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Planet Ripple- 48- Merfolk Children

So yeah, Noma is a mother. You may've noticed that merfolk kid who stared at Minnow a coupla' pages ago was grey skinned and didn't have a lot of freckles. They get their "patches" and colors as they age. This is something my mother brought up to me a while back, that if the children were as brightly colored as the adults, they would die out because the babies would be easily spotted by predators and gobbled up. I hadn't even thought about that. Thankfully, as established, the adults do offer some protection with their sonic blasts, but yeah, it makes sense that they would've evolved to attract less attention as young. Don't worry, Nalm isn't going to be eaten by a shark or whatever. He's just beautiful, is all.

Of course, it's not nice of him to say there's something wrong with Minnow, and his mother is quick to correct him, but... come on, he's a 5 year old with no knowledge of the world or humans. I think we can forgive him this one.

About the last few panels. The bit with Minnow humming to show how similar our species are is EXTREMELY important to me. It's one of the first moments I thought up after I'd decided to feature merfolk in this story. I feel it's also important for the readers. These merfolk have generally been very well-received, but there's sure to be a few people walking into this book who find them weird and unrelatable cause they're too different. Well, now they aren't that different at all. They hum and talk and laugh and sing just like we do. Woooooo. I've always liked that it's essentially what whales do all the time in real life.

Also, look at his nose running. Too cute! Now just imagine someone pulling out a hanky and wiping the top of his head. Haha.

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Bonding! So cute. Cue the pirates any minute to ruin it for everyone.