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Things going quiet

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I wanted to draw something Felarya-inspired, and this was all I could really scrounge up the motivation to do today. I've been out of the loop with the community for a LONG time, and when I was last tuning in, I was at a point in Frenchsnack's stories where Milly had lost a lot... well, almost all of her friends. So I imagined her alone at a lake, no voices talking back to her and I really related to that. Spending the first half of this year completely absorbed in getting Planet Ripple published, I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever be able to keep all of the different parts of my base I've cultivated entertained again, or if I'm going to have to neglect some of them while I continue working on Planet Ripple out of simple necessity.

And then I look at the group gallery, and I don't connect with much of what I see at all. Keep in mind guys that I've never been a fan of vore, which is half of what the setting is about for people. And vore... it scares me. It always has. I'm not shaming anybody who is into it when I say that, I just want it to be clear that what drew me to the setting of Felarya is the fantasy world aspect of it. There is a GOLDMINE of intellectual property in this place to draw from and make adventure stories. Looking to jump back into that world lately, staring into a quite literal maw, I'm a little intimidated. I wonder if people would even like a simple story that doesn't involve that from me anymore.

And I know I shouldn't expect everyone from this or that community to jump aboard on something new like Planet Ripple. Some of my Felaryan fans stuck around for works like The Devilman and a few even tuned in for Planet Ripple. Lately though, it feels like things have been getting very quiet. I feel more isolated than I have on this site in years. Sorry for falling out of touch, guys. I feel like I've chased away most of the voices I'd grown used to hearing.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Milly belongs to :iconfrenchsnack:

Felarya belongs to :iconkarbo:

Consider checking out my books if you want to support me.

You can also read some of the story for free in my DA gallery to see if it's your kind of story or not.…

Commissions are always open.

Bust- $10
Full body shot- $20
+$15 for each additional character
+$15 for a background
Comic book cover/page- $50

'They don't give medals for 'almost' winning...' by NickinAmerica Mark I Megazord for Kaijuduke COMPLETED! by NickinAmerica Commission for The 1st Shadow by NickinAmerica Commission- Big Bot is mad by NickinAmerica Commission- So Tahu walks into a bar by NickinAmerica Ultraman 50th anniversary commission by NickinAmerica Commission- Play Well by NickinAmerica Kardas VS Grimm Dragon by NickinAmerica

Feedback is appreciated.
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I pretty much feel nothing for Milly. But I guess you can say,"karmas a bitch".
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She is really cute I think 
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It always is hard to try to keep in touch with a lot of things when you involve yourself in many projects and communities- don't feel bad about not giving one or the other as much time as one project.  You should always work towards what you care for and when you do it really shows through your work- your Felaryan works in the past having been phenomenal pieces that even still are among some of the most memorable around the community, and it is because of that care you had when you focused on it.  Your stories shine because of that, and your other works are no exception heh.  It is impossible for everyone to like everything of course, so some of the audience may not venture into every work- I will admit I've fallen a bit behind on yours but I really did enjoy reading quite a bit of your own series as well (having read the Pseudo Sapien stories after you piqued my interest hehe!).  Really, don't feel like you've chased away anyone- if anything it's a bit of both ways as myself more having gotten busier and less time I fall behind on quite a lot... Your work though has, and will continue to be, awesome just for the care you put into it.  It's the stories themselves and how you tell them that makes them so great- and it's what I love most of the setting too beyond the vore stuff too.  A great story and narrative always shows through and that's why your stories still stick to mind.

This picture is a great example of that in itself too.  It's a beautiful scene with simple but pretty and serene of an environment contrasted with Milly just lost in thought to herself after the things she's gone through...  Poor girl really did go through a lot at that point, and it just feels very down to earth to have this moment of quiet sad reflection.  It's a very clear and striking picture that instantly just gets across.
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You are a fucking amazing artist dude. Silver scales is a work of art, and so is your devilman work. Whatever you do, there will always be people who follow, because you give them an experience that i can't find anywhere else. Your ideas, the turns and twists, and the emotion you were able to capture. They were all intense! I felt Akira's pain, and flew when he triumphed. I fumed alongside Remus, and laughed at his shenanigans. Both of those stories were entirely different, but in both, and all others you have done, you have, always, shone through. You didn't fold for the crowds. You didn't care people might not like your "pro-life" stance on felarya. You did you.  When I was younger, I got in deep into Felarya. Convinced myself I liked vore. Tried to smile at things that made me cringe. Then, You made me realise that there is a middleground. You can immerse yourself, but if it changes your person there is probably something wrong with the way you've done it. I've seen a lot of other people say this, but you really are inspiring! I've been watching you for years, and I've always seen time, effort, and dedication poured into all of your stories. Cats and dogs fucking hurt, it was so good! That was felarya at its most raw. And, to accomplish this you stemmed the plot from vore, while not letting it capture the whole story. All because you didn't want it to. So, allow yourself to understand this. If people want your felarya work back, and you are eager to deliver, those faded voices you "chased away" will return. But, if you need time to think, if you want to delve back in, you fully deserve it! You should only invest your efforts and energy into things you have a passion for. Don't let others force you to. But, if you want to, we will all be waiting.
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Beautiful, as always.
As for the description, I sympathize fully. While liking vore, I often find the stuff in Felarya's stories to be a little too intense. You calling it scary is an understatement. And, frankly, I hardly ever visit here as well, having found other writing sites that suit my new preferences.
In any case, I was introduced to you through your Felarya stuff, and intend to stay with you for at least a few more years, so long as you keep painting these pretty pictures.
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I'm not terribly familiar with your work, but you've got my watch, and I'll be browsing your back log. As for vore in Felarya I've been writing and producing comics allot lately where vore is very much on the "back burner", granted I do a little pandering but for the most part my stories these days focus on the "complex" and "not so complex" social politics and potential for relationships in the different sentient species of Felarya. The center-piece of my group is a giantess and a human who've become romantically entangled.

People seem to like it, and it's proof that Felarya is primed for stories with less or no vore. It certainly happens (occasionally ) in my stories but it's often treated as horrifying or alienating.
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You don't know what you're doing? Dude, you're an indie comic writer and a businessman now. That's respectable. I just got both volumes of Planet Ripple in the mail today.

Can I make a suggestion? If you get an idea for a story in your head that's unrelated to Planet Ripple, just post a one-shot image of that story devoid of words or context. Then after a little while you could look back on it for inspiration and flesh out the possible story.
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Thanks dude. It's just a matter of finding time to juggle these things I used to be able to do all the time. Of course something like Silver Scales was easy because I just used flat colors and that was it. These days I add lighting effects and clean up the lines as best as I can, so naturally it takes longer than it used to and I'm not able to do as much.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on volume 2, possibly via note so as not to spoil anyone. Only if you want though.
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If you don't like vore, but love the characters, there's always Ayralef. Just throwing that out for your consideration. 
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Eh. I keep them in the original setting to address the parts I'm not comfortable with in a respectful way. Turboman explained it better than I am.
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Hey Nick.

So, I know you've heard some of my comments in the distant past, but you never reply often. Which it does bum me out sometimes...but you know what? I'm okay with that.

I never cared for popularity of my work to the people that read it. The most views I ever got on a chapter was 200 I think. But I don't care if my story isn't popular or not. You know why?

Because I love to do this. Because I love creating worlds and characters that are strong, charismatic, charming, villainous, cruel, etc. And to be honest I don't care for vore either, and I've done things to avoid it but I have to respect the source, so it's more an allusion then a full on representation (unless situation demands it)

And you know what? I'm proud to say that YOU are my inspiration for writing. I suck at drawing... everything, but if it wasn't for your brilliant story telling, I wouldn't be where I am today. So thank you Nick. Thank you for giving me my spark.

You have my full support, my friend. And I'll be damned if I ever give up on you.
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I'm sorry, man. Sometimes I have trouble coming up with something to say back.
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Same with me, sadly. It took me a while just to say what I said in my long comment, but every word rings true. Thank you for inspiring me.
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I think its a beautiful picture~ You did a great job conveying the emotion with her body language.
I got into the Felarya community a long time ago over 8 years, but never felt welcomed. Only a few people ever cared about what I did and nothing I ever did was "popular." I've always been an introvert and that didn't do me any favors in a community where its so easy to be ignored (I'm talking both DeviantArt and Felarya as a whole). Thus I drifted away and gave up on it completely, why put effort into something when no one ever cares? I'm trying to get back into the community now, but am unsure how to.
I never joined Felarya for vore either. It was the concept of the world itself and the focus on giantess things that drew me in.
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You know it's funny vore was never the reason I got into the felarya community, nor why I stay in it.
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Agree with French here, you never cared for that part of the setting, and you were always upfront about it. Still think your stories are some of the best to date - especially since there was art to go along with it. You've got a talent for making good narratives, and plot twists... always have. Don't be down lol. At least you're still doing stuff. I have ideas out the wazzoo, but have been too lazy to present any of them.

I feel like everyone has a niche in the community. Not every story has to be about the whole big fish little fish, because there's so much more to it than that - it just happens to make the setting a lot better and different than all the other fantasy settings I've seen. Even still, you manage to weave your own narratives in the setting, acknowledging the parts you don't necessarily care for, without focusing on it. It's a hard line to tow. You can't really write a story in this setting and just completely ignore one it's central themes - like some try to do... because then you could just as easily have put that in some other setting like game of thrones or something. You manage every time, to respect the source material, and still tell your own story... it's one of the things I repesct most about you.

also, I have a theory, which I was sposed to have posted in the group long ago, as to why the vore aspect might really get to you.
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Do tell.

Also thank you. I've never heard it from that perspective before.
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i know i replied to this - and yet, it's still here >.<. so "insert another reply here".

also, apologies for being so long winded.
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It's okay. I do have a discord, so I've been considering opening it up to the felarya community there, like in the old days with Ventrilo.
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Yea, it's like vent went to the wayside, with mumble and teamspeak. Most people use discord now, or, or even curse
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It's quite simple. It's a very Primal fear. I mean aside from it just not being your taste, it's by far the oldest way for a person to die. It's the most natural way to die, aside from old age, and it's a fear that's built into us all. Up until say, the last century or 2, being eaten alive by some animal was always a very real way to die, and something people had to constantly be mindful of. As it stands, in our world we are generally at the top of the food chain where ever we go, as long as we are in our element. 

When something DOES manage to pick one of us off, look at the overkill of a response it gets. Take an alligator, if it attacks and kills 1 human in an area... we will hunt down and kill almost every alligator in the area, just to make sure we got it, and that none of the others become a threat. Same thing with a shark attack on the beach. The second something takes us back down to the base of the chain, we panic, and over compensate to ensure it never happens again.

There's also the base nature of being devoured. There's no nobility in it, there's no greater meaning for it, and whatever ate you isn't going to remember you past digestion, and maybe leaving you as a steamer somewhere in the woods. People are very concerned about the impressions they leave, and their legacy when they die. Being eaten makes all of that meaningless. If you go out in a blaze of glory, fighting terrorists, rebelling against and evil ruler, or sacrificing yourself to save a bus load of orphans... you'll be remembered, you'll have left an impression - you'll have permanently impacted the lives of those around you. 

Compare that to being plucked from your group by Malika, who simply tosses you into her mouth after a lot of teasing, and treats you like a common Jolly Rancher or some other candy... maybe she plays with you provocatively like some women tend to do with their food when they're flirting or teasing. Then she swallows you. After that happens... you simply end. There's no greater meaning in it, she's not going to remember you, you left no impact with her other than maybe a pleasant after taste. She will go on to eat all of your buddies eventually, and you know after you're dead, she'll do the same thing to more people just like you - and all you'll have amounted to, was a few calories. your death had no "meaning" other to sate another creature's hunger... and you're just one of many in a long line of the unlucky to get the grand tour of her digestive tract. There was no malice or real reason other than you just happened to be easy to get, like a piece of candy on the bottom shelf. 

You know that even if you got killed by a serial killer... you'd still be remembered, by that serial killer and by the people you left behind... but if something eats you... only the people you left behind. If a spoiled prince had you executed because you pissed him off - atleast there was some meaning to it, and you've left an impact. If you died in a war, even as one of the first people to get to the beach on D-day... there was meaning (alot of sadness for sure) in how you went out, because you were fighting for something greater than yourself. If you're an evil emperor and you finally get killed... as evil as you were, you still left an impact for generations to come, and you know you deserved it if you're even the slightest bit self aware. No matter which of these you are - you will not be forgotten, and your death most likely meant something. Again, compare that to being attacked by a bear in the woods and dragged off to be eaten... 

I'm sure that :iconfrenchsnack: could probably word this alot more eloquently, but this is the premise i came up to, as to why ALOT of people just dont like the vore aspect of Felarya - yet i'm sure if you asked many of those same people about game of thrones, or some other violent setting - they'd be perfectly ok with it. Hell, i'm sure there are people who watch SAW, but get squeamish about Crisis in a well written story. Also, i'm sure the intelligent nature of Felarya's preds may come into play at some point - but that's still basically big fish little fish, because they aren't the same species as us. You can talk to a parrot... doesn't mean that you wouldnt eat that parrot if you were starving. You can love your pets - cats especially, all your life - but if you die around them, they will grub down on your body.

"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to another." Being eaten, simply reverts all the things we hold high about ourselfs, back to this basic principle. You're just biomass for whatever vixen caught you and swallowed you. Same as any meat from any animal you've ever eaten.

Hope this helps!
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I can see where you're going with this, but it's not a mindless, subconscious thing. Not just that anyway. It's about personhood and agency, and that being taken away. To me, what predators do to "littles" in on par with killing someone the old fashioned way (with a knife or poison or a gun) or rape. It's something painful that is being forcibly inflicted on an (usually) unwilling participant, and in most cases no matter how much the victim pleads to be released or not injured, you have these giant aggressors as intelligent and emotional as us who just go "Nah, your feelings don't matter and I'm just going to do this to you anyway. You are an object that exist ENTIRELY for my pleasure." It's scary in a similar way to the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. These brutal things that force you to mother its bastard offspring, usually ending with your death. It's the being FORCED into it part, the lack of respect from the giants for one's autonomy that makes it so scary.
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That's basically what I was getting at though. "Personhood" being taken away could be done by anything, or anyone. When people watch things like game of thrones or some of the other more graphic series, no one focuses on that because there is a reason behind most of the deaths that give them at least some kind of meaning. Eating someone completely strips ALL of that meaning. Felarya is like the discovery channel - where humans can participate. We can watch animals kill each other (a lot more graphically) and eat each other all day for the most part ( looking at you shark week) , and generally all but the most sensitive of people don't bat an eye lash. The moment you substitute people in there, it becomes a completely different story.

What I'm saying is "fundamentally" there is no difference in loss here, other than the perceived loss humans place on ourselves due to our unique natures. If Crisis swallows a deer, it loses it's life, and becomes a part of her - likewise, if she swallows you, you lose your life, and become a part of her. The only difference between you and that deer ( obvious stuff aside - I doubt you have antlers lol) is self awareness. Human beings, so far as I know, are the only creatures in existence with the awareness and knowledge that we are going to eventually die - no matter what we do.

Because of this, we consider loss of life by something as "base" as being food, to be totally abhorrent and awful - yet people murder each other all the time, often in crueler ways. That said, there are somethings - Malika being a guilty party for playing with her food - that are definitely questionable and that go beyond simple predator and prey, so long as you're still elevating humans above the concept of prey. Remove that filter for a moment, then check out killer whales playing volleyball with baby seals. Same thing in essence - or watch a cat toy with a mouse before finally killing it. It's a natural display of superiority between predator and prey.

Dude, your alien example is totally bad ass! TBH, it's one of the things that creeps me out the most about the alien franchise. I'll admit I'm too chicken shit to watch it from the 1979 on, but that's because i still respect it as the kinda horror masterpiece that would probably keep me from sleeping for awhile.

I just want you to know, I'm not disagreeing with your point of view so much as trying to understand it. I feel like that may be a key to making the setting a tad more palatable to some. I'd love to pick your brain on discord or something sometime. You are one of the most rational minded and articulate people with the views you have.Maybe we could even make a video out of it. I'm middle ground myself - in that I'm not overly obsessed, but it does make this setting far more interesting to me than others because of this dynamic. You really won't find that sort of dichotomy anywhere else. I like conversations like these... I like thinking and I like hearing cogent points, that challenge my own thinking.
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