt to purge all remaining fallen as to "Clear their name".
Ferrus Manus - Warhammer 40.000
Ferrus Manus, also known as "The Gorgon" name given to him by Fulgrim, is one of the Emperor's 20 children. Primarch of the Emperor's 10th legion of space marines: The Iron Hands.

Found upon the planet of Medusa by a local sect of Adeptus Mechanicus. Upon Medusa during his youth, Ferrus with his bare hands killed a great metallic beast whose blood stained unto his arms, which rendered them as hard and durable as any metal material. Later in his life Ferrus gained a fierce reputation as a cold and relentless warrior and craftsmen, who purged the weakness of all the tribes of Medusa, allowing only the strong to live and thrive.

Upon encountering his father for the first time, his sheer commanding presence alone made Ferrus bow down and swear his allegiance.

Later after being reunited with his father the Emperor of Mankind, he made quick friends with Fulgrim, the Primarch of the 3rd Legion, who he later made a blade for.
Ferrus also formed a close bond with Vulkan, the Primarch of the 18th legion, who also was an exceptional craftsmen.
Fulgrim and Ferrus remained very close friends up until the Horus Heresy where Fulgrim was ordered by Horus to kill Ferrus, his best friend.

Ferrus and his legion gained a reputation for their iron will and resolve, their disdain of weakness and their expertise in technology.
However this disdain for weakness was taken to the extreme, with nearly every member of the legion replacing nearly every part of them selves with mechanical argumentation and replacements, as to purge the weakness of the flesh. Ferrus however took a great disliking to this ideology. Ferrus thought his metallic arms were a bad example, so he wanted to undo what had been done to them so that he could show his men that they should trust in their own abilities and not machines and metal.

At the dawn of the Horus Heresy, Ferrus was approached by Fulgrim who tried to convince him to join him and Horus. This how ever only enraged Ferrus which led to a fight.
Later in the Dropsite Massacre, Ferrus and Fulgrim came toe to toe once more, except this time Fulgrim got the drop on Ferrus and decapitated him, an act which would haunt and torment Fulgrim forever.

Ferrus' skull was offered to Horus but was later recovered and given to his legion that is now held as their most revered relic.
Sanguinius - Warhammer 40.000
Sanguinius, also known as "The Angel", "The Brightest one" or "Hawk boy Sanguinius" by fans, is one of The Emperor's 20 sons. Primarch of The Emperor's 9th legion of Space Marines: The Blood Angels

A noble and well mannered man, yet fierce upon the battlefield. One thing that distinguished Sanguinius from his brothers was the fact he was born with angel like wings, and that he had the gift of visions, though somewhat limited.
Sanguinius was raised upon the religious planet of Baal by a wandering tribe known as "The Folk of Pure Blood". He was almost murdered as a infant because he was seen as a mutant because of his wings, though he was spared because in every other aspect he was a perfectly fine child. When he reached maturity he took it upon himself to rid the planet of the cannibalistic mutants that plagued it's inhabitants, where he would succeed and would proceed to unite all the Baal tribes. It is said that upon reuniting with his father, The Emperor, he would immediately kneel and shed a single tear.

During the Great Crusade, an interstellar campaign of conquest, Sanguinius became very close to his new found brother Horus Lupercal. But after a while leading his legion, Sanguinius would come to notice a genetic flaw among his men known as "The Red Thirst", where the host would gain an insatiable craving for blood and would decent into a blind berserk like rage to obtain it. Sanguinius reluctantly decided to euthanize these marines in secret, and dedicated a great deal of his time to find a cure. Unfortunately The Horus Heresy broke out before he could succeed in finding a cure.

During The Horus Heresy, Sanguinius was lured into a trap by his "beloved brother" Horus and would become gravely wounded by the hand of a greater daemon of Khorne known as Ka'Bandha. Sanguinius managed to escape and make his way back to Terra before the Siege of Terra had begun. During the siege Sanguinius defended the Infinity Gate and manage to defeat the returned Ka'Bandha.
Sanguinius later managed to infiltrate Horus' flagship, The Vengeful Spirit, and would engage Horus in a 1 on 1 duel, where he sadly gave his life.
The Death of Sanguinius would forever leaves it's mark on his legion, because after his demise all Blood Angels would gain another defect known as "The Black Rage", where they would become mindless murder machines of pure unbridled rage.
-Dark Souls inspired poem-
By me, Nickster

Bonfire, bonfire, please light my way
through the dismay
to a brighter day

Weary and lost, I do approach
beaten and broke
Please, undo these painful blows

I feel darkness coming close
Please, take me home

Defeated I have returned
Awoke to the crackeling bones
The embers burn and fire dancing low
A dark room illuminated by a warm glow

Reminds me, there is still hope

Renewed and restored
I rise and venture out again
Guided by bonfire flames


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