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Planet Ripple- 41- Cousins

Hey look, more world building!

You know what I hate seeing writers do? That "As you know" bunk I touched upon a couple of pages ago. But here, a little exposition is okay, because it's being fed to kids who yeah, probably don't know much about these things! They're as unaware and ready to learn about their world as we, the readers, are. And the fact that Minnow's there, just killing time while waiting for her appointment with a case worker, gives us an excuse to tag along with her, so we can see her seeing them seeing this.

I'm doing my best to make the exposition in this story feel as natural and painless as I can by using tricks like this. I hope it helps.

Also, try reading the voice-over with Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough's voice in your head.

That's it for today!

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Feedback is appreciated.
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Who doesn't love a bit of speculative biology?
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I actually think this was a cute and effective way of showing worldbuilding. It reads like a real documentary.
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Still one of my favorite earlier scenes.
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Humans, desperate to survive the coming collapse, searched every possible means at their disposal. Most veered toward building these city ships, while a brave few underwent massive genetic alteration. 
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Nope. The Merfolk have been around as long as we have. They just didn't show themselves until the flood happened.
Gusindor's avatar
Yay more world-building! That's why it's great to have characters who still need to learn some of the basics, like the little kids.
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And thus Captain Dolphin saves the day once more! Tune in next week kids, when our brave hero trades blows yet again with his deadliest nemesis, the evil Orcalord! Next time, on Captain Dolphin! XD....Sorry, I have no excuse, I just got a superhero vibe from the thumbs up he gave the camera lol. Very cool Merman design, I look forward to seeing more Merfolk species. Are they are based off marine mammals or are some of them based off fish like traditional merfolk?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
They all originated from land, but the Dolphin Merfolk have changed the least. Other kinds are more fish-like.
TheICombaticon's avatar
That little thumbs up the merfolk gave was a wonderful touch. I reminds me of that one video where this swords-woman demonstrates this really precise slash through this piece of bamboo...and then starts jumping up and down in excitement after she pulls it off.  Like that feeling of "yeeeah I did it." I love it.
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Thanks. In this case, them looking at the camera like that was a nice first glance at them for us to have.
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