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Planet Ripple- Ruins

I've started whipping up some new pieces recreating certain scenes in a new light. Here's Andrea taking Minnow treasure-hunting in the first scene. Cue somber music.

I put more detail into this piece than I typically can into any one small panel. I'm going to frame this and hang it in a gallery in a few months.

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Feedback is appreciated.
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what's left of the city in bioshock, am i right?
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A graveyard to the world of today. It’s eerie, haunting and in a sense beautiful. In my head I’m playing the BioShock music where your first introduced to the city of Rapture.
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Welp, now I have an inkling of what to expect once our planet is thoroughly ruined and the polar ice caps completely melt!  Somehow, this looks like a highly probable future, considering that climate change STILL isn't being taken as seriously as it should be...

Very nice eerie scenery.
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Well, it wouldn't technically be that bad. We'd lose far less landmass than a lot of "Waterworld" type works would suggest, even though our society would be in ruins and several major cities would be wiped off the map.