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Planet Ripple- 49- Peg legs and cutlasses

If I didn't mention it before, sea Dogs are what people call seals in the future. Seems fitting, huh?

And just to clear things up, yes, the world is flooded, has been for a long time, but in recent years, new land has finally started to return to the surface. What were once mountaintops in our time are being pushed up, poking through the surface to become new islands. So yeah... that's a pretty big deal.

And yes, this is the guy Dr Weever mentioned, the captain who succeeded Andrea when she retired so she could spend more time looking after Minnow. Anyway, you all know how this scene is going to play out, right? We've seen it SO MANY TIMES in movies, where the captain thinks for a moment, then slowly turns around and plays the strong man, all defiant, like "We will not be deterred! We will not change our course! We aren't afraid of a few lowly pirates!" endangering the lives of everyone aboard.

Well... We'll see how he responds, tomorrow.

That's it for today.

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