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Planet Ripple 85- Tricked out


Don't worry, Minnow hasn't killed anybody. Not even by accident. The whole reason she resorted to tossing empty containers around (at least at first) was because those would be less likely to crush somebody.

Decided to upload two pages today. That's it for now, though.

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Commissions are always open.

Bust- $10
Full body shot- $20
+$15 for each additional character
+$15 for a background
Comic book cover/page- $30

Feedback is appreciated.
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Battledroidunit047's avatar
Wow, now Hack's looking like a cross between Zapper Zaku and Blaster from Combat Dissolved! XD
Osmostrix's avatar
Forklifts rule!Dance! 
lordmep's avatar
So I guess she's trying to not kill them with her forklift. Neat.
MapleSamurai's avatar
I swear, if Minnow doesn't have a "get away from her, you bitch!" against Queen Barrakuda... 
Gusindor's avatar
I like that Minnow is still trying not to kill anyone, that's very hero-ish of her. I wonder how long she can keep that up though...

And Hack is such an enjoyable villain, he's funny without letting the comedy distract from how dangerous he is.
CairoCopper007's avatar
 I really love this villain:

" I swear, this forklift better be piloted by Sigourney Weaver..."
TheAccursedHunter01's avatar
"WHAAAT! YOU FEEBS ARE WASTING TIME ON SOME YAHOO IN A FORKLIFT?!" Something about that makes me giggle, I like this guy already.
GoldGecko's avatar
A thought occurs, why isn't there an option for the suit to be worked with those cyborg limbs, as in; you strap the cyborg limbs and the movement that would be the cyborg arm is now the suit arm. Should make them easier to control for cyborgs.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Some do have that option.
KaijuDuke's avatar
Bless you sir, bless you for using that song XD
FatherOfMusho's avatar
I get being gentle, but I really think Minnow has to stop pulling punches if she wants to save everyone.
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