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Over The Wall

An illustration commission for *windyautumnmoon.

I'm always happy to get a big commission with just the right amount of information. This one was just perfect from start to finish- although it took me longer than I wanted since I had to get my Eowyn illustration done, too!

Characters © *windyautumnmoon
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© 2011 - 2021 NickRoblesArt
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This is so much fun! I love a scene with action!
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What a magnificent painting of a swashbuckling duo! It's awesome! I love the action!
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Thanks, Kristen! :D
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Wow, this is beautiful. There's so much right with this. The detail, the lighting, the poses, the expressions, the freaking brush strokes. I love it. Great sense of adventure and fun! Great job!
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Hey thanks a bunch, Puddum!
Could I use this for a music video?? It is perfect. . . almost.
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What kind of music video?
A fantasy music video.
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Just give me credit and I'm okay with it. :)
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love the style!
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Awesome stuff! I love the colours
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bah if I don't keep forgetting to comment on this one! o.O heh I love all the motion and the angle to it and the "epic" feel feel like you're right there in the moment and can feel the excitement and energy in the air :D it's great!!!!
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Haha! Thank you, Val! :D
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Wow such an amazing motive in it with the jumping pose and the energy behind it!
YOu did some great work and I am sure the client was happy with it :D
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Awesome work! I love the colours, the dynamism and the composition :heart:
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Great backlight!! I love the atmosphere here - a nice mix between fun/uplifting and a little mysterious.
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