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Planet Ripple- 89- Split second


Welp, that's it for today!

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Commissions are always open.

Bust- $10
Full body shot- $20
+$15 for each additional character
+$15 for a background
Comic book cover/page- $30

Feedback is appreciated.
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Minnow was holding her own against a whole crew of pirates, and then Hack just destroyed her zuit in one hit... either the other pirates are completely useless, or Hack is incredibly badass. Maybe both.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
A little column A, column B.
LegendWeaver25's avatar
"Split second."

Was that a pun?
LegendWeaver25's avatar
You are a brilliant man.
KaijuDuke's avatar
Were her arms cut off as well? Or just her legs?
The-HT-Wacom-Man's avatar
…Well shit…
Despite the dire situation, the slow-mo sequence just looks epic! Really well done, as though one can see it actually playing out
FatherOfMusho's avatar
Minnow must be a bit freaked out after that.  At least he didn't hit her body.
ToaNaruto's avatar
Minnow's limbs weren't sliced through along with the Crab, were they?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Yeah. Thank God they're just cyborg limbs and she isn't actually hurt.

...well, maybe the fall hurt.
ToaNaruto's avatar
Wait, so her cyborg legs were indeed cut clean through?

Well, now she has to get new ones at this rate...
Shade2800's avatar
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
She may be out of her league with this one.
Shade2800's avatar
"May"? You're the one who wrote her. I think you know if she's out of her league or not. (Just trying to keep it hidden from your audience until we get to that point.)
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Well yeah, I'm being facetious.
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