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Planet Ripple- 63- ...ehhhh, but-



Yeah... this by no means makes Kelsey's behavior towards her okay, hence the BUT at the end. He'll give an actual apology (not a half assed non-apology) on the next page. I feel like I have to point that out for some reason.

Still, for better or worse, he does speak for a fair number of people on the ship, or at least in Cristina's block of it. I wanted to bring up the doll thing because I figured someone reading this would bring up how "sick" it is to keep the very thing that got Andrea killed as a momento of her, and how that would look to other people on the Balena. She was just doing what Andrea said to do. It's not up to anyone else whether she keeps it or not.

And that other thing he says, how he thought it was his duty to harass Minnow as some way of avenging Andrea... unfortunately, there are people who think that way in real life. They're not doing anything productive , there's no way to really justify it. It just makes them FEEL good, and some humans will do almost anything if it makes them feel good. And the whole "easier target" bit, I'm sure you've seen that play out in real life too. Corrupt leaders loooove to pit the people against each other, to tell them, "Hey! It's your fellow man who's even worse off than you are who's somehow the cause of all your problems! What a hopeless leech! They're the one screwing you, not me!" to draw the little people's ire away from the big people and let them focus it on someone smaller they can more feasibly topple over.

Anyway, some other things to note... Drawing Andrea in a her captain's uniform was fun. Glad I could squeeze that into the comic. And yes, a "rations card" is essentially an EBT card of the future.

That's it for today.

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Man, the real world, not to mention our entire history, is just FULL of bad... past present and possibly future is just full of more bad than good. Whatever happened to those 400,000,000+ years where everything functioned based on the food chain?