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Planet Ripple- 95- Real good

Gotta squeeze one last zinger in there, huh Hack? Funny to the death!

And, uh... hooooh, Minnow's seen better days. Her limbs are still glowing red hot from that cut. Dang.

That's it for today.

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lordmep's avatar
Congratulations. You beat up a quadriplegic. You sound so proud.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
BOOM. This comment says it all.
lordmep's avatar
Is it more or less sad that before he beat up the quadriplegic, the quadriplegic was beating up his men?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
I think Hack's pretty thoroughly ashamed by everything that's happened today.
lordmep's avatar
Here's hoping the shame acts as a deterrent against future attacks.
ToaNaruto's avatar
I loved that "facial expression" Hack was displaying in the second panel.  

Poor Minnow, I really hope that she can't feel any pain from the damage to her limbs.  She must be feeling really upset about losing all of her prosthetics, especially about her right arm...  She'd better be recognized her efforts.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
She did get knocked around a bit. She's lucky she wasn't crushed by the Toad.
ToaNaruto's avatar

Wait, that mech was called Toad?  Whoops, I thought that it was called the "Crab"...
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
He said they changed its name to the golden toad.
Kidsteel1's avatar
I think he's ashamed of what he did because he took minnow right arm and legs again.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Again? >raises an eyebrow< hmmmmmmmm
Kidsteel1's avatar
he doesn't know if she got any spars or not for all he knows she could stuck in a wheelchair for the her life.

(I wasn't implying they met before if that's what thought.)
GingerGorillia's avatar
Love the side shot of Hack
Gusindor's avatar
I'm impressed with how much expression Hack can show with nothing but his eyes.
KnightOfGames's avatar
That's not the Magikarp sub.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
KZN02's avatar
He doesn't look too happy about beating her. I can't tell if it's embarrassment or empathy.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
It's a mystery for now.
GoldGecko's avatar
They feel like the sort of guys to have a sub that looks like a fish not because it is practical but because it looks cool.
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