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eastern temple based on design from dan malone for pc that got canned years ago =)
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WE LOVE A REAL PIXEL ARTIST worship emoticon 
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This reminds me rollercoaster tycoon! gorgeous
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Dude this is so amazing, may I ask do you stillmake pixels like this? May I ask for a comiision for me and my teams rpg game were working on.
Heres our little group gallery
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Wow, that's amazing!!! The colors, the shading, everything ....
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Very nice! The detail is amazing:D good job:)
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:omfg:. Incredible. Since this is pixel art, I tip my hat to you. :+fav:
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The level of detail in this is incredible.
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Wow, i can't believe this is pixel art!.
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Hey man, this is amazing!!! All weird!!! DD deserved!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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beautiful texture! you make me feel like putting a foot into the pixel art world again :D
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Sweet little mosque! Fave!
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My goodness :wow:

I have seldom seen such beautiful pixelart! :+fav:

The colors and textures are very very -ill say it again- very nice!
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one of the best stuff ive seen.
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As firstfear says, this is the most detailed piece of isometric pixel art I have ever seen! I still wonder if it's a rendered 3D-palace? :+fav:
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Wow it looks so real. The shadows are excellent. I love it :D
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I do believe that this is the most detailed peice of isometric pixel art I have seen before :). Awesomely done :heart:
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Woahhh!!! beautiful scene, I love this temple, the colors are fantastic, good shadows and general design :nod:
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