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Planet Ripple- 55- Hello again



The dolphins of their time are even smarter than the already extremely intelligent dolphins of our time, and they're always a few not too far from a ship because they know that's where the people are, and sometimes they'll be given treats. Heheh. I decided to leave it vague whether these are the dolphins that saved Minnow or not. If they were... it would be kinda stupid, them hanging around this specific ship for years waiting for her to come out one day, but I won't exactly deny it either. I'll let you decide.

Even if they aren't, Minnow's just happy to see another Dolphin.

As for the last two panels, this is how I would imagine the dolphin merfolk behaving in our time. They'd probably hide in caves along the shoreline or on tiny islands we hadn't taken over, staying out of our sight most of the time. Still, at least some people must've caught a few glimpses of them, or we may not have legends about mermaids at all. So yes, while they can stay in the water most of the time, they still get tired, and they still drown. This even sometimes happens to actual dolphins. Sure, if one is too tired to go up for air, another dolphin will push them up from underneath to give them a hand. They'll even do this for humans. But if there were no ships during the flood, these merfolk would be in a constant struggle of carrying each other for air, taking turns sleeping, finding the most shallow areas to rest so they don't suffer any huge pressure changes (and even then, they may not have had anywhere shallow enough to rest for a while) until they'd probably all drown from sheer exhaustion.

So yeah, chances are, they finally stopped hiding and approached us, like "Hey, can we rest on your ship for a few hours? We're all really tired." So we helped them, then they helped us, and our bond was forged. From that angle, you could say the merfolk were more reliant on us than we were on them, but you'll see on the next page that it isn't so one-sided. Plus, I mean... sure, we have our ships which are nice an' all, but the rest of the world, 99.99999999% of it is still theirs. Maybe some smaller ship's communities ran out of food and the merfolk helped them catch enough fish not to starve? Maybe some merfolk live on ships? There probably aren't that many of us left, like... a billion at most. We very well could've died out, then maybe even they'd die out, leaving the more distant, more fish-like merfolk types the sole proprietors of earth, and the earth itself a very different, alien place that wouldn't resemble our planet at all. It'd be like a second Ordovician period... for a time, at least.

In recent years, most of the dolphin merfolk have gathered and settled in "the shallows," areas where some mass is not too far off from breaking through the surface and becoming an island. So if they need to rest on the bottom or to go up air, oh, no problem, it's just a twenty feet gap at certain points. Their world is changing very fast. It's a crazy time to be alive.

That's it for today. Also look at sleepy Puppy, daaawww...

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So (judging from your description) did the Merfolk diverge from humans in the distant past? If so, what did the common ancestor look like?