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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 4
Kamine Island, 2:42 p.m., 7 minutes before Charles’ death. The battle between the Enclave and the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks continued.
Hawking: I’ll admit, you guys definitely have more imagination, when it comes to weapons. Way more than my guys, and a hell of a lot more than Britannia. It’s like they never went to America, but the joke is that they did.
Jeremiah: I will admit, mistaking an SMG for an assault rifle is among the many mistakes they made, in making weapons for Knightmares. (Okuninushi cuts through Gloucester with Tesla Blade and pierces through four other Knightmares, with its Slayer Harkens)
Hawking: Right? You guys have actual assault rifles that could be mistaken for machine guns, though the weight helps the spread, shotguns, gauss weapons, chainsaw katanas.
Miharu: We just finished mass producing the machine gun of the S-850, recently.
Hawking: See, now shit’s getting interesting!
Ohgi: I think I’m starting to get a bigger pictur
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 3
Sword of Akasha, 2:30 p.m. Charles had shown the full image of the Sword of Akasha, the dark pillar representing the collective consciousness of humanity spiraling towards Venus.
Marianne: How wonderful! The Sword of Akasha is on the verge of slaying God!
Alistair: (chuckles) Hate to burst your bubble, but you’re nowhere close to being able to slay any monstrosities. You can’t even hold...whatever that is. It looks kinda like it’s...made outta people.
Charles: Very observant, Wake. That is the collective consciousness of humanity. That is the God that must be destroyed.
Alistair: lied, again? That’s way darker than gold, pal. The hideous part’s correct, but it doesn’t reek of law, like you do. This was never about that abomination, at all, was it?
Charles: You’re the one who took it, too literally. In the end, your grudge will be for nothing.
Suzaku: And, how do you suppose that this will be completed, in the first place?
Lelouch: We w
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 2
Nearby Kamine Island, 2:01 p.m. The Yorktown arrived with a fleet of airships and Knightmares, to do battle with the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks.
Kallen: Got your voice back? Then, I’ll floss my teeth with your vocal cords!
Hawking: As much as I like your threats, Kallen, I honestly have plenty of better things to do, than fight you. I still intend to fight you, but that’s not simply why I’m here.
Tohdoh: You intend to kill us?
Ohgi: I’d like to see you try.
Hawking: If possible, yeah, but knowing you guys, that’s gonna have some difficulty. Nah, I just wanted a front row seat to the downfall of Charles zi Britannia. The last Emperor of Britannia, and the world’s biggest himself.
Ohgi: What…? Aren’t you on the Emperor of Ego’s side, to begin with?!
Hawking: (chuckles) I like that nickname, I’m gonna use that.
Kallen: You’re throwing him and Britannia under the bus? Why?
Hawking: Take one g
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 1
Sword of Akasha, 1:15 p.m. Charles turned and looked at Lelouch, perplexed by his question.
Charles: What do you mean?
Lelouch: What do you think will happen, once existence is erased? Do you...think life will be anything like it is, right now?
Charles: ...Yes. But, better.
Lelouch: Of course, of course. Now, bear with me, as I try to understand this. You’ve been planning all this, without telling me, Nunnally, any of my other brothers and sisters, or even your own people, the ones you rule over...because your mom died?
Charles: (pauses) Basically, yes, but-
Lelouch: No wonder Alistair’s so pissed at you! This whole thing is so goddamn stupid, it’s bound to fail!
Charles: It can’t fail! The only reason it could possibly fail would be due to people like Wake! His yammering is nothing but obnoxious! What good has freedom ever brought to humanity? The freedom to do harm, the freedom to steal, the freedom to kill!
Lelouch: The same kind of freedom you have?
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 20 Part 4
Inside the Daedalus, 12:46 p.m. The Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks managed to break into the titanic dreadnought airship that served as the flagship of Charles zi Britannia, and are fighting their way through the ship, finding the cores that keep it afloat. The Masakado was approaching such a core, after fighting through several Knightmares, along with some Sutherlands and Burais. Charles’ voice boomed from the speakers on the ceiling.
Charles: Your immaturity is not only disappointing, but obnoxious, annoying. You, Wake, and all those you consider your allies, are merely spiteful children, playing at adulthood.
Alistair: We’ve had this song and dance, before, Charles. It’s getting old, fast. You already know where I stand, in this matter.
Charles: On the side of sin, yes. Your resistance is revolting. You fight against the stagnation that I worked so hard to create, to enforce. People like you are why I rule Britannia, why humanity is flawed. You’re living p
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 20 Part 3
Near Kamine Island, 12:21 p.m. The Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks fought their way through the airships and Knightmares of Britannia, and were in front of the Daedalus and Yorktown, surrounded by Knightmares and the last of the airships.
Hawking: Hey, Alistair! Been a minute, hasn't it? Since your pals know about Geass, no reason for me to hide, right?
Tohdoh: So, even Sears had a Geass. Let me guess...
Alistair: V.V., the Director of Civility.
Tohdoh: Good thing you and Zero killed him.
Hawking: Yeah, that would explain why I didn't see a Geass in Charles' eyes. Either way...I'll let you settle this little spat, first.
Charles: What?!
Hawking: It's Hawking, by the way, Charles! Have fun with your kid!
The Yorktown and the rest of the Enclave and Civility Knightmares left, leaving only the Britannian forces.
Charles: ...Very well. A showdown, it is, then. Know the full might of Britannia! Know the power of the world you resist!
More Knightmares flew out of the Daedalus, and the garg
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 20 Part 2
Skies above Tokyo, 12:04 p.m. The Ikaruga, Yatagarasu and Avalon got into position, to protect Tokyo, once again, armies of Knightmares floating near their respective ships, including the recently finished Yamato Takeru, piloted by Euphemia. Minutes passed, and a behemoth of an airship approached, the Daedalus, with Charles in his seat on the bridge. The Daedalus stopped, a fleet of other airships about to catch up with it, as a holographic image of Charles, sitting on his throne, emerged from the front of the ship.
Charles: Tokyo Mavericks. The time has come for you to surrender. You are outnumbered, and winning this battle is only possible, for Britannia. Now, you must realize that Britannia is in the right.
Alistair: Nah. Not even close, Emperor of Ego.
Ohgi: You couldn't drive us apart, even if you wanted to!
Charles: Are...those the Black Knights? Have you come to swear your allegiance to the Britannian Empire, and be rid of the filth next to you?
Tohdoh: You really are as deluded
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 20 Part 1
Aboard the Ikaruga, 11:06 a.m., meeting room. Lelouch sat in front of all of the Black Knights, and certain members of the Tokyo Mavericks, his identity as Zero revealed.
Ohgi: When you first became Zero, were you motivated by revenge?
Lelouch: At first. But, there was also the buried feeling of wanting to stop the racism.
Tamaki: And, Alistair snapped you out of wanting solely revenge?
Lelouch: Yeah. Hearing his past from Nunnally reminded me of my meeting with Hawking.
Tohdoh: Ah. Now, meeting someone like that will definitely solidify morality.
Ohgi: Lelouch, I honestly get why you wear the mask. No glory, hiding your identity, creating a symbol for humanity...I can certainly appreciate that.
Lelouch: And, I've screwed up, along the way, I know.
Ohgi: ...No, just what I said. That's it.
Lelouch: What? Don't you have some sort of insult, for me?
Kallen: Don't you get it, Lelouch? You trusted us. So, we trust you.
Tamaki: You stood up for us, when nobody else would.
Ohgi: You dared to
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 19 Part 4
10:42 a.m., Ikaruga warehouse four. Cornelia turned off the recorder, Schneizel's face showing panic and sweat, as the rest of the Black Knights aimed their weapons at Schneizel, putting their trust in their leader.
Ohgi: Schneizel el Britannia, your evidence has become null and void. Your attempts at making us kill Zero have failed, and we are very willing to put our trust and hope in him, now that we know the truth. We won't abandon him, not now, not ever. Get the hell off our ship.
Schneizel: You...! You can't do this! How could you?! You're supposed to kill Zero!
Tohdoh: For one thing, we're not idiots.
Schneizel: It was him, wasn't it!? Lelouch manipulated you into this stupid plan!
Tohdoh: No. You think Zero's the only one that can come up with a Plan B, in a few minutes? Oh, and his last name's Lamperouge. Diethard, are you getting all this?
Diethard: Oh, this will be for the private collection. We can look back on this, and laugh at how funny you look, when you're panick
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 19 Part 3
Aboard the Ikaruga, 10:34 a.m. Zero and Kallen entered the warehouse inside the ship, barely seeing anything, due to the darkness.
Kallen: Damn, is it dark...
Zero: The mask really doesn't help, in this case.
Suddenly, the lights turned on, and the Black Knights aimed their guns at Zero.
Tohdoh: Not another step, Zero!
Zero: What the hell?!
Sugiyama: You're completely surrounded!
Tamaki: How could you, man?!
Kallen: What's gotten into you all?!
Zero looked at the balcony the others were on, and saw Schneizel, smirking.
Zero: (thinking) Schneizel! What the hell is this?!
Kallen: Why are you pointing your guns, at him?! He's our hero, our leader!
Ohgi: He used us, Kallen. He used all of us.
Tohdoh: Off with the mask, Zero. Or, should I say...Lelouch?
Chiba: You made us your puppets, for your petty ambitions, for too long!
Tamaki: I trusted you! We all trusted you!
Ohgi: Anything to say?
Zero slowly took off his mask, revealing his identity to everyone, with a sorrowful look on his face.
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 19 Part 2
Aboard the Ikaruga, 9:57 a.m. Kallen entered Lelouch's room, and saw Rolo sleeping in his bed.
Kallen: Hey. You doing alright?
Lelouch: Yeah. That was a hell of a fight, huh?
Kallen: (sits next to Lelouch) Yep. The Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. was an excellent upgrade from the regular Guren, and those energy wings will be on a new Lancelot, soon enough.
Lelouch: Suzaku's gonna love that. How's Alistair?
Kallen: Better, now. The moment he got out of the Masakado, he passed out. Must've drained his energy, being so pissed.
Lelouch: So many people could've died, because of that WMD... No wonder he wanted to get here, so fast.
Kallen: Yeah... Haven't seen anyone around, lately, though.
Lelouch: Must be getting rest. I don't blame 'em.
Meanwhile, in the meeting room of the Ikaruga, all of the Black Knights members, as well as Cornelia and Villetta, were waiting on Schneizel. A few seconds later, Schneizel entered, but without Kanon, as he sat down at a seat.
Schneizel: I apologize for bringing this m
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 19 Part 1
Tokyo, 6:21 a.m. The Ikaruga and Avalon still remained motionless, in the air, as the Yatagarasu arrived. Schneizel awoke in his seat, on the bridge of the Avalon, still feeling shaken at what he had witnessed, the previous night.
Kanon: How was your sleep?
Schneizel: I can never unsee such anger, Kanon. That man, my surrogate brother, had fought against forces that matched that WMD, maybe even beyond that. And, he just...unbirthed the Knight of Ten. There was no body, no Knightmare, nothing. I'm fairly certain no one's gonna remember his name.
Kanon: I hope not. I'm actually trying to forget. So, are you ready?
Schneizel: Coffee, first. Then, Lelouch gets closure.
Aboard the Ikaruga, Lelouch woke up, and yawned.
Lelouch: Best sleep I've had, in a while. Guess stress can sometimes disappear, with fear. (looks at clothes) And, I'm still in my Zero outfit. Glad I went to the bathroom, after coming back.
C.C.: I felt something happening, last night. What happened?
Lelouch: Don't wo
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 18 Part 3
Tokyo, 9:19 p.m. The Shinkiro was being restrained by the Valkyrie Squadron's Vincents, the Percival in front of it.
Luciano: It's truly an honor to meet with a criminal of your caliber.
Lelouch: Really? That's pretty funny, coming from a murderer.
Luciano: The killings were justified. It was war, there were terrorists and criminals abound...
Lelouch: Your own teammates.
Luciano: My own teammates- Hey! How did you know about that?
Lelouch: It's the internet. It never forgets.
Luciano: Hmph. Whatever. Hold still, while I pierce through your precious little life.
Lelouch: I'm good, thanks.
The Shinkiro attacked the Percival with the Slash Harkens in its knees, scratching the armor of the Percival, before being retracted, the legs being pulled tighter.
Luciano: Whoa! Didn't know about that... Anyway, where was I...?
Lelouch: I believe you were, as Alistair puts it, "getting wrecked".
The Shinkiro fired its Hadron Cannons at the Percival, but the Percival blocked the shots, with its shield
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 18 Part 2
Unknown Britannian flagship, 8:40 p.m. Charles sat in his seat on the bridge, as his new ship made its way to Japan.
Charles: Are the preparations nearing completion?
Britannian Commander: Yes, sir. Our operatives at the Thought Elevator in Area 11 are nearly finished.
Charles: Good. (thinking) After all these years, my plan will finally be complete. As long as the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks are destroyed, once we arrive, everything will be perfect. I know you'll be by my side, soon enough, for this, Marianne.
Britannian Commander: Your Majesty, was it truly wise to not bring the rest of the Knights of the Round with us?
Charles: (out loud) There is no need. They shall defend our homeland, as will Bismarck. Do not falter, and do not surrender. The terrorists' days are numbered.
Meanwhile, in Tokyo, the battle for the defense of Japan continues, as the Ikaruga shot down some Britannian airships, with its large cannon, the other turrets shooting at Knightmares in range.
Ohgi: They
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 18 Part 1
Tokyo, 8:23 p.m. The Ikaruga was in position above the city, and several ground force Knightmares took their positions, as well as the Shinkiro, Akatsukis and Koga Saburo.
Zero: Still working on that Float Unit, for the Tenkai?
Guilford: Afraid so. Hopefully, Darlton can keep the destruction to a minimum.
Zero: He's a heavy weapons guy, so he better be careful.
Guilford: He and his sons are fighters, so whatever ground units come by, they'll be ready. Plus, all the other Burais on standby, in the construction sites.
Zero: Oh, yeah, we never got to use those...
Guilford: There are loads of designs for Burais and Sutherlands.
Ohgi: Done talking, guys?
Guilford: Yeah, I ran out of things to talk about- Wow, that's a lot.
Zero and Guilford saw the large army of Britannian airships and Knightmares approaching Tokyo, as well as some Enclave Knightmares.
Zero: At first, I thought to use the Gefjun Disturbers on the trains to get into Tokyo. But, it's good how plans change.
Zero pressed a butt
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Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 17 Part 3
Kururugi Shrine, 6:38 p.m., before sunset. Lelouch was pushed into a limo, the door being shut behind him and every door locking. Lelouch panicked a bit, and saw a TV screen turn on, Schneizel appearing on the screen.
Lelouch: Schneizel!
Schneizel: (over screen) Apologies for the rough treatment, Lelouch, they don't know they're about to die.
Lelouch: What are you talking about?
Schneizel: I'm on your side, and I've got an ear to nearly every part of the ground. I know that you asked Guilford to help you.
The previous day, military warehouse in Tokyo. Guilford entered the dark warehouse, looking around and holding a cup of coffee.
Guilford: Alright. I'm here. So, who wants to talk to me?
Lelouch: (approaches Guilford) Hello, Guilford.
Guilford: Hi...yourself. Is there a reason why a high schooler wants to talk to me?
Lelouch: Euphy and Kallen are also high schoolers.
Guilford: Fair. So, what's up?
Lelouch: I need your help. I'm going to the Kururugi Shrine, to talk to an old friend, an
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Kamine Island, 2:42 p.m., 7 minutes before Charles’ death. The battle between the Enclave and the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks continued.

Hawking: I’ll admit, you guys definitely have more imagination, when it comes to weapons. Way more than my guys, and a hell of a lot more than Britannia. It’s like they never went to America, but the joke is that they did.
Jeremiah: I will admit, mistaking an SMG for an assault rifle is among the many mistakes they made, in making weapons for Knightmares. (Okuninushi cuts through Gloucester with Tesla Blade and pierces through four other Knightmares, with its Slayer Harkens)
Hawking: Right? You guys have actual assault rifles that could be mistaken for machine guns, though the weight helps the spread, shotguns, gauss weapons, chainsaw katanas.
Miharu: We just finished mass producing the machine gun of the S-850, recently.
Hawking: See, now shit’s getting interesting!
Ohgi: I think I’m starting to get a bigger picture, about you, Hawking. You choose more pragmatic paths, because they suit your needs.
Hawking: Precisely! That’s exactly it, Ohgi! Why do something that someone else is doing, whether it be copying them or following them, when you can do whatever the hell you want to do? Take a look at all the bullshit Charles has pulled. Take over other countries. Control the flow of all information. Censor the Internet. All this...driven by pure ego.
Kallen: (inhales, about to say something)
Hawking: Don’t shout the obvious, please.
Kallen: Because, you already know you’re a hypocrite?
Hawking: That’s the exact obvious I was speaking of, yes.
Tohdoh: I hate to say this, but I find it pretty interesting that the Emperor of Ego managed to control the information about Britannia, on the Internet.
Hawking: Solely the info found on Britannian websites. He didn’t think far enough ahead to realize that American and Japanese websites could be utilized, as well, gaining the true information, rather than the junk data spewed on the Net. Hell, he didn’t think ahead, period. Thus, he never realized that the real flaws with humanity lied within the bystanders and the cynics, like him and his bitch of a wife.
Kallen: Oh, you have beef with cynicism? That’s rich, coming from a guy that’s hating on them and innocent bystanders.
Hawking: Take a look at society, before I took control of America, let Britannia invade. People see tragedies on the news, without batting an eye, especially ones caused by me. Always minding their own business, always walking the same paths, day in and day out, looking at their precious black mirrors. Yet, behind those technological marvels, there was the inevitable fact that the darker sides of humanity would surface: the dark web. A reflection of the Internet reality and our reality. I’m a manifestation of that reality, a life I chose, for myself.
Ohgi: Translation?
Hawking: I’m an asshole. Though, that’s pretty obvious. Fact of the matter is, if hopes and dreams could fill all the empty spaces that life has, we wouldn’t have terrorism, fascism, or Britannia, which is both. The life of a supervillain, the life of a diabolical mastermind, the life of a malefactor. All of that, I chose of my own free will. And, with that choice, I’ll take control of the status quo, and do as I like, with the world, so everyone will wake up and face the reality that everything’s not perfect.
Tohdoh: So, you’re just wasted potential?
Hawking: Eh, basically.
Ohgi: But, why!? Surely, this wasn’t your only choice! You could’ve been greater, than this! Instead, you chose to become an incredibly dangerous...waste of time! Why would you choose this!? And, don’t you dare say-!
Hawking: (grins malevolently) Because, fuck you.
Ohgi: (growls angrily) Fire the cannons!

As Enclave airships lined up to attack, several Burais with modified cannons from Raikos on their chests took up positions and fired shrapnel rounds into the Knightmares and airships, piercing right through them with the ball bearings.

Hawking: Ooh! Even more upgrading with what you’ve got! You even scratched the paint job on the Yorktown!
Kallen: So, if I’m understanding this correctly, the Emperor of Ego’s strategy, to not only gain more territory but help this Ragnarok Connection, was to kill any resistance to him, endorse fear and conquest, and censor the Net?
Hawking: Bingo! If Britannia looks heroic, there can be no hate for it, let alone guilt. It’s the perfect way for a dictator to manipulate the people into his favor. Well, until Alistair came along and woke them up.
Nunnally: Another thing I’m seeing is you having the same kind of beef that Alistair has. Not with cynicism, but with ethical extremes.
Hawking: Ooh, the cute, meek girl turned captain in a wheelchair makes an astonishing discovery! Indeed, Alistair and I don’t see any point in control or destruction, in military or anarchy, in law or chaos. Because, in all honesty, such labels and ways to live life don’t really...matter. They’ve been at each other’s throats, ever since their conception, and we’ve been smack-dab in the middle of it, for eons.
Seth: You’re essentially agreeing with President Daughtry’s philosophy?
Hawking: Hey, it was a fair point. Still had to kill him, though.
Ohgi: If law and chaos can’t coexist, then how come we have politicians and the police?
Hawking: Because, those guys haven’t been fully committed to law, as that would mean total domination of the Earth, and taking away individuality, by the millions. Sounds kinda familiar, doesn’t it? And, before you make the obvious questioning statement, no. There are no perks to siding with law. Think about it, all the propaganda about it has been nothing but oxymorons. “Equality under the law,” “freedom under the law”? There’s nothing egalitarian about it. The law has always been out for one thing, and one thing only: the law. Law is driven purely by its own ego, not only for self-preservation, but for domination and to remain on top. Leading a country? That’s just fine, as long as you’re not completely stuck with the ethics that guide such a job.
Schneizel: I learned that lesson, myself, years ago. And, I think that the problems with chaos are obvious.
Hawking: Very true, Schneizel! Much like its counterpart, chaos is an ethical force that’s only out for itself. At its core, it’s merely destruction incarnate, war, fear, a more dangerous Social Darwinism. Survival of the fittest, without governments or society to tell anyone what to do. And, again, much like law, it’s self-destructive. Not only because law and chaos will kill each other, in the end, but because, if either side wins, there will be nothing left. Nothing left to destroy, nothing left to conquer, just...nothing.
Tamaki: I will make the complaint, however, that Alistair saying that Britannia has caused anarchy is a bit flawed.
Hawking: Ah, but it’s too true, isn’t it!?
Tamaki: Huh?
Hawking: If you really think about it, weren’t the Primebloods just Britannians that went postal?
Ohgi: ...That’s not...entirely wrong.
Hawking: Because, Britannia only wants control, ignoring the wishes of the masses, who merely go along with it, for appearances. And, some, with honest patriotism, but mostly appearances. With all the control they have over countries, they have more room for their population, which also means more mindsets. Though, I should probably not remind you of the fact that Charles didn’t know shit, because he was so focused on...the other shit going on, down there. Hell, if either the Primebloods or Renegades took control of the world, it wouldn’t be all that great, compared to Britannia, so I’ll give you props, for dealing with them.
Kallen: Your solution isn’t any better!
Hawking: Never said it was. It’s not even a solution to the world’s problems, to begin with, not intentionally. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it, again. I don’t have a good reason for doing the shit I do. I don’t need a good reason, let alone want one. No intentions drive my actions, no goal is in sight. There’s no ends to justify the means, or vice versa. The ends and the means are one and the same: do what I want, when I want, how I want. Call me a villain, a malefactor, an extremist, every kind of insult imaginable, all you like. You can’t possibly be wrong.
Ohgi: While I appreciate the explanations and dialogue, I think it’s high time you bit the dust.
Hawking: Yeah, yeah, have a second wave of Knightmares, why don’t ya?

Another wave of Enclave Knightmares began flooding out of the Yorktown.

Ohgi, Nunnally and Schneizel: (in unison) Fire missiles!

The Ikaruga, Yatagarasu and Avalon fired their missiles at the Knightmares, destroying them all.

Hawking: For the record, we never knew how to make Knightmares, until... I dunno, a couple months ago? Yeah, we mostly focused on making the most impossible technological shit, but without Knightmare schematics, we couldn’t apply our...usual touch.
Ohgi: (Knightmare cocks both assault rifles) I’m fully reloaded, now.
Hawking: I’d be disappointed if you weren’t.

Every Knightmare fired their most powerful weapons at the Yorktown, piercing through the Blaze Luminous and causing enough damage to make it start falling toward the sea. However, Hawking got into a VTOL and smiled his usual smile, as the Yorktown exploded.

Hawking: Don’t worry, that’s not the only Yorktown I’ve got. It was...just my strongest one.
Tamaki: Shocker.
Hawking: Also, before I go, I may as well answer your inner curiosity about why I shaved my beard.
Ohgi: Okay, yeah, that did bug me.
Schneizel: Surprisingly, I am curious.
Kallen: I’ll admit, I’m a bit perplexed by that decision.
Hawking: Short answer, it was uncomfortable, didn’t match me, in the slightest, and got in the way of my “President Evil” look, and made me more of a “President Jesus”.
Ohgi: ...What’s the long answer?
Hawking: There is no long answer, the short answer’s my only answer.
Kallen: Of course it is. We’ll settle this later, then, President Jesus!
Hawking: Yeah, fuck you, too, Kallen.

Hawking’s VTOL began flying off at a high speed, just as C.C.’s Akatsuki, the Lancelot, the Shinkiro and the Masakado fly away from the island.

Alistair: Everybody step back!
Kallen: Why, what’s wrong?!
Ohgi: Did you kill the Emperor of Ego!?
Lelouch: Yeah!
C.C.: But, now we have to fight the missus!
Tohdoh: Beg pardon?!

Suddenly, a large portal was torn open, by giant hands, and a giant dark green humanoid mech, seemingly similar to a Knightmare, stepped through.

Chiba: What the hell is that thing?!
Kanda: It’s as big as a German Sherman!
Seth: Not wrong, those trees are huge!
Marianne: How do you like my new personal unit, the Morgaine? I’ll admit, it’s larger than normal Knightmares, but it suits me, perfectly.
Alistair: Jeremiah, is it alright to refer to that thing as a Knight Giga Fortress and call it a day?
Jeremiah: Sadly, yes. That cannot qualify as a normal Knightmare, anyway.
Suzaku: How the hell did she get those powers, to begin with!? What was in that syringe!?
C.C.: The blood of a Celtic goddess.
Alistair: Great, she’s got some of Danu’s abilities?
Kallen: Wait, I know who found that! Hawking, where did you-?!
Hawking: (far off) Byyye!
Kallen: Explanation later, then.
Marianne: My, my, what a beautiful army! Greetings, my Britannian subjects! I am Marianne vi Britannia, the Empress of the Empire! I have recovered from the terrorist attack that nearly took my life, and now come to you, to lead you in your time of need! Lend me your power, and destroy my enemies, the Black Knights and the Tokyo Mavericks! Kill Zero and destroy his foolish mask!

Everyone remained quiet, no longer surprised, but angry, as they glared at the Morgaine. Suddenly, a powerful gunshot rang out and slightly damaged the shoulder of the Morgaine. The Morgaine looked around, casually, and saw that James’ Knightpolice had its revolver out, the barrel still smoking.

Marianne: I’m… I’m sorry, but... Did you just...shoot me?
James: Yeah. I did. What are you going to do...bitch?
Marianne: Is that any way to talk to the leader of your country?
James: You mean the country that’s currently defunct? I didn’t choose the life of terrorism, like most did.
Ohgi: Plenty of Britannians joined the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks. It’s over, for your precious “empire”.
Marianne: That’s merely your opinion, Mr. Waste of Space. As long as I live, Britannia will live, and so shall Charles. Soon enough, you will beg for his return, so that the powerful may prosper.
Alistair: Face facts, Empress of Ego. Nobody’s gonna trust your hot mess of a country.
Marianne: “Hot mess”? Is that the best insult you can come up with, for the most powerful, orderly and controlling country?
Alistair: How else do you describe a country built from a conspiracy, whose policies include racism and terrorism, whose foreign policy and ruling of other countries is seizure-inducing, and, most importantly, whose government and military, some of the only jobs where people rarely become lawful, do nothing!?
Suzaku: Not entirely true. They’ve stopped terrorists, other than themselves, several times.
Alistair: Keep thinking.
Suzaku: (pauses) Hey, yeah! Other than that, they haven’t done shit!
Marianne: That’s merely because due process hasn’t been fully completed-
Lelouch: There never was due process. The laws that Britannia espoused were only for Britannia’s benefit, not anybody else’s.
Kallen: We already listened to Hawking list off every flaw that Britannia had. From its government to its military, to its very leadership.
Marianne: There were never any flaws, to begin with. I mean, take a look at me. I was but a commoner, until Charles chose to marry me. Now, look where I am. The Empress of Britannia! I went from rags to riches, in such short time!
Alistair: That’s another thing that’s really pissing me off. Why is everyone from Britannia either a super rich asshole or from a broken home? Or, in your case, both.
Marianne: Ah, now I see what’s going on. You’re all jealous of Britannia’s success. You don’t see such a glorious empire as infallible, because you see yourselves as infallible. I’m afraid that can never be the case. Britannia is always right, and so are its citizens, its leaders. The choices laid out for you are obvious. Join us, or die. What do you say, in the face of utopia?
Alistair: To go screw yourself. Specifically, in Hell.
Tohdoh: I find it surprising that you have an even bigger ego than your husband, and you’ve been dead, the whole time!
Marianne: What ego? It’s blatantly obvious that I am always right. I know what’s right for humanity, and so did Charles.
Kallen: Here I thought Minnesota had such a huge trip, from her ego. You’re the biggest egotistical bitch, of them all!
Marianne: Do not insult your leader, Eleven worm!
Alistair: She’s already lost it. Let’s make sure she stays dead, this time.
Marianne: Very well. I shall incinerate you all, and revive Charles. Then, the utopia we dreamed of will become reality!
Alistair: All-out attack!

The Morgaine fired the cannons and missile launchers on its body, causing the other Knightmares to dodge out of the way, as they fired their ranged weapons at the giant mech. Barely any of the bullets or cannon fire managed to hit the Morgaine, as there was a faint Blaze Luminous protecting its body. The Gawain Nexus and Mordred fired their Hadron Cannons, only for the Morgaine to block the attack, with its own Hadron Cannons.

Marianne: Give it up. There’s no chance of your victory.
Lelouch: There certainly is. You have no room to move, and you’re far too large.
Marianne: ...Admittedly, I didn’t think I would be on a space this small. Nevertheless, my victory is assured.
Alistair: Really? How long can that Blaze Luminous last for?
Marianne: What makes you think I’d answer a heathen, like you?
Alistair: Lelouch, do teach your former mother a lesson on both humility and how to pay attention.
Lelouch: Gladly. I hereby place check!

At the last moment, Marianne noticed the electronic warfare Sutherlands, just as they activated their EMP attack, disabling the Morgaine.

Marianne: What?! What is this?!
Alistair: Technology’s advanced, Marianne. Without you.

The Ikaruga fired its Hadron Cannons, alongside the Mordred and Gawain Nexus, heavily damaging the Morgaine, and caused it to fall apart.

Ohgi: That was...anticlimactic.
Alistair: I know this move, anywhere! Everybody, back!

The Masakado flew in front of the Morgaine’s chest, and a Knightmare with a similar color scheme burst out, looking like a combination of all the Knightmares of the Knights of the Round. The real Morgaine went to attack the Masakado, with its MVS, but the attack was blocked. Both Knightmares flew up and backed away.

Suzaku: That doesn’t seem fair! At all!
Kallen: How is that Knightmare even possible!? It doesn’t even exist!
Alistair: Not in this dimension.
Marianne: A perfect fit, for the Empress of Britannia, wouldn’t you think? Melding together the power of the Knights of the Round, showing the power of the people.
Alistair: It is a perfect fit. For a witch.
Lelouch: You’re more of a witch than C.C. could ever be.
C.C.: Why must you two compliment me, so much?
Marianne: Go ahead and laugh, as much as you want. I’m not outnumbered, here!

Marianne grinned, as the Geass symbol enveloped both of her eyes, and various dimensional portals opened up, an army the same size as the one Charles brought coming through, but with a different flagship, the Great Britannia.

Schneizel: Huh. And, here I thought that the Great Britannia would never be used. I mean, it’s the most powerful among the basic airships’s just...basic.
Alistair: Still some land versatility, to kick this bitch’s ass.
Marianne: Your repeated calmness, in the face of doom, is pissing me off. Why aren’t you cowering in fear?
Kallen: You think you’re anything special? We just beat both your shitty husband, and Hawking’s forces. What makes you think you have any chance, after a couple years of doing absolutely nothing?
Ohgi: I have utilized the heaviest of weaponry, to destroy Knightmares with guns bigger than mine.
Alistair: Face the facts, Marianne. The world’s moved on, without you. Time for you to pay the piper.
Marianne: And, it’s time for you lot to learn your place and kneel before the world’s ruler! Attack!

Marianne’s forces began their attack, and the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks engaged, as well. The Morgaine attacked the Masakado, but was backed up by the Shinkiro, using its shields. The Morgaine then fired its Hadron missiles at the Mordred, which blocked with its own missiles.

Marianne: No matter what you traitors use, I will counter your Knightmares, tenfold. I even have the Galahad’s sword, so I think Bismarck will be very happy.
Gino: You don’t know every move, bitch!

The Tristan fired its Failnaught crossbow at the Morgaine, which pierced through the Blaze Luminous and damaged it, slightly. The Morgaine then brought out its copy of the Tristan’s MVS polearm, and attacked the Tristan, Gino barely able to keep up with Marianne’s skill. The stalemate was broken when the Zangetsu literally cut in with its Brake Sword, then went for a sudden upward slash.

Tohdoh: Shadow Longsword Strike!

The Zangetsu’s Brake Sword forced the Morgaine back, with the impact of the strike. The Lancelot then used its Slash Harkens to bring the Morgaine closer to it, repeatedly striking it with its MVSs and using its Harkens, again, to push it away.

Marianne: Not bad, disgraces to humanity. But, we’ve only just begun!

Ohgi’s Burai used up the last of its explosive weaponry, destroying several airships and commander type Knightmares in the process.

Rakshata: Ohgi, we’re all out of ammunition, for you! You can come back to the bridge, now!
Ohgi: Not a chance in Hell.
Rakshata: Huh?
Villetta: Ohgi, you’ve got nothing left to prove! Come back!
Ohgi: Not until that bitch knows how to be a real parent, how I’m going to raise our child.
Rakshata: What?! When did you-?!
Villetta: Diethard and Sayoko covered for us, surprisingly. If you’re that set to take her on...don’t go without your loadout.

As Ohgi’s Burai detached the missile and grenade launchers, an assortment of weapons came up, next to it. The Burai dropped both of its heavy assault rifles, grabbed a new one, then a shotgun, two retractable cannons equipped underneath its arms, and an MVS katana, sheathed and equipped on its hip.

Ohgi: One Float Unit, please! And, anybody else who wants a shot at being long range specialists, do your thing!

C.C.’s Akatsuki cut through a commander’s Vincent, as well as a Royal Guard’s, with its chainsaw katana, then went to engage the Morgaine.

Marianne: What happened to you, C.C.? You used to be so full of life, eager to help Charles and I.
C.C.: I finally learned how to grow up. I learned a thing or two about being human, the hard way. I get that there’s pain, but some of what I experienced, I deserved. And, I’ll be damned if you take away all of existence, for the sake of your petty ego!
Marianne: I don’t know what you’re talking about. The Ragnarok Connection is for the benefit of humanity.
C.C.: It’s been a stupid idea, from day one, bitch.
Marianne: Stop calling me that!
C.C.: What? Can’t handle the truth?

C.C.’s Akatsuki parried the Morgaine’s MVSs and cut its armor, following up the attack with some bazooka shots. The Tenkai then tackled the Morgaine away from its backup, and repeatedly struck it, with its MVS gauntlets. The Tenkai kicked the Morgaine toward the Koga Saburo, which rapidly cut Marianne’s Knightmare with its thin blades, then threw it at the Yamato Takeru, which slammed its MVS greatsword into the chest of the Morgaine, forcing it backwards, yet again. The Yoshitsune then attacked the Morgaine, with its Hassou Tobi technique, before it could activate the Blaze Luminous.

Marianne: Honestly, you don’t know when to quit. My armor is barely even scathed, especially without the help of the Blaze Luminous. All your precious new Knightmares will ever have is the same tricks, including the one special trick you love to use, so much.
Darlton: How’s this, for being a one-trick pony?

The Tenkai’s gauntlets produced double-barreled Hadron Cannons, the Koga Saburo’s forearms produced smaller Tesla Cannons, the Yoshitsune sheathed its swords to hold two Tesla Cannons and the Yamato Takeru equipped its VARIS rifle with a Hadron Blaster, all the Knightmares firing their weapons on the Morgaine, heavily damaging it and piercing through the Blaze Luminous.

Marianne: I suppose that your refusal to act like adults shall have to be met with being treated like children. However, I’m much more interested in seeing how well you burn!

The Morgaine prepared its Stark Hadron Cannons, the Hadron Cannons on it shoulders, and the Hadron Cannons from the Percival, and fired all eight barrels, the Tenkai, Yoshitsune, Koga Saburo and Yamato Takeru barely evading the blasts. The Michizane saw the combined fire of all the Hadron Cannons, and fired its railgun, destroying the Stark Hadron Cannons with a single shot. Marianne growled, only for the Morgaine to be struck by the axes of the Gawain Nexus, slamming the Knightmare against the wing of the Great Britannia, Ohgi’s Burai landing next to it.

Marianne: And, here we have two fellow leaders, both from ungrateful countries.
Seth: Considering all the murder you caused, what did you think our reaction was going to be?
Marianne: Accept Britannia, with open arms, naturally. After all, it is the best of all countries.
Ohgi: Keep your cute opinions to your egotistical little self. It’s become personal, now.
Marianne: Really, now? And, what are you hoping to do, with that outdated Knightmare of yours? Do a dance?
Ohgi: No. I’m going to beat the shit out of you, with it.

The Gawain Nexus let Ohgi’s Burai approach the Morgaine, without using the Landspinners, storming over to it. The Morgaine launched a Slash Harken at the Burai, which was deflected with a backfist. Ohgi’s Burai then started to pummel the Morgaine, with its fists, catching Marianne off guard and taking control of the fight, rather quickly. The Burai slammed its fists into the head of the Morgaine, and forced it to its knees, with an overhand right, before tagging in the Gawain Nexus, with a high-five.

Ohgi: Show her who’s boss, Mr. President.
Seth: Gladly.

The Gawain Nexus dashed to the Morgaine, which had gotten back to its feet, and struck it with a powerful clothesline, launching it into the air. The Gawain Nexus then switched its fingers to Slash Harken mode and struck the Morgaine with them, bringing it back onto the top of the Great Britannia.

Seth: Get up, bitch!

The Gawain Nexus forced the Morgaine back to its feet, with a hard knee strike, and Ohgi’s Burai shot it with its shotgun, at point-blank range. Bits of armor was chipped off the Morgaine, from the shotgun blast, and the Burai kept firing, every blast followed by the pump action ejection of shells. As the Morgaine went to defend with its Blaze Luminous, Ohgi’s Burai fired three consecutive shots with the burst fire function, piercing through the shield and damaging the generator. Marianne got frustrated and went to fire its back Hadron Cannons, at point-blank range, but the Burai grabbed the barrels of the cannons and tore them off the Morgaine. Ohgi’s Burai drew its MVS katana and the Morgaine tried to defend with its copy of the Percival’s missile shield, only for the shield to be cut in two, from just one slice. The Burai then destroyed the Hadron Cannons on the Morgaine’s legs, with its Slash Harkens.

Marianne: (growls angrily) What is wrong with you?! Why won’t you just give up!?
Ohgi: Ego, getting in the way of accepting defeat? That’s definitely a first, for me.
Seth: I can agree, with that.

The Morgaine drew its Excalibur MVS, swinging it at Ohgi’s Burai, which barely evaded the strike with a backflip, then aimed both of its cannons at the Morgaine, while the Gawain Nexus aimed its rocket launcher. Both Knightmares fired their weapons, while the Morgaine tried to lessen the damage by blocking with the Excalibur MVS, the explosive impacts dealing plenty of damage, nonetheless. The Guren then landed a distracting cut to the Morgaine, with its MVS knife, and Marianne decided to follow after Kallen, not noticing that Ohgi’s Burai opened fire on the Morgaine, with its heavy assault rifle, while it was leaving.

Kallen: Come on, you egotistical hag! Can’t you keep up with an ace, like me!?
Marianne: I’ve piloted a Knightmare, perfectly, before you were even born, child!
Kallen: And, yet, you’re a shit fighter, compared to a pissed off Ohgi. That’s how bad you suck.
Marianne: Enough games! Die!

The Morgaine went to attack with its Excalibur, but the Guren dodged and countered with its Slash Harkens and Stinger revolver. The Guren then grabbed the Morgaine with its Radiant Wave Surger arm.

Kallen: I’ll make sure you don’t leave a corpse, Marianne!

The Guren attacked with its Radiant Wave Surger attack, causing immense damage to the Morgaine and essentially causing its energy to dwindle. Marianne yelled in pain, and the Guren threw the Morgaine toward the Lancelot and Okuninushi.

Kallen: Suzaku!
Suzaku: Right!
Jeremiah: I’ll back you up!
Marianne: Why?! Why would you betray your country, like this, Jeremiah?!
Jeremiah: I serve no country, not anymore! I am Revenant Jeremiah Gottwald! I am forever loyal to the Tokyo Mavericks, loyal to Lelouch, loyal to Alistair! Loyal to humanity! You, too, shall feel the full might of my loyalty!

The Okuninushi heavily damaged the Morgaine with its Slayer Harkens, and slashed it with its Tesla Blade. The Okuninushi then kicked the Morgaine away and fired its missiles and SMGs, leaving the Knightmare from another dimension in a stunned state.

Jeremiah: Now, Suzaku!
Suzaku: Going full force, now!

The Lancelot charged in and repeatedly slashed the Morgaine, with both of its MVSs.

Suzaku: Go down!

The Lancelot landed one final attack, and the Morgaine was left in a moderately damaged state, though Marianne’s stamina was in a worse state, as well as her psyche. The Shinkiro floated in front of the Morgaine.

Marianne: (pants) Lelouch...! Lelouch vi Britannia, listen to your mother...!
Lelouch: I know of no Lelouch vi Britannia, only of a Lelouch Lamperouge. I am not him, as my name is Zero.
Marianne: Stop saying that…! You are my son, and I am your mother…! You have no deny my wishes...!
Lelouch: Humanity will be just fine, without you, Marianne. You became a failure, as a ruler and as a parent. It’s time to finish this!

The Shinkiro fired its wrist-mounted Hadron Cannons and the Morgaine was unable to defend itself from the shots. The Shinkiro closed the distance and rapidly cut the Morgaine with its axe, then sent it further up, setting up a shot with its Phase-Transition Cannon and Tesla Cannon.

Lelouch: This is checkmate, Marianne!

The Shinkiro fired its Phase-Transition Cannon at full power, and the Tesla Cannon, at the same time, heavily damaging the Morgaine. Marianne yelled out in pain, and the Masakado dashed in, preparing to attack with its Godslayer MVS, the Morgaine attempting to block, with its Excalibur MVS. Marianne was left in further shock, as the Morgaine’s Excalibur was broken, and its Float Unit ripped off.

Alistair: Enjoy the fall!
Marianne: You think this is over!? I still have power beyond humanity! I’ll just get myself a new Knightmare-!

Marianne attempted to use her newfound power, from Danu’s blood, but the attempt was rejected, instead causing Marianne to gag and vomit out blood, onto the floor of the cockpit. Upon realizing that the power Hawking offered her was already used up, Marianne shook in her seat, as the Morgaine started falling towards the ruins. Upon the rough impact, Marianne grunted, as the Morgaine landed near the Thought Elevator gateway, where she panted in exhaustion. Suddenly, two hands from two different Knightmares came out of the gateway, and dragged the Morgaine inside, the Sword of Akasha fading into pieces, leaving only a blank white area, where only solid ground exists. The Morgaine sparked from all the heavy damage it took, as it stood up, Marianne seeing a gray and silver Sutherland standing next to a brown and red Burai, looking rather similar to two people that Marianne had met, before.

Marianne: You two...! You think you have power, here!? You don’t even have Geass! And, you’re dead! I will never die, you hear me!? Come! I’ll lay you to rest, permanently!

The Morgaine drew its normal MVSs, and the gray Sutherland drew a Tommy Gun fit for a Knightmare, while the Burai drew an anti-materiel rifle, while also revealing their Float Units. Both Knightmares flew and the Sutherland fired its Tommy Gun at the Morgaine, damaging it, heavily. The Morgaine went to attack, but the Burai fired its sniper rifle, destroying the MVSs, then destroyed its remaining Blaze Luminous generator, and finally shot its head, causing the green Knightmare to fall prone, essentially destroyed. Marianne opened the cockpit and crawled out, panting as the Sutherland and Burai landed.

Marianne: I know it’s you, Cheryl and Phoenix Wake! Stop hiding, and face me, like adults!

The cockpits opened, but rather than Cheryl and Phoenix being in the pilot seats, there were two people in Zero outfits, with the parents’ color schemes, who then approached Marianne.

Zero (Cheryl): Who is Cheryl?
Zero (Phoenix): And, who is Phoenix?
Zero (Cheryl): I am Zero.
Zero (Phoenix): I am also Zero.
Marianne: What...? What the hell is this?! Take off your masks!
Zero (Phoenix): What do you mean?
Marianne: Your masks! Take them off, so I can see your goddamn faces!
Zero (Cheryl): We all wear masks, Marianne. But, which one is real? The one that hides your face, or the one that is your face?
Marianne: Nobody wears masks, like that! Not normal people! Those masks are symbols of lies, and they hide your face! Take them off!
Zero (Phoenix): We can’t. This is the face of humanity, now, the face of hope.
Marianne: What are you talking about!?

Marianne then noticed a group of Zeros approaching her, each with different color schemes, only one of them being Lelouch.

Zero (Tamaki): I’ve accepted that I am Zero.
Zero (Ohgi): I came to the realization that I am Zero.
Zero (Tohdoh): I, too, am Zero.
Zero (Kallen): I will forever be Zero.
Zero (Alistair): I was Zero, before I was even born.

Marianne started hyperventilating, panicking at the fact that she was being surrounded by Zeros, then around 50,000 more fully surrounded her, some of them children.

Zeros: (In unison) We are Zero.
Marianne: Why is this happening...?! You’re not real! You can’t be real!
Zeros: Marianne vi Britannia. Zero hereby commands you.

All the Zeros’ masks opened a slit in the left eye, revealing a Geass in each and every eye.

Zeros: Never again shall you return to the land of the living, to become a threat to the world, and all life on it. Forever shall you remain among the dead, with no chance to revive Charles zi Britannia. The Holy Empire of dead.

Marianne yelled in agony, as she was hit by the collective Geass command, actually feeling her psyche break as the command took hold. The Zero that was Alistair approached Marianne, aiming a Desert Eagle at her head.

Marianne: (crying) Why couldn’t you accept the new world we offered!? It was going to be perfect! How could you accept a world built on lies!? Nothing in this world is perfect! Without the new world...I’m nothing…! The world needs Britannia…! I lost everything, and Britannia helped me...! Without my dream...there’s nothing left...! You made this world hell!
Zero (Alistair): It is because the world is imperfect that humanity defends it. Perfection is overrated, and causes problems the same way utopia does. You can’t do anything, any longer, Marianne. The world no longer needs you, and has never needed Britannia.

Zero shot Marianne, in the head, killing her, permanently. Marianne’s body faded, taken by C’s World, and the Zeros disappeared, save for Phoenix and Cheryl, who took their masks off, smiling.

Cheryl: That takes care of that.
Phoenix: Let’s just sit back and watch England get fixed, now.

Back at Kamine Island, the wrecked Knightmares and airships disappeared, upon Marianne’s death, everyone celebrating their victory, after several long battles.

Ohgi: We did it!
Lelouch: Japan is free!
Kallen: That’s good... Finally...
Suzaku: Definitely a better ending than I anticipated. So... Now, what?
Lelouch: Hm... I’ll need to think on that.
Alistair: I’ve got something in mind...

One month later, Britannian Royal Palace. Several people were gathered in front of the throne, waiting for Charles.

Carine: Where is Father? He’s been by himself, for too long.
Guinevere: Bismarck’s missing, too. Something seems wrong.
Odysseus: Come, now, it’s just your imagination. I’m sure he’ll be along, shortly-

A young man in an Ashford Academy uniform stepped out from the curtains, where the throne was, and approached it. He then kicked the throne, knocking it down, then turned around, revealing himself to be Lelouch.

Carine: What?! Who do you think you are?!
Lelouch: Me? I’m Lelouch Lamperouge, supporter and big fan of the Black Knights.
Odysseus: Lelouch! You’re alive?! We thought you died, and only Nunnally survived!
Lelouch: I assure you, I don’t know any of you, personally. My sister is the captain of the Yatagarasu, the Tokyo Mavericks’ flagship, and is prepared to kick any evil ass.
Carine: Don’t play dumb, Lelouch!
Guinevere: She’s right. Do you know where our father is?
Lelouch: Dead. Zero and Alistair Wake killed him. Britannia is already done for.

The audience of nobles gasped, and started to panic.

Odysseus: Now, Lelouch, don’t make such mean jokes, in front of our guests. After all, we’re able to take the throne-
Lelouch: What makes you think anyone will let you?
Guinevere: That’s enough, out of you! Guards! Escort this fool out of our presence! (pauses) Guards! Did you hear me!?

Suzaku then came from where Lelouch entered, dragging an unconscious guard, before dropping him to the floor.

Suzaku: I don’t think they’ll be able to move, for a while.
Guinevere: The Knight of Seven?! This is treason! You’ll be executed, for this!
Lelouch: How? Britannia doesn’t exist, anymore. I believe our honored guest would like to help with that fact.

The doors opened, and Zero entered the palace, standing with Lelouch and Suzaku.

Zero: People of the former empire of Britannia! Charles zi Britannia is dead. For crimes against humanity, he gave little chance for arrest, and had to be killed.
Carine: Murderer! Monster! Give us back our father!
Guinevere: Britannia will never yield, to terrorists!
Odysseus: Zero, you must realize that Britannia cannot become England, at any cost. There would be no point-
Zero: That is where you’re wrong. (mask slit opens, revealing Geass) Accept reality! over!

Zero’s Geass reached everyone in the room, and even Guinevere, Carine and Odysseus could not resist.

Odysseus: So...that’s it, then? Our positions, our family, our jobs...are all gone?
Carine: This isn’t fair...
Guinevere: Reduced to nothing...because of fools...
Zero: I doubt that you’d be left, with nothing. Your assets and money are still your own. However, you can’t use them, for ill intentions, lest you become criminals. Again.
Odysseus: Well, I guess Rome had to die, sometime. The palace is all yours, Lelouch! I hope you don’t get taxed, for taking care of it.
Lelouch: What are you on about, Odysseus? You live here, too.
Odysseus: Huh?
Guinevere: What do you mean?
Lelouch: You heard Zero, your assets are still yours. That includes your living spaces. Provided you handle the chores, yourself, and clean your own messes, of course.
Carine: So...this is just a place to live, now? A really spacious place to live?
Lelouch: Yep.
Odysseus: Then, who controls England’s government?
Zero: The selected Prime Minister is already in Parliament, as we speak. Let’s just say they won’t take any nonsense.
Guinevere: I can’t believe that everything just...changed, in one fell swoop. I don’t know if we’ll ever survive trying to adapt, to these times...

Meanwhile, C.C. was watching from the sidelines, smiling to herself.

C.C.: Looks like things are finally looking up, for my old home. Things will get better, now. And, here I thought I’d be hearing these people chant “All Hail Lelouch”.
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 4
Turn 21: Demise of Tyranny
Part 4: The Empress of Ego

As the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks are finishing off Hawking's forces, Marianne yet remains, with an ancient power in her veins.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
Sword of Akasha, 2:30 p.m. Charles had shown the full image of the Sword of Akasha, the dark pillar representing the collective consciousness of humanity spiraling towards Venus.

Marianne: How wonderful! The Sword of Akasha is on the verge of slaying God!
Alistair: (chuckles) Hate to burst your bubble, but you’re nowhere close to being able to slay any monstrosities. You can’t even hold...whatever that is. It looks kinda like it’s...made outta people.
Charles: Very observant, Wake. That is the collective consciousness of humanity. That is the God that must be destroyed.
Alistair: lied, again? That’s way darker than gold, pal. The hideous part’s correct, but it doesn’t reek of law, like you do. This was never about that abomination, at all, was it?
Charles: You’re the one who took it, too literally. In the end, your grudge will be for nothing.
Suzaku: And, how do you suppose that this will be completed, in the first place?
Lelouch: We won’t let you carry out this apocalypse! I reject your so-called plan!
Alistair: So do I. You’ve caused enough suffering, Emperor of Ego.
Marianne: Lelouch, why do you associate with someone so vulgar? You can make better friends, than him.
Lelouch: No. I really can’t.
Alistair: Wow, I thought Hawking had it bad! Worse than Minnesota, even, you reek of ego!
Marianne: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I was but a commoner, before I became the wife of my darling Charles.
Alistair: Didn’t ask, and doesn’t help you, bitch.
Marianne: How dare you! Apologize to your Empress!
Lelouch: No, he’s got the right of it. You are an egotistical bitch.
C.C.: Very much a bitch.
Suzaku: Unforeseen levels of bitchiness, even.
Marianne: (glares angrily) Stop saying that!
Lelouch: I think we struck a nerve. And, thank you for complimenting me, guys.
Alistair: Up top!

Alistair high-fived Lelouch, both of them smiling.

Marianne: I raised you better than this, Lelouch! And, you! Wake, was it!? How can you be so ungrateful, after all that we’ve done!?
Alistair: I can tell that the two of you are a perfect match. You’re both assholes that hate being told they’re wrong. Like children.
Charles: And, you continue to be the very representation of humanity that I despise! Talk all you want, Wake, but you will never stop my plan-!
Lelouch: Shut the hell up! All you’ve done, ever since we first encountered you, was talk about your stupid goddamn plan!

Outside, above Kamine Island, Hawking was writing on his whiteboard, while the battle continued, not caring that his limitless forces were becoming not so limitless. On the whiteboard were drawings, sentences and graphs showing Charles’ various flaws and how wrong he was.

Hawking: Something else you might now realize about Charles is that he simply, for the life of him, will not shut up about his stupid goddamn plan. He’s got no contingencies, and only looks one way, as his mind only works one way.
Tamaki: (Michizane cuts through several Knightmares, with its electrified MVS) Yeah, we got that, from Zero and Alistair!
Schneizel: What I don’t get is this belief that the Ragnarok Connection will work. (Avalon destroys two airships, with its cannons)
Hawking: Ah, but you already know that answer. He’s basically a child, under all that muscle mass and age. As I said, there’s no Plan B, no backup plans, in the slightest. He’s banking it all on this. Only, he’ll realize too late that relying solely on the Ragnarok Connection, himself and Marianne are what doomed him, either in there, or in the afterlife.
Kallen: What makes you say that?
Hawking: Simple! (puts lid on marker, looks at the window of the bridge) I sent all his assets into the ice age.
Ohgi: You...what?!
Hawking: I was a lawyer, remember? I know how shit like that works. Charles can’t access his cash and resources, anymore, so Britannia is over, as of his death. And, the only one who can thaw out said assets is one Lelouch Lamperouge.
Ohgi: Specifically, Lelouch? And, you say that, right in front of Charles’ other children?
Cornelia: To be fair...I wouldn’t know what to do, with all that.
Euphemia: Neither would I.
Schneizel: I’d probably just buy more weapons to kill bad guys with, if I had it.
Nunnally: I certainly take after my brother, in the strategy and leadership sense. I mean...I can captain a ship! But, I don’t know a thing about money!
Hawking: See?
Ohgi: Why would you even-?
Hawking: I’m evil, not an idiot. Besides, Charles wouldn’t use it, anyway, he just kept it locked up! Another of Charles’ biggest flaws is that he can’t accept the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Ohgi: (pauses) So...we caught an actual glimpse of the people that were trying to take over the world… And, now you’ve explained to us the leader of the people that were trying to take over the world.
Hawking: That’s Britannia, for you. Akin to Nazis, built on Social Darwinism and terrorism, but overall a military and governmental fuck-up.

Back within the Sword of Akasha, Alistair, Lelouch, C.C. and Suzaku glare at Charles and Marianne, angry at them for their reasoning with trying to erase existence.

Alistair: It’s just amazing how much of this is so damn stupid, Charles. You want to create a world without freedom and choice, simply because of a petty grudge against humanity. You never grew up past your own mother’s death, same as V.V.
Lelouch: A world without freedom and choice can’t be considered life. Stagnation does nothing, but create sorrow. You two...are not my parents!
Marianne: Lelouch, darling, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
Alistair: Oh, I think he does. He has every right to insult you, for the failures of parenting that you are.
Charles: We’ve failed at nothing, Wake. We actually raised our children, much more than whatever you believe.
Alistair: Drop the act. We already know you’re lying. You’re a nihilist, admit it!
C.C.: He can’t drop the act.
Suzaku: What?
Alistair: What do you mean?
Lelouch: Don’t you see, Alistair? He’s been at this, since childhood. The Emperor of Ego will always remain as he is, right now, because he burned every possible bridge that could be better for him, save for the one of revenge. He’s wholeheartedly committed to this asinine plan, because he’s got nothing left to go back to. Not only does he refuse to go back, he can only go forward.
Alistair: What kind of an idiot are you, Charles? You hate humanity, you hate freedom, you hate those that think differently than you do. You claim to want to stop lying from being a thing, yet you’ve been lying, the entire time. Where does the temper tantrum stop? The erasure of humanity?
Charles: Your lack of gratitude is even more amazing. Even you, Wake, fail to comprehend that things like normalcy are childish dreams. Change? Freedom? Choice? That would just create more lies! The Ragnarok Connection is the only option for humanity to truly evolve! You cannot stop this! In a few short minutes, it will commence! Alistair Wake! Once you see how powerless you are to stop this, you will finally admit that I am right!
Alistair: (closes eyes, scowling a little)
Lelouch: No, you’re wrong! We’re going to stop you, here and now! There will be no Ragnarok!
Alistair: (holds up left index finger) No, no, no. Wait. Hold the phone. (opens eyes points finger at Charles) Run that by me, again, Charles?
Charles: (smiles) I am right. (folds arms) About humanity.

Alistair scoffed, as he dropped his arms, then slowly started chuckling and putting his hand to his face, in exasperation, which then turned into a laugh that echoed throughout the dimension.

Charles: Behold, a man who has realized the folly of his actions. A man who laughs, as he is thrown into the precipice of madness.
Lelouch: Nope. That’s not an insane laugh. He’s just maxed out on handling your shit.
C.C.: You can’t back down, now, Charles. You and Marianne dug this hole.
Suzaku: I can tell. That’s an angry laugh. You pissed off the one guy you should never have pissed off.

Alistair’s laughing slowed down, and he looked at Marianne and Charles, his Geass activated.

Alistair: You? Right?
Charles: Oh, yes.
Marianne: (smiles) Now, Alistair, sweetie, when this plan is complete, the worlds of the living and dead will merge. The people that were lost, in America, will be revived, including dead family members. Don’t you want to be reunited-?
Alistair: That big-ass airship that you came in on, the one that’s currently sinking into the briny deep. You were planning on using that, to fix the supposed problems with the world, in case this plan failed, is that right?
Charles: (blinks twice, stops smiling) Well...yes.
Alistair: And, you saw these problems, in the countries you took over. Now...what sort of progress was made, in fixing those problems, when you took over? I can’t quite remember.

Charles inhaled, as if he were about to say something, and was about to point a finger at Alistair, but his eyes widened in realization, as he immediately retracted his hand and stopped himself from saying anything.

Alistair: What was that?
Charles: I didn’t say a thing.
Alistair: You were about to say something.
Charles: You’re obviously mistaken.
Alistair: What were you gonna say, Charles?
Charles: (sighs) The problems showed themselves, the moment we took over.
Alistair: Wait a minute! That can’t be right! That would mean that you were the cause of the problems that you were talking about! So...correct me if I’m wrong, but every single problem with the world that Britannia caused, during your time on the throne, has been entirely your damn fault! In fact, had you never taken up such a childish mentality, or, better yet, if Britannia didn’t exist...none of this bullcrap would be happening! I’d probably be in bed, right now!
Charles: How long are you going to keep this up!? It’s over! You cannot win!
Alistair: I’ve killed the apocalypse, before. I’ll do it, again, starting with you.
Charles: (growls slightly, takes a step back) You claim that I act like a child, while I am a grown adult! And, as an adult, and the ruler of a country, it is my duty and right to correct the mistakes of humanity-!
Alistair: Let me guess, kill “God,” and erase all lies? You’ve used lies to get where you are, and even lied about trying to kill God, when we first met. You’ve been lying, ever since our first encounter.
Charles: You must have experienced it, yourself, Wake. Plans change.
Alistair: Plans change, do they? You spent our last encounter hamming it up about wanting to erase lies from existence, along with humanity, yet you’re entirely comfortable with lying, yourself, especially to your own people and children. How is this any different?
Charles: Need I remind you that not everything in the world can be described as black and white-?
Alistair: Because, I didn’t realize that the entire basis of your plan was to become a giant freaking hypocrite.
Charles: You’ve insulted me, for the last time, Wake!

Charles’ eyes widened with anger, furious with Alistair’s words and obviously affected by his Geass, with his response, and he went to strike Alistair. Alistair then unloaded both of his Desert Eagles into Charles, making him stagger back and cough out blood.

Charles: (coughs) Damn you...!
Alistair: (smirks with determination) Sit. Lelouch! I’ll hold off these two! Fix this!
Lelouch: With pleasure. (activates Geass)
Charles: You think you can do anything to stop this, Lelouch!? Your Geass cannot affect me, or anyone else, here!
Lelouch: Wrong! I am not Lelouch vi Britannia! I have discarded that part of my life! I am Lelouch Lamperouge! I am Zero, the forger of miracles! And, there’s just one thing, here, that my Geass will work on.
Charles: No...! You can’t possibly-!
Lelouch: Collective unconscious, hear me, now! Do not halt the march of time, for any reason!
Marianne: Lelouch, you ungrateful child!

Marianne started running towards Lelouch, but Suzaku and C.C. pushed her back, blocking the way, with Alistair.

Suzaku: Where do you think you’re going, bitch?
Marianne: We worked so hard, for this! You can’t ruin this, now!
Charles: We worked to perfect the world, so that there would be no more sorrow...!

As Charles continued spouting further nihilistic, Social Darwinistic and indistinct nonsense, C.C. handed Alistair a new clip for his pistol, Alistair looking a bit surprised, and reloaded his silver Desert Eagle with the clip, curious to try it out.

Charles: Ergo, your Geass will not do you any favors!
Lelouch: I bet you lost control over your Geass, some time ago! I’ve been in control, this entire time! I’ve put up with bullshit after bullshit, this whole time, and I will not see this world taken from us!

Lelouch’s other eye began showing the Geass symbol, as well, and the Geass symbol appeared on the orange planet above, and the pillar started to react to it.

Charles: Do you even understand the consequences of such an action!? You can't do this!

As Charles tried to approach Lelouch, Alistair shot him, again, with his Desert Eagle.

Charles: Again, with shooting me? You know I'm immortal, so what's the point of even-? (looks at the blood and wound on his hand) ...Why isn't the wound healing? hurts... What did you do?!
Alistair: Special bullets, made from Gae Bolg.
Marianne: Cu Chulainn's spear?!
Charles: That doesn't make sense! That spear can only deal fatal blows to mortals! I'm no longer mortal!
Alistair: Oh, didn't you know?
C.C.: His teacher, Scathach, made her own version of Gae Bolg. One that shared her prowess of killing gods.
Charles: No... (body starts disappearing) What?! C's World...! It's taking me?!
Alistair: I'd guess that it's karma, for your attempt at destroying the world. Don't worry, I'll finish you off, soon enough.
Charles: (growls angrily, charges at Alistair) ALISTAIR WAKE!

Charles reached out to Alistair, with his right hand, which had the symbol of his Code, and Alistair aimed his pistol at Charles, time slowing down.

Suddenly, two figures were walking through a purely white space, nothing like the dimension of gears and masks Charles had brought Lelouch, previously. Two children stopped in front of each other, with angry looks on their faces, one was Charles, the other was Alistair, before he lost his arm and leg.

Charles (child): How could you!? How could you do this!?
Alistair (child): It's the right thing to do, obviously. You're trying to kill off humanity.

As the conversation went on, Charles and Alistair's forms kept changing, as well as their voices.

Charles: (changes into teenage form) It's for the betterment of the world! Everything about this was perfect! And you ruined it!
Alistair: (changes into Lelouch) Perfect? You were willing to sacrifice every life on the planet, for your precious ego.
Charles: (changes into adult form) Why aren't you grateful, to me?! I lead the world and bring order! Why can't you appreciate my actions, for what they are!?
Alistair: (changes into Suzaku) Because, people suffered, for your actions. You think you're a hero, in all this, but you're not. You're delusional, egomaniacal, and a cynic.
Charles: (changes into present form) Idealism is a blight! It has no meaning, there are no good things, in the world! I realized that, when my mother died!
Alistair: (changes into Seth) And, that's your problem. You're lost in a desire for some petty revenge, instead of moving on from such a tragedy. You still have the mindset of a child, who can't take being told he's wrong, and wants everything one way over the other.
Charles: I'm no child! I'm the Emperor of Britannia!
Alistair: (changes into Kallen) A country of terrorism, born from a conspiracy.
Charles: I brought law and order!
Alistair: (changes into Ohgi) And, enslaved and killed people that didn't agree with your law.
Charles: Freedom is chaos!
Alistair: (changes into Tamaki) That's just your opinion.
Charles: Why should things change!?
Alistair: (changes into Phoenix) For the betterment of humanity.
Charles: Ever still, do you mock the peace I brought!?
Alistair: (changes into Cheryl) Your peace is a joke.
Charles: You...! You can’t win! (tears up) You just can’t! I am the Emperor of Britannia! I rule the world! I know what’s right, for the world, for humanity! You can’t judge my dreams, the dreams of humanity! There’s no other way, to fix the world’s problems!
Alistair: (changes into present form, points pistol to Charles’ head) I’ve heard your stupid opinions, before. This is the last one. It’s over.

A gunshot rang out, and Charles fell to his knees, back in the Sword of Akasha, crying in anger as he looked up at Alistair, who aimed his gun at him.

Charles: I...hate you.
Alistair: Tell me something I don’t know.

Alistair shot Charles, in the forehead, and Charles felt his life fade from his body, as it disappeared. A few seconds later, Lelouch’s Geass command took full effect, as the pillar disappeared, freeing the collective unconscious of humanity.

Lelouch: Alistair... Thank you. For all the kindness you’ve shown me...I will forever be in your debt.
Alistair: It’s been my pleasure...Zero.
C.C.: It’s not over, yet. Marianne hasn’t been taken, just Charles.
Alistair: Not for long. (aims Desert Eagle at Marianne)

Marianne looked shocked at the death of her husband, then started quietly chuckling. Alistair looked confused as he kept his gun on Marianne, then she started laughing, insanely.

Marianne: You think...that you can just...shoot your problems away? It must feel so great, having the power of a godslayer, in your very hands. (looks at the group, smiling) Fine. You don’t want to play along. You don’t want to obey the orders of the leader of the world. You’d rather play Robin Hood, and treat myself, my husband and Britannia as the bad guys. That’s just fine. But...not only have you insulted my darling Charles and myself, but you’ve also killed the greatest husband in all of history, destroyed any chance of the Ragnarok Connection from ever happening again, and effectively drug the Holy Empire of Britannia through the dirt. (claps hands in applause) Good on you, Lelouch! Good on you, Suzaku, C.C. and Alistair! You’ve managed to gain the hatred of a country built on justice! (stops clapping) With Charles dead, all that’s left to lead me. You want to kill me? I’d like to see you try. You want to play rough? Fine by me. I can play rough, too!

Marianne grinned egotistically as she brought out the vial that Hawking gave her, which revealed itself to be a strange syringe, with shark fin-like needles. Marianne injected herself with the strange, red liquid, and her eyes were covered by Geass symbols. Suddenly, the very surroundings of the Sword of Akasha started to shift, as portals opened up, with Knightmares that were not of the world Lelouch and Alistair came from coming through them.

Alistair: I’m starting to think Hawking wasn’t kidding about there being other dimensions!
Lelouch: I think it’s time we took this outside!
C.C.: Agreed! (Geass symbol on her forehead starts to glow)
Marianne: I just wanted to live happily, with my family, in a nice, perfect world! I wanted my husband to be happy! I wanted all of you to join me in completing the Ragnarok Connection! But, no! Fuck you! Once I revive him, all of you are going to suck my husband’s perfect dick!
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 3
Turn 21: Demise of Tyranny
Part 3: Apocalypse Killers

The Ragnarok Connection has commenced, and Lelouch intends to finish it and his evil parents off, once and for all.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
Nearby Kamine Island, 2:01 p.m. The Yorktown arrived with a fleet of airships and Knightmares, to do battle with the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks.

Kallen: Got your voice back? Then, I’ll floss my teeth with your vocal cords!
Hawking: As much as I like your threats, Kallen, I honestly have plenty of better things to do, than fight you. I still intend to fight you, but that’s not simply why I’m here.
Tohdoh: You intend to kill us?
Ohgi: I’d like to see you try.
Hawking: If possible, yeah, but knowing you guys, that’s gonna have some difficulty. Nah, I just wanted a front row seat to the downfall of Charles zi Britannia. The last Emperor of Britannia, and the world’s biggest himself.
Ohgi: What…? Aren’t you on the Emperor of Ego’s side, to begin with?!
Hawking: (chuckles) I like that nickname, I’m gonna use that.
Kallen: You’re throwing him and Britannia under the bus? Why?
Hawking: Take one goddamn guess. In fact, I’ve got my whiteboard, right here in the bridge! We can talk, while we fight, keeps the brain active, on top of the ham!
Tohdoh: How does your bridge crew even put up with your antics?
Hawking: Simple, Tohdoh! They’re all cyborgs! Not one AI having an existential crisis and butchering their brethren, like the inbred bits of silicon that they are.
Ohgi: (pauses) Okay, just because that word fits, doesn’t mean you can use it, whenever you want.
Hawking: Uh, ya think?

The Confederate Enclave Knightmares and airships began their approach toward the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks, engaging in battle, once again.

Inside the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch is shocked at seeing his mother, alive.

Lelouch: I looking at?
Marianne: Your mother, silly! Oh, how I’ve missed you!
Lelouch: I missed you, too, but… Didn’t you get mauled, by a hail of bullets?
Marianne: V.V. did that, yes. It looks like Charles took his Code from him, though.
Lelouch: He’s dead, too, for enormous amounts of grave robbing, creating cyborgs from corpses, mass murder and working with known criminals and terrorists, like that dick, over there.
Charles: I can hear you.
Lelouch: That’s the point.
Marianne: Really? I mean, he was your uncle, but he did betray us. How did he die?
Lelouch: Powerful plastic explosives, up the rectum.
Marianne: Ooh...! That doesn’t sound good, for an old man who was unable to grow up and experience prostate exams.
Lelouch: What about your husband?
Charles: Am I a joke, to you, boy!?
Lelouch: You’re a joke, to everyone.
Charles: Listen, here-!
Marianne: Do behave, Lelouch. We did all this, for you and Nunnally.
Lelouch: (pauses) What? You’re a part of all this?!
Marianne: That’s right! And, now, we’ll all go to the new world, together! As a family! Isn’t that great?
Lelouch: You do realize that there’ll be nobody in this so-called new world, right?
Marianne: Of course, there will be others! (stands next to Charles) There will be you, me, your father, your brothers and sisters, everybody.
Lelouch: That’s a lie, and you know it!
Charles: Allow me to enlighten you, further. Yes, these events began, because my mother was killed. But, do you know of why she was killed? Because, we lived in a time where the succession to rule Britannia was in a constant state of crisis. Assassinations, betrayals, numerous amounts of terrible actions, all brought about by lies. My brother and I, we were outraged by such atrocities, angered by the world and how it was. When our mother died, we swore an oath, promising to create a world without lies.
Marianne: C.C. and I were both on board with this idea, as we had come from similar backgrounds. V.V., however was...a bit on the jealous side.
Lelouch: I heard, from Alistair. V.V. didn’t realize that you shared the same goal, not realizing that teamwork is a thing.
Marianne: ...To the point, yes. But, as I was on the precipice of death, I saw a little girl, Anya Alstreim. My Geass allows me to cross into another person’s mind.
Lelouch: So, how are you here, now? You were actually dead.
Marianne: Well...mostly dead. It seems that Hawking had a trick up his sleeve, behind V.V.’s back.
Charles: I told Hawking about what happened, and he offered to help in ensuring Marianne’s revival. A coffin that not only preserved her body, but also healed it, over time.
Marianne: Over time, I could feel myself coming back to life, but I didn’t want to deactivate my Geass, just yet.
Charles: After everything we went through, my brother lied to me. We had promised to create a world without lies, and he would dare to use the very thing we fought so hard against!
Lelouch: The apple doesn’t fall far, from the tree. It’s also a bit ironic that you’re complaining about that, when you were doing the exact same thing, to the people you rule over.
Charles: I have not lied! Not once! I simply did not tell them, let alone you!
Lelouch: Enough!

The museum faded into dust, as the area changed back to the ruined temple, the DNA-like pillar still moving.

Lelouch: All you’ve done is dig yourself deeper into the shit list of the world. Talk all you want about trying to make the world a better place, for yourselves, but that doesn’t change the fact that you abandoned Nunnally and I, in Japan!
Charles: It was to protect you!
Lelouch: Bullshit!
Marianne: Lelouch! Language!
Lelouch: You ditched your own children in another country...then went to war with it! You don’t get to call that protection!

Back outside, the battle between the Enclave and the Black Knights continued, Hawking in the bridge of the Yorktown writing on a whiteboard, with markers.

Hawking: Honestly speaking, sending your kids to a foreign country you know nothing about, then going to war with it, isn’t honestly a move I would have used.
Darlton: (Tenkai punches through the cockpits of two Knightmares) Says the man who turned his own bastard son, the one he chose to bond with, into a cybernetic force of destruction.
Hawking: Yeah. ‘Cause I chose to. Sue me.
Tohdoh: (Zangetsu cuts through Sutherland REVO with Brake Sword) Hypocrisy aside, you’ve cut off ties with the Emperor of Ego. Why?
Hawking: Obviously, because he’s a nihilist. He ain’t got a good view of humanity, and wants to wipe it out, like the whiny little bitch that he is, inside.
Kallen: Now that I remember... In all those dimensions that you saw, was there ever one where this Ragnarok Connection thing ever happened? (Guren shoots Vincent with its revolver)
Hawking: (laughs) Hell, no! That’s exactly how stupid it was! It was doomed to failure, from its very conception! Think about it! If the Ragnarok Connection even has a name, and was thought of, that means that the guys who thought it up pussed out. Why? Because, there would no longer be a future, if it happened. Time, feeling, emotions, the sense of self, perception, everything would be reduced to naught. If that shit ever worked, I’d have seen some bleak whiteness, for a while. Which is boring and depressing, at the same time.
Ohgi: Make all the points you want, we’re still going to kill you, for all that you’ve done. (Burai shoots down two Gloucesters)
Hawking: Hey, I wouldn’t have it, any other way.

Back inside the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch is further angered and disgusted by the actions and motivations of his former parents.

Lelouch: All this time, you’ve caused nothing but suffering, because of some petty revenge!?
Charles: The Ragnarok Connection is everything, except petty!
Marianne: Don’t you see, Lelouch? When our plan reaches fruition, there won’t be any more suffering. There will be no more masks to hide who people really are, and everyone will be who they’re supposed to be.
Lelouch: “Supposed”? You two...really don’t get it, do you? You don’t understand what normalcy even is.
Charles: What is normalcy, but another lie, created by humanity? There is no normal, in this world.
Lelouch: Guess my words are wasted, on you. How about you guys? What do you think, about these two?

As the dust settled, Lelouch turned around to see Suzaku, C.C. and Alistair entering the dimension.

Alistair: I’ll admit, I was definitely off. Charles is more deluded than I gave him credit for.
Charles: Again, with you, Wake... Let’s try making you obey, again-
Alistair: Oh, I guess you didn’t do too much of your homework, Emperor of Ego. When you take up a Code, you sacrifice your original Geass power. Well, in the immortality case, anyway.
Charles: ...Oh. There goes that advantage. I could go on about you, Wake, but I’d rather save my breath.
Alistair: No, no, by all means! Tell me what you think about me, the guy that’s taken your plan and used it as a toilet.
Charles: Other than taking America away from Hawking, which is another angering matter, entirely… You saw fit to set your sights on the country that ruled yours, before you were ever even born. You had the nerve, the audacity, to fight against the Holy Empire of Britannia, and brand yourself a criminal, a terrorist. Is this how you show your gratitude, American? Where is the respect Britannia deserves, for ruling your country?
Alistair: Went down the crapper, the moment you committed yourself to fascism, like the criminal empire that you are.
Charles: Again, with the audacity! You, who killed innocent people!
Alistair: Pretty sure known criminals and soldiers of your so-called country don’t count as innocent civilians.
Charles: You created massacre after massacre!
Alistair: Says the guy that’s okay with genocide, all over the globe.
Charles: You betrayed the law!
Alistair: And, there it is! There is where your petty fetish lies! LAW! That’s precisely what makes your military terrorists, to begin with! Place countries under martial law, just so you can control them, because you don’t think they’re running it, correctly! Am I wrong, so far!?
Charles: Very! Simply calling Britannia’s military a terrorist organization is wholeheartedly incorrect. They are a force of justice-
Alistair: Tell me, what’s the definition of terrorism?
Charles: Simple. The act of resisting against the rule of Britannia.
Alistair: Not the Britannian definition, the universal definition.
Charles: There is only one definition of terrorism.
Alistair: (chuckles) Terrorism is the utilization of fear, in order to gain results. And...what does your military do, when it takes over a country, slaughters hundreds, thousands of people?
Charles: Creates peace.
Alistair: Creates terror, fear. Therefore, Britannia is a country willing to do whatever it takes, to be the only country, in existence.
C.C.: You can’t win this, Charles. Our contract is over, you’re outnumbered, and you’ve managed to piss off everyone in the whole world, with your egotistical nonsense. It’s over.
Suzaku: I like that, that’s really good.
Charles: Really, now? You do realize that you’re here, right?
C.C.: Change the scenery, already.
Charles: As you wish.

Charles aimed the Geass symbol on his right hand at C.C., and it glowed, along with the symbol on C.C.’s forehead, and the scenery within the Sword of Akasha shattered, revealing an immense technological dome, with a view of what appeared to be Venus, as the dark pillar extended towards it. Outside, an earthquake occured, and a strange aurora filled the sky above Kamine Island.

Kallen: What the hell?!
Hawking: Ah, don’t worry, it’ll fade, in a cool minute.
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 2
Turn 21: Demise of Tyranny
Part 2: Villain's Reasoning

Hawking has made himself known, to the resistance forces at Kamine Island, giving his logic to the heroes, while Alistair, C.C. and Suzaku join up with Lelouch.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
Sword of Akasha, 1:15 p.m. Charles turned and looked at Lelouch, perplexed by his question.

Charles: What do you mean?
Lelouch: What do you think will happen, once existence is erased? Do you...think life will be anything like it is, right now?
Charles: ...Yes. But, better.
Lelouch: Of course, of course. Now, bear with me, as I try to understand this. You’ve been planning all this, without telling me, Nunnally, any of my other brothers and sisters, or even your own people, the ones you rule over...because your mom died?
Charles: (pauses) Basically, yes, but-
Lelouch: No wonder Alistair’s so pissed at you! This whole thing is so goddamn stupid, it’s bound to fail!
Charles: It can’t fail! The only reason it could possibly fail would be due to people like Wake! His yammering is nothing but obnoxious! What good has freedom ever brought to humanity? The freedom to do harm, the freedom to steal, the freedom to kill!
Lelouch: The same kind of freedom you have?
Charles: Don’t...ever say that, again. I have no freedom, I purged it!
Lelouch: Are you-? Are you trying to paint a victim, in all this? You see freedom as this awful thing, yet you’ve been using yours, the whole time! From what I’m gathering, you see yourself as some kind of slave to the whims of freedom, so you want freedom...from freedom. You get what I’m saying, Charles? Or, are you still thinking, ever so childishly?
Charles: It seems I have no choice but to force you to realize the poison that is free will. (raises bare hand, showing the Geass symbol on his palm to Lelouch)

Outside the Sword of Akasha, the coffin-like device opened, and Marianne stepped out, in her real body.

Marianne: Stupid C.C., saying the plan won’t work… (notices Hawking) How...long have you been there?
Hawking: Few minutes. Hi, Marianne. You’re lookin’ pretty spry, for someone that just bit the dust, years ago. No wonder Charlie didn’t give a damp shit.
Marianne: That tone of voice… Hawking? Why do you look like your Vice President?
Hawking: Geass, V.V. gave it to him, now I’m back.
Marianne: Ah. How is he?
Hawking: Dead.
Marianne: Jealous twerp deserved it. He totally overreacted.
Hawking: He did regret killing you. For about a few seconds.
Marianne: Well, that’s just great, but now it’s just me and Charles.
Hawking: Basically. Oh, and I got this for you. (hands Marianne a strange vial) This was an even bigger headache to get than the migraine you had, when I first met Lelouch. Speaking of which, how did you manage to get that bitch of a headache, to begin with?
Marianne: Growing up, for one thing. Also, I may have salted that wound, by watching all four seasons of The Tudors, in one sitting.
Hawking: Christ, lady! Even I knew when to take a damn break!
Marianne: Well, excuse me, for not being used to the new life I just got into!
Hawking: Save the sob story. Get in that weird-ass dimension and reunite with your kid.
Marianne: You’re not coming with me? It’ll be a fun new world.
Hawking: Nah, not interested.

Marianne shrugged as she ran towards the ruins, while Hawking put on a metallic collar, which activated and began projecting his voice, instead of Sears’.

Hawking: Mostly because you two were fucked, from the start.

Meanwhile, the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks reloaded their weapons and prepared for a confrontation with the Confederate Enclave.

Ohgi: Where are you, you evil bastard...?
Alistair: He’ll be here, but I’m not missing out on sending Charles to his grave.
C.C.: I can get you into the Sword of Akasha. Suzaku, Alistair, come with me, quick!
Suzaku: What about the others?
Kallen: We’ll hold the fort!
Tohdoh: Let us handle Hawking. You’ve dealt with him, long enough.
Ohgi: We’ve got plenty of hateful comments to say, to his face and eardrums.
Alistair: Thanks, guys. We’ll make sure Zero gets out of there, too!

C.C.’s Akatsuki led the Lancelot and Masakado to the ruins, all three pilots exiting the Knightmares and running inside. When Alistair, C.C. and Suzaku reached the gate, Marianne was already there, waving in a taunting way as she was transported to the other dimension.

Alistair: Who the hell was that?
Suzaku: She looked like...Lelouch.
C.C.: That was his mom. Marianne.
Alistair: She didn’t seem anything like what Nunnally told me. I smell traces of ego, coming from her.
C.C.: That’s...the thing, actually.
Alistair: Here we go...

Back within the Sword of Akasha, Lelouch found himself in some sort of library, still able to see the sky of the dimension he was in, along with a strange dark pillar going upwards.

Lelouch: What kind of batshit insanity is this...?
Charles: That is the manifestation of humanity, itself. (takes book from a shelf, opens it) And, I think it ironic that you speak of insanity, when you have been lying to get where you are, while fighting against one who wants to be rid of all lies.
Lelouch: So, stopping short of lying means nothing, to you?
Charles: The very fact that you used lies is enough of a sin. There must be understanding, in this world, for without lies, there will be peace. Lies have no meaning.
Lelouch: By that, you mean life has no meaning. Lying is part of human nature, I don’t doubt that. But, what you’re suggesting is that humanity has to have no personality, in order for it to prosper.
Charles: You think too deeply into this. Think of it in more basic terms. No more lies, no more strife. No more freedom, no more hardships.
Lelouch: I’ve been thinking about it, basically. And, you want to do nothing, but erase humanity, from existence. Because of stupidly petty reasons.

As Charles put the book back on the shelf, he turned around, as the bookshelves moved aside, the room turning into a type of museum.

Charles: It seems you don’t fully grasp the true concept of the Ragnarok Connection, Lelouch.
Lelouch: I very much do. You’re smart, “dad”. You’ve done your studies. Tell me, what is “Ragnarok”?
Charles: Simple. A climactic battle between those that are beyond humanity, gods and beasts akin to gods.
Lelouch: And, the end result of that battle?
Charles: Peace, for each and every realm.
Lelouch: (chuckles, shakes his head) Not even close. The end result of the end. The apocalypse. While such beings of titanic might duke it out, who do you think suffers, from the shockwaves? Humanity couldn’t survive such an event. And, this plan you’ve been cooking up? It’s going to bring about an end to humanity that can’t be undone.
Marianne: Now, what kind of attitude is that? I surely didn’t raise you to be such a stick in the mud.
Lelouch: (looks at Marianne, eyes widen) It...can’t be...

Back at Kamine Island, the Yorktown began approaching the island, with a fleet of other airships, the Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks ready to fight.

Ohgi: I’ve waited my whole life, for this moment.
Tohdoh: He’s the remaining part of what’s keeping Alistair’s future prisoner.
Kallen: Once more, we fight for not just the future of humanity, but for our friend.
Ohgi: You can hear us, right, Hawking!?
Hawking: Mike check! Testing, testing, one, two, three! This collar isn’t messing up the speakers, is it?
Ohgi: No wonder Alistair hates you, if he had to hear that egotistical voice, for years...
Hawking: Aww, thank you!
Code Geass Heroes' Awakening R2: Turn 21 Part 1
Turn 21: Demise of Tyranny
Part 1: Prelude to Ragnarok

The Black Knights and Tokyo Mavericks have cornered Charles in the Thought Elevator, as he tries to commence the Ragnarok Connection.

Code Geass (c) Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise
Code Geass Character Design (c) CLAMP
For anyone wondering about the Knightmare variations that have been used in my story, here's a video showcasing them, along with some originals, from the show: 
I just felt that plenty of these units deserved more attention.


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