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Planet Ripple- 98- Snap back to reality

Damn... so, uh... yeah, this is a thing some of us on the autism spectrum have done. Slamming our head against a wall or outright punching ourselves in frustration, because we feel stupid and defective. It's hard to explain without it sounding stupid, it's like... at the time, we feel we should be punished for doing or saying whatever stupid thing we immediately regret, and if someone else isn't going to do it, then we may as well do it to ourselves. I've done it before.

It's an terrible obsession with never ever making mistakes, which is futile because everybody makes mistakes. I'm not condoning self harm, of course. I'm not saying this is okay, or that you should let autistic people do this as a way of "sorting themselves out." Hell no. Nobody should do this to themselves. I wish I didn't. But it's just something some autistic people do at some point, and we need to be pulled out of it by people assuring us that we're not stupid or in need of being punished for whatever.

I'm really hoping people relate to this scene, horrifying as it is.

On another note, I really like how the transition from panel 1 to 2 went. The dreamy-filter bleeds into a liiiittle bit of panel 2, then everything gets bright and noisy.

So yeah... Minnow has PTSD.

That's it for today.

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Words cannot begin how the first panel relates to me

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I can relate to this so much. I made a review of volume 1 on YouTube and I bring up this part particularly because I used to do it when I was younger.

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Oh damn. Could I see the review?

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Here you go. I made it about a year ago, shortly after I got it for christmas.

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Oh wait, I remember that one! Sorry for the mixup. Thanks again.

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Man, that hits hard and close (I swear to god, pun not intended at all), it breaks my heart
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It's something I think a lot of people have done at least once in their teen years. They, however, don't typically have a hand made of metal or lack the ability to gauge how hard they were swinging. whoops.
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Poor Minnow sure has gone through alot
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Well that's about the suckiest condition to find yourself in.
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Man, that's one alarming sight to see when you wake up...
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My "caretakers" in my special-needs school taught me that hitting myself was the "right" thing to do because they didn't punish me for it, and I'm still trying to get rid of the habit.
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That's terrible. (pats on the back)
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Yeah, so... just be glad you had who you did and not some abusive monsters as teachers.
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Yikes, that's... that's horrifying. But I really love that in this comic, you don't shy away from dealing with difficult subjects like this.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Thanks. I wasn't sure how this would be received.
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I don't get it, where's the pear? 
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I used to hit myself a lot for making mistakes as a kid. I don't do that anymore, but I do find myself getting lost in my thoughts about self-doubt and hatred for myself. Maybe that's more depression than autism.
I feel the exact same way. As a person with autism myself, i'd definitely can relate to how Minnow feels.
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This is our greatest fear, to be turned to a human McNugget.
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I can relate to this a lot.  As someone with autism, I hate making mistakes and I feel really stupid about it whenever I do.
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I have autism, and when I was younger I'd slam my head against the fridge door. That really fucking hurt. But hitting yourself with metal designed for heavy lifting... Ouch!
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