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Planet Ripple-74- Oh.

Oh damn.

How'd they even do that? Shouldn't Hack's arm be broken in four or five places from the whiplash of that?

These pirates are crazy.

That's it for today.

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+$15 for each additional character
+$15 for a background
Comic book cover/page- $30

Feedback is appreciated.
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How many times do you think they practised that move before they got it right?

How many times did that guy take a rock to the face so they could act cool later on?
Storozhevoy75's avatar
In many countries, Special Forces training centers on transforming the man into the weapon where everything else is just a tool, like Russian Spetsnaz. These guys take it to levels that easily puts them to shame.
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lordmep's avatar
This is quickly turning into an action anime.
Osmostrix's avatar
KZN02's avatar
Well, if their prisoners can get the same gear as that guy, I think it's fair enough to join.
KaijuDuke's avatar
I just assume that either his bones are metal now or that his arm is fully robotic...Though honestly, I'm just appreciating the awesome sight of a cyborg sea scorpion slicing a boulder in half with his saw shield XD
toalorikan626's avatar
Lazerwhip...all arguments are now invalid
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Nah, just a superheated giant claw. You'll see on the next page.
LemurfotArt's avatar
How fitting, I was listening to this theme while checking this page out.

This Guy/Girl pirate is a pure badass btw. Great work as always.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Duuuuuuude that song is great.

And thanks. Hack is essentially the Vile to Minnow's X. It's fun to have a villain whose entire personality is just being a giant butthole to everybody and feeling no remorse whatsoever.
Jokerz-1824's avatar
No, that poor rock!  He was so young!  He had his whole life ahead of him!
steamdiesel's avatar
O_O  ...Welp, everyone's screwed...
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