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Mature content
Sentinel Adaptus OC Warhammer 40k chapter :iconnicksterdagames:NicksterDagames 3 0


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Christmas Wish.
Have you ever gotten a "How about something more realistic" when telling your Christmas wish?`
Well Santa don't give a damn, his gonna deliver.
Cayde-6 from Destiny/Destiny 2, the unforgettable gunslinger with an attitude with more personality than most people.

He was humble, though liked to show off.
He was outgoing and humorous despite having a none too pleasant past.
He was loyal and would not hesitate to jump into action, mostly because he was bored of standing around.
He was witty, though not the brightest.
He was not the person to put up with anything(don't touch his stuff)
He was kind but not soft.

He was til the very end, Cayde-6.
Rogal Dorn - Warhammer 40.000
Rogal Dorn, also known as "The Praetorian of Terra", is one of the Emperor of Mindkind's 20 sons. Primarch of the Emperor's 7th legion of space marines: The Imperial Fists.

Like all of his other brothers, Rogal Dorn was kidnapped and separated from the Emperor shortly after birth and grew up on a distant planet, until the Emperor found him and reenlisted him into the Imperium of Man. Little is known of Rogal's youth other than he was raised on the frozen planet of Inwit, there he was raised by the "House of Dorn". Rogal Dorn was known for being a tactical genius, yet displaying little to no emotion, was brutally honest and as loyal as they come. The Imperial Fists became renown for their skill in defensive combat and their ability for fortification, thus the popular joke "I am fortifying this position". The Imperial Fists was tasked with the defense of Terra and Rogal himself with the construction of the Imperial Palace, which ignited a violent feud between him and his brother Perturabo.
Leman Russ - Warhamemr 40.000
Leman Russ, also known as the "Wolf King", is one of the emperor of mankind's 20 sons. Primarch of the emperor's 6th legion of space marines: The Space Wolves

Leman like all his other brothers was kidnapped and separated from the emperor shortly after birth and grew up on a distant planet until the emperor found them and reenlisted them into the imperium as a primarch. Leman Russ was raised in his early adolescence by actual wolves on the planet of Fenris, until a Fenrisian tribe found and raised him into his young adulthood where the emperor reunited with him. Leman is described as a proud, if a bit unruly warrior, yet with undying loyalty. Leman is also said to be as brutal as he looks savage.
Leman's relationship with his brother Magnus the Red has always been very unstable and later turned into a bloody, raged-induced rivalry.

All copyright goes to Games Workshop
-Dark Souls inspired poem-
By me, Nickster

Bonfire, bonfire, please light my way
through the dismay
to a brighter day

Weary and lost, I do approach
beaten and broke
Please, undo these painful blows

I feel darkness coming close
Please, take me home

Defeated I have returned
Awoke to the crackeling bones
The embers burn and fire dancing low
A dark room illuminated by a warm glow

Reminds me, there is still hope

Renewed and restored
I rise and venture out again
Guided by bonfire flames


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