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The Toa- 118- Only One

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This doesn't bode well.

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You can read some of the story here.…
Planet Ripple Cover by NickOnPlanetRipple
The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling…
You can also see it on BZP…
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MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer

Toa Canisters?

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Toa-NirettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Well that's not ominous at all...
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MrGheesfellowStudent General Artist

I'm guessing this will be, among other things, the story of how Kopaka got impaled by his own edge.

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He wasn't wrong. He wasn't right either but, he wasn't wrong. In a large group they are an easy target while alone it would take them too long to finish so their best bet is to do what Gali and Lewa did pair up and help each other collect the masks. That way they remain small enough targets he can't find them easily but, are still able to finish collecting much faster than normal.

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"So my hand is cast. Now, I must pierce that which the Toa hold dear. Anger amongst them will threaten their precious unity. Hunger will consume their duty. And Fear will keep them from their destiny. They will not disturb you."

–Makuta Teridax

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Well that can't be good...

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Whoo boy, this REALLY doesn't bode well. Looks like Kopaka is unintentionally playing into Makuta's hands. That, or the villain's influence has already taken root in that particular Toa.

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Dst105Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are those...?
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Skull-gumHobbyist Artist

They're the toa stones.

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The transport vehicles from Metru-Nui. Yes.

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Huh. They kinda do, but I sort of assumed that they were Toa Stones, or stones meant to represent the Toa.

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Pohatu, be a bro and thaw Kopaka's attitude with that personality of yours

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Megaer Writer

*Facepalms* Mata-Nui Dammit Kopaka.....

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BysthedragonStudent Traditional Artist

Now Kopaka is his target

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DayDreamPrincessHobbyist Artist

Oh dear.

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