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Planet Ripple- 46- Unsightly

This is another one of those pages that says a lot in little time. First off... Minnow apparently sees herself as ugly. It's really not surprising that she feels that way, but it sure does suck. She's so cuuute with her freckles and messy hair! She ain't ugly at all.

As for this Merfolk lady... yeah, it's kind of awkward that you didn't ask PERMISSION to sit next to this person you've only just met. But, that's just how Merfolk are, really. They tend to be very... touchy-feely. Although they speak our languages just fine, the "spoken" language they use to communicate underwater is very simple. They rely on body language and touch as much as sound to get a point accross, so they're very physical, as you can imagine. They like to huddle and send "positive energy" into friends in distress an' whatnot.  You kind of have to explain to them why it's rude to get all up in somebody's face.

Minnow doesn't even know how to deal with this or whether she should accept the gesture or not. That's a bit of her autism showing through, I guess.

(And before anyone accuses me of appropriating autism, I'm an aspie myself, okay? Okay.)

That's it for today.

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Still some animal-based instincts in the Merfolk, eh?