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Planet Ripple- 40- SUPER Piranha

This is a scene I've been waiting to get to for a long time.

Just look at how much information is being fed to the reader, but gently, like... through an IV. That kid in the top panel is a cyborg, like Minnow, but he's already getting too big for his arm and will need a new one (probably even a new cuff) when his folks can afford it. Kids grow up so fast. Also, panel three. THAT DATE. This is waaaay in the future, and not even 13,000 years. Think about it, these people have probably had to reset their calendar once or twice, and who even knows how old that video is? Also, let's say they do what the rest of today's world besides America does and goes by days/months/years instead of months/days/years. Their months must be pretty short. Either that, or earth's rotation has changed. Maybe even it's orbit around the sun has slowed down? Who knows???

And of course, that little girl gives us a little insight into some of the more... colorful belief systems that have sprung up in this distant, future world. More on that in a later scene.

One more pages coming up. Then we're slowing back down to one page a day.

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Feedback is appreciated.
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I can tell this one's going to be 'likable'.