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Planet Ripple- 44- Sister species

This page was a challenge.

Yep, this is exactly what it looks like. The people of The Balena (that's the ship's name) are using one of the hangars to spend time with some Merfolk who're dropping by. This is mainly a chance for Merfolk and human kids to socialize early on. You can see the one very young merfolk kid being held by his mother is kind of uncomfortable. All right, all right. He doesn't have to play right now if he doesn't want to.

And yeah, merfolk teeth are a bit longer and further apart than ours are. Kinda weird, I know.

Whatever Nulk has to say, it must be important. He probably doesn't want to say it here, though. Could cause a panic.

You'll find out, tomorrow.

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So these are members of the... er... Have you thought up a scientific name for them yet, or are they just called Merfolk? Also, I seem to suddenly be thinking of the Zorans of Zelda
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Oh... I was thinking something like Ichthysapien Atlantis or Homo Ichthys, but I guess that works better as it generalizes marine life...
"Dolphin Merfolk"

So, some dolphins, or some other cetacean species, rapidly evolved/were mutated by radiation into these humanoid forms or these are descendants of mutant humans? And if they really used to be cetacean, then how it comes that there are still normal whales and dolphins? Do they live in some sort of underwater communities or they are nomad? How does there society works? Their culture, their economy?

So many questions.
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Think marine primates. They took to the sea, like whales did. The dolphin part is more for the sake of have a cute-sounding name than anything.
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Now this looks like one hell of a pool party :D

P.S. do merfolk normally wear swimsuits or only when they interact with humans?
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They don't wear swimsuits much when they're not around humans. As you can see, most of the younger Merfolk present are naked. Mothers or other Merfolk women with... prominent mammaries may wear tops to keep their chests pressed down, making their bodies seem more streamlined and allowing them to swim faster.
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I'm glad humans and merfolk seem to get along well.
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Cower before the might of my man-nipples.
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