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Planet Ripple- 59- Trigger

Just for fun, here's the late George Carlin.… wooooot.

It really upsets me to see people throw the word "triggered" around willy-nilly. A war vet experiencing flashbacks of his friends getting blown up, gunned down and torn apart? That's being triggered. They used to call it shell shock. Now we call it PTSD. A rape victim being whisked back to the moment that it happened by some painful reminder? That's being triggered. Just getting a little peeved when you overhear someone saying something stupid and/or hurtful you've already debunked 100 times before that you wish people would stop saying? Well, that's... something, I guess, but it's nowhere near the same thing. That just makes light of the far greater ordeals people have been through.

You know, going back to George Carlin, I am glad we have a word like that now. Seems like a rubber-banding effect at work, like the language has been yanked back to something simple and impactful. "Trigger." It sounds a lot like "shell shock," huh?

What sets somebody off could be anything. A flashing light, a sound, a smell, any sort of sensory stimulation they also felt at the time could jog up memories of some terrible thing that happened to them, and bam, they're right back in that moment, reliving every gruesome detail of it. It doesn't even need to make sense. No one chooses their triggers.

So yeah... you can see how staring into the open maw-like cockpit of a zuit of the same general build type as Andrea's mech could set Minnow off.

Anyway... sorry for getting a little heavy, there. I've seen so many people on the internet joke about being "triggered," it's like not that many people have any idea what ACTUAL PTSD is. The waters have been muddied and people act like it's not real or something, cause of "special snowflakes" on college campuses or whatever.

That's it for today.

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PTSD triggers, never fail. I still get teary eyed whenever something reminds me of my late dad; when ever I'm around other people and something triggers me, it usually takes a little effort to stay in control, but sometimes strong triggers require almost every ounce of will just to keep from breaking down before I can find a secluded spot.