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The Toa- 116- Tahu's Speech

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You uh.... got something to say, Kopaka?

There's so much to unpack with from page alone, and it's only going to get more loaded going forward.

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Planet Ripple Cover by NickOnPlanetRipple
The Toa- A Bionicle Retelling…
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Feedback is appreciated.
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MetalknightriderHobbyist Photographer

a Bright mind Tahu. nice

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Damn, Kopaka, way interject on motivational speeches, especially when Tahu was showing some character development.

Did Makuta's attack leave that massive of an impact on the Ice Toa, or does he really not want to team up? Fingers crossed that they can come together in the end.

NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar

The next page explains everything.

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Also, upon another reading, I noticed Onua's helping "hand" in making Tahu's speech all the more inspiring. Very nice touch.

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SilverHoodHunterHobbyist General Artist
Love Onua just lifting the ground for tahu to have his moment.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar

He's the hypeman.

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SilverHoodHunterHobbyist General Artist
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SilverHoodHunterHobbyist General Artist
Yooo Tahu doing the iconic mata pose in your art style looks dope as hell
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No you shut up, Kopaka, you're not helping, the situation with your aloof, lone-wolf attitude! So unless you have better idea you listen, to your red brother!

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Toa-NirettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oof...Kopaka no likely people
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they still can't stand each other. Kinda fitting given their elements.

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Tahu gets some nice character development and Kopaka being as introvert as always.

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MapleSamuraiHobbyist Writer

Dammit Kopaka, at least let Tahu finish his speech before you start being a dick about it!

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Megaer Writer

Kopaka Let Tahu fully say his Leader Hero Speech!!!!

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DayDreamPrincessHobbyist Artist

Ouch. What's your problem, Kopaka?!

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574StudiosHobbyist General Artist
He refuses to admit that he slipped.
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Kopaka hates speeches :p

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