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The Toa- 135- Infected

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I've been waiting to show Kopaka infected for sooooo long. I drew that first panel what feels like years ago, now. And here he is, in all his glory.

Let's go.

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Haven't read up to here, but OH NO, KOPAKA!!!! D=

Seeing this is giving me Dark Samus vibes. o~o;

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MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer


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DayDreamPrincessHobbyist Artist

Yikes! He's evil!

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jakest123Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'm gonna say it.

It's a good look for Kopaka.

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There he is! Nice job on the Infected Akaku mask! Is it me, or is the mask also affecting his armor (it certainly looks a tad bit darker than normal"?

Who will be the first to come to Pohatu's rescue? Can't wait to see!

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That's just the lighting, really.

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Still, standing in the shadows, starting to see a pattern here...

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Toa-NirettaHobbyist Digital Artist
My body..not my mind! Get out of my mind!!
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It appears Kopaka had the wrong idea, remaining separate from the others.

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kopaka's mind is outside of his body? well, well, well~ how that for a twist

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Longstride1142Hobbyist General Artist

... well, [redacted].

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TitaDouHobbyist General Artist

So it's like 1 vs 5 there ? I know Kopaka is badass but come on he have no chance aha

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jakest123Hobbyist Digital Artist

Depends if he's being actively controlled by Makuta, who's much more experienced than the five Toa.

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A few things to consider

1) Gali is a Toa of Water and ice is just frozen water. Sad to say but her elemental power is not going to be useful. In fact any attack would help Kopaka.

2) Dog-piling would not be a good idea as Kopaka would just freeze the area around them.

3) The only characters who seem "immune" to Kopaka (or wouldnt be affected as others) are Tahu, Pohatu, and Onua. This is purely from an elemental stance though.

4) Kopaka is a very observant and patient fighter. He'll likely parry attacks before striking.

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i remember when this happened to lewa,I never expected it to happen to kopaka.:(

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Well, at least it isn't Lewa... again.

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