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Now you see, this is the first time we get a hint at what Minnow is. We haven't see her outside that diver's suit yet, so someone who doesn't know what she looks like with her robotic arms and legs might think her arm is just cramping or seizing up, when in actuality it's a prosthetic arm that isn't being responsive to her brain's commands.

Cyborgs like Minnow have become so common in this time, that "Doctors" as we know them today and mechanical engineers have become synonymous. It's common practice for doctors to have a basic understanding of how to change out certain parts for people whose bodies aren't working, as you'll see later in the comic.

I tried to say as much as I could about these characters with each page in these early scenes. I sure hope it shows.

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one thing. pillows are buoyant how is it still on the bed?