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Planet Ripple- 98- Snap back to reality



Damn... so, uh... yeah, this is a thing some of us on the autism spectrum have done. Slamming our head against a wall or outright punching ourselves in frustration, because we feel stupid and defective. It's hard to explain without it sounding stupid, it's like... at the time, we feel we should be punished for doing or saying whatever stupid thing we immediately regret, and if someone else isn't going to do it, then we may as well do it to ourselves. I've done it before.

It's an terrible obsession with never ever making mistakes, which is futile because everybody makes mistakes. I'm not condoning self harm, of course. I'm not saying this is okay, or that you should let autistic people do this as a way of "sorting themselves out." Hell no. Nobody should do this to themselves. I wish I didn't. But it's just something some autistic people do at some point, and we need to be pulled out of it by people assuring us that we're not stupid or in need of being punished for whatever.

I'm really hoping people relate to this scene, horrifying as it is.

On another note, I really like how the transition from panel 1 to 2 went. The dreamy-filter bleeds into a liiiittle bit of panel 2, then everything gets bright and noisy.

So yeah... Minnow has PTSD.

That's it for today.

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I am right now in tears. I did not know people other than me did this. Don't you dare say the explanation is stupid, that was perfect. I can relate to this so much, with all the doubt, self-hatred and anger Minnow has.....