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The God of Mischief

The God of Mischief
The shape changer, the sly one, the trickster, the original fool. Loki has always been one of my favorites to read about in Norse Mythology. In fact, in painting this illustration of him, I found out that he is the main pool of knowledge I have for Norse Myth. Most of the other things I recall vividly are branched off from his deeds, good or bad. You can see a few of them in this painting, I hope fans of the character can make them all out.

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This is stunning work.OMG 
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This has been said by many others, but I must agree, this is the best depiction of Loki I've ever seen.
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My favorite drawing of Loki ever.
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Mistletoe = Baldur's death
Bowl = Sigyn's to catch the poison
Fish = Salmon or that boy he saves
Horse = turns into a mare
Chest = shapeshifting into women
Circle with scales = poisoned serpent
Bindings = Narfi's entrails
Feather = Freyja's feather cloak
Fly = he turns into this

Have I missed any?
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This is a nice representation of loki!
I especially love the salmon ^^
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beautifully done. 
Best myth Loki picture ever. :)
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OH MY GOODNESS. This was the piece I found while researching for my Loki web comic. I lovelovelove your Loki!
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Thank you so much! :) I'm happy to hear you like my interpretation of the trickster!
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He's really accurate, I feel, and very very attractive lol.
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Oh my.... This is the most perfect thing I have seen from myth!Loki! 
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Thank you so much!
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This is fantastic! This painting really feels like an old classic. Cool composition and colours, too!
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Awesome work! You managed to work everything into the picture so well that I only need to look at the symbols to remember the stories about Loki, from the time he got trapped in Geirröds box to his attempt to sabotage the dwarf's work by turning into a fly and biting him. I just love it. And his expression, of course, is just fantastic :)
Cool composition, its kinda artful how you took your time to really work his various forms/various references into this, as well as the great metaphorical amorphousness of the... coat? much like his own. 

And dat smirk!
Oh and of course the binding of him.
So i guess i figured it out. the mistletoe that killed Baldur, The horse he morphed into to give birth to Sleipnir, The fish he morphed into to escape the Aesir & The feathers i think is the falcon  he morphed into when he saved Idunn. Oh, and i think i can see jörmungard in the background(And also the fact that he sometime morphed into a giantess if im not misstaking.)
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Love, LOVE all the references and the subtleties in the design.
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This is magnificent!
I spy allusions to several of his shapes in there; the mare to lure Svandilfari, the salmon to escape the angry gods, the fly to recover Brisingamen, the old hag Tök and Freya's falcon-skin that he stole, as well as the fact that he is of course bound and under threat of the snake's venom. I love the way that you've incorporated so many elements from the myths and seem to have made them all fit so seamlessly together, both in composition and colours. I'm really intrigued and I could use a lot longer just staring at the details in this.
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