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The Toa Cover

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This is... probably pretty plain for a cover. I wanted something minimalist and clean, but I might whip up a "proper" cover and rework this as a back cover sometime.

I was a little cautious about putting my name at the bottom since it sounds like I'm claiming these things are mine. No I am not, this is a simple non profit fan comic. A tribute to something that hugely influenced my sensibilities growing up and inspired me to become the writer I am today. I owe a lot to this silly toy line. Will upload page 19 tomorrow.

Not sure what kind of "theme" music a project like this should have. While I love most of the music in the old Bionicle movies, the "epic" orchestral themes just doesn't seem as fitting for something like Bionicle to me as they would for more traditional fantasy like LoTR. Sure, the more somber tracks fit well in the 2nd and 3rd movies, which are all about a fantastical culture dying overnight, but for those early days on the island...

Maybe something more like the music you'd hear in a Metroid game? Come on, just listen to this or "Tallon Overworld 2" and tell me that doesn't sound like living, singing machines in a wild natural setting with temples an' stuff.…

That's it for today.

First page  The Toa- Page 1 by NickinAmerica Previous upload The Toa- 18- Makuta by NickinAmerica

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You can read some of the story here.…
Planet Ripple Cover by NickinAmerica

The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling…
You can also see it on BZP…
and the TTV Message Boards…

Feedback is appreciated.
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Whoa, EPIC!
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Now this is how the reboot should have been!
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Bene! Moto Bene! (Very good in Italian, but I probably misspelled Very...)

You're not the only one heavily influenced by these guys. I was 6 when these guys first came out, and they were all I could think about! I hope and pray they have a GOOD come back...and also hope that Year 3 of Lego Dimensions can let you play as any toa you wish. 

I would play the crap out of Tahu.
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Fingers crossed.
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Yeah. And not Gen 2 Tahu either! Classic Tahu.
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Liquid-SunHobbyist General Artist
I really like this cover!
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MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer
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That does look nice... Awesome picture of Kopaka!
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Galer-XHobbyist General Artist
*bionicle Ost intencifies*
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