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The Toa- 125- Wrapping Up

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Looks like the Toa are almost done.... for better or worse.

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Planet Ripple Cover by NickOnPlanetRipple
The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling…
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Feedback is appreciated.
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ToaMahri Digital Artist

it would have been cool if lego made each of they're masks unique to the toa who owns it like you did

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MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer

two kanohi designs in one? ouo

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Toa-NirettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Takua has no idea what awaits him :o
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Why does Kopaka's Pakari have an optic lense like the Akaku?

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That's his Kakama. All of Kopaka's masks are designed with a lens in this comic.

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Apologies. I got confused on the names of the speed and strength masks.
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And I suppose everyone else gets a more symmetrical-looking Akaku? Why is Kopaka the Toa with a tech aesthetic for everything?
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No, their akakus would have the lens too.

I just wanted to make it obvious whose whose is all. It shouldn't be annoying.

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I just find it weird is all.
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If you go back through the rest of the comic you can see that Nick has designed each of the Toa's masks to look a bit more like their base design, so all of Tahu's masks look a bit like a Hau while all of Gali's masks look a bit like a Kaukau.

example: page 75, Lewa's Kaukau has fairly strong Miru elements.

I actually reckon it's a cool way to make the toa feel distinct from each other even when they are using each other's masks.

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Isn't it enough that the masks are color-coded to their intended Toa's Element?
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DayDreamPrincessHobbyist Artist


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"I felt a great disturbance in the ice... as if a voice suddenly cried out in terror, and was suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."

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Hope that Takua and Pewku will be alright with the tundra. Tahu seems to have an inkling that things aren't going well for "lone wolf" brother, either that or he's concerned for him; nice way to contrast his previous antagonistic attitude.

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Tahu senses a disturbance near Ko-Koro

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