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The Toa- 129- Alone

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Well... there's something you don't see everyday.

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MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer

he and or the rest of them didnt have their memory erased?

also i wouldnt say its lying.

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Only the Turaga and Matoro knew. Takua was just recently told.

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I love how you're taking stuff from the original canon that's kind of weird or never really addressed (Matoro & the Turaga lying, even the way Matoran "eat") and not only explaining it in a new way, but actually incorporating them into your story as emotional beats. This page is probably my favorite example of that so far.

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I had to handle this moment delicately for sure. We don't get to spend more than a few pages with Matoro in this comic, so you know... every moment counts.

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Toa-NirettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw...lonely chilly boi need a hug :huggle:
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DayDreamPrincessHobbyist Artist


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Oh jeez, sucker's bet that last panel of Kopaka with an Infected Kaukau...

The idea of Kopaka's ice changing color while under Makuta's control DOES sound pretty neat, as in if their mask is "infected" then it would make sense that their element's appearance matches.

Edit: I stand corrected, I mistakenly called the X-ray Vision mask KauKau, when it is actually Akaku

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Kaukau? Isn't that Gali's mask? I thought Kopaka wore the Akaku?

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You're right! I stand corrected. I can never remember the "proper" mask names.

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