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The Toa- 197- The Truth

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I've been holding this twist in for so long. Seems Makuta taking over Metru Nui and shutting down the Great Spirit Robot... didn't go so well in this continuity. Only the head and a hand made it down to the planet. This makes his 2008 plans impossible.


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So the majority of the Matoran Universe is gone? No Dark Hunters, no Order of Makuta Nui, no Brotherhood of Makuta, no Karda Nui? Everything and everyone associated with them are dead?

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Not necessarily. Keep in mind, this is a more simplified continuity. There is only one Makuta this time, and there may not even be an OoMN. The other pieces may've landed on other worlds and some of the Matoran may've survived.

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So wait, if Mata Nui blew up, then how did the island form? Does the camouflage still operates regardless if Mata Nui is whole?

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I mean... all the island covered up was his face.

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So judging by the explosion, the Northern Continent, Artahka, and Karda Nui is destroyed.

But meanwhile, some part of Karzanhi is still intact but some regions of said island is destroyed as well?

Map of the explosion for reference:

Matoran Universe basemap
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So much for world expanding XD
There's nothing left..
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This...might throw a wrench into his plans; perhaps he might want to rethink the Toa's offer for peace.

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Hooray!!! I never really liked the direction that the series past the Inika's arc.

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wow, didnt see that coming, that would explain the ruined murals, though

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And that is why we never let our little siblings play with our big-boy toys. Because they just might blow all Bionicle worldbuilding material from 2006 and onward into smithereens.

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This somewhat reminds me of the Prototype Giant Robot, but this just makes me feel somehow bad for Makuta. All of those years he made in preparations to make him fall asleep and take over the Great Spirit had been ruined by his own hands. Not realizing what could go wrong, not wondering if it could go haywire or having a second thought of doubt.

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So, is Mata Nui dead or...?

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I mean.... the robot part is, more or less. but his soul is in the Toa and Takua.

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Oh, I get it.

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His spirit lives... in the bodies of the toa, but the Matoran universe is all but gone.

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Ooh! Your plan is ruined, Makuta! GIF My Little Pony - Laugh

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wait i am confused what happened?

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Instead of putting Mata Nui in a coma, Makuta accidentally destroyed the Great Spirit Robot's body.

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Mata Nui showed Makuta a vision. In this continuity, the Great Spirit Robot exploded when Makuta shut it down. Only its head and a hand made it to the planet's surface.

I said most of this in the description.

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