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Colorblind test chart

By NickSpiker
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Check to see if you are colorblind.
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I'm deutero.  My biggest problem is identifying or even seeing shades, especially in artificial light. Once someone finds out I'm color deficient, I am usually obliged to be tested with "what color is..." for objects around the room.
My analogy for normal vision people is that they have 16 million color upgrade, I am stuck with the 256 graphics card.
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I always think it's funny when they ask that. It's like you see different colors and they want to know which ones they map to, when in reality it is the same, just less possible colors.
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I knew this ahead of time... but I'm a tritanope.  I have severe Tritan-/Blue-Deficiency, meaning I'm completely without blues, most purples and greens, and even some yellows and oranges.  I also wanted to post to let you know that I am using your chart on my blog.  Here is a link the-adventures-of-wood-wall.we… .  I also credited you in my post and included another link at the bottom.  It's another simulator that you might find interesting.  :)  (Very nicely done chart by the way.)
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You are very welcome!
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Wouldn't have seen the "G" without that drop shadow looking stuff around it.

This is really neat, faving it!
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Well this is another wrinkle - apparently, I can perceive anything in the real world that anyone else can, but I can't pass a test to prove it.

I see the top photo exactly the way a normal-sighted person should -- it has clearly distinct reds, greens, oranges, blues, yellows and all. The second photo lacks red and orange hues, as does the third and although 2 and 3 appear similar, 2 is a little more greenish, 3 a little more yellowish. I could see the green G just fine, the red R I perceived as an ill-defined subtle blush of pink. The blue/violet B is easy to see. So if I'm not seeing the R, why do 1 and 2 look totally different, and 2 and 3 look pretty much the same?
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What this means is that your red receptor is still present and functioning, but the actual response charachteristic curve has shifted twards the shorter wavelength portion of the spectrum [link]
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Hm. I can see the G, but I had to look for it at first... it's quite faint. However, I don't seem to have Deuteranopia... nothing looks like the provided example of said condition, in my everyday life.
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You could be partially colorblind. I have a friend that is and he has a hard time with the R, but he says it's not totally like the example is. It can also vary depending on your monitor.
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I am the perfect example - I have been diagnosticided with protanope colorblindness of class C, this means the around 2/3 or more of my red cones are working alright/are present. So after couple of seconds of squinting and searching for the R I finally got it! If I take time I really can distinguish between the first and the second pictures.
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Well, it is not cool if you want to work with color :D
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very interesting. i would like to switch color modes in my eyes on demand :D
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