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Planet Ripple- 40- SUPER Piranha

This is a scene I've been waiting to get to for a long time.

Just look at how much information is being fed to the reader, but gently, like... through an IV. That kid in the top panel is a cyborg, like Minnow, but he's already getting too big for his arm and will need a new one (probably even a new cuff) when his folks can afford it. Kids grow up so fast. Also, panel three. THAT DATE. This is waaaay in the future, and not even 13,000 years. Think about it, these people have probably had to reset their calendar once or twice, and who even knows how old that video is? Also, let's say they do what the rest of today's world besides America does and goes by days/months/years instead of months/days/years. Their months must be pretty short. Either that, or earth's rotation has changed. Maybe even it's orbit around the sun has slowed down? Who knows???

And of course, that little girl gives us a little insight into some of the more... colorful belief systems that have sprung up in this distant, future world. More on that in a later scene.

One more pages coming up. Then we're slowing back down to one page a day.

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Feedback is appreciated.
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I can tell this one's going to be 'likable'.
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BTW, regarding the Super Piranha, are they the result of mutation or genetic alteration? I think evolution takes at least a million years to take effect (according to google at least lol), so unless this takes place that far into the future I'm not sure how else the piranha developed into these ocean dwelling monsters.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Most likely a mutation.
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Why were the kids all freaked out in the third to last panel? Is "Land" Taboo or something?
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
They saw the whale get shredded by the fish.
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People denying established scientific fact in favour of religious doctrine?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. :P
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sorry that was just bugging me and i had to let it out
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Ah yes, educational videos, still traumatizing children thousands of years later after the end of the world, good to know some things never change XD. Seriously though, I loved nature videos like this back in school, watching animals in the wild was so much more interesting than the usual criteria...Granted, never saw anything quite like a school of saltwater Piranha devouring a full grown whale...So yeah, I feel bad for those kids in panel four...And the whale ):

P.S. love Minnow's reaction to that kid in panel 5, so "Good thing your mom isn't running the class then kid" XD
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Panel four, you mean.

And thanks.
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Panel four is the one where the kids look scared.
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I can already imagine Morgan Freeman doing the narration on this little documentation that is being presented to these children.
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Uh... Hold on a second.

If this is as far in the future as you claim, being even further away than a simple 15872-2017 would imply...
Why are there still humans?

No, I'm not referring to we likely destroying ourselves in the future, that's a possiblity but not a certainty.
I mean why haven't human evolved into a different species?
How could we go thousands and thousands of years without a change in our bodies?

Specially when the enviroment itself has vastly changed from what it was.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
We have gone through some changes. For one thing, humans are shorter than they used to be, though their proportions haven't changed changed much. This is due to years of being in confined spaces. For a time, I considered giving everyone big anime eyes, letting readers think it's just the style, then eventually show a merfolk in our time who looks barely any different from the current ones interacting with more realistic humans, revealing that, no, it's not an art style thing, humans actually do have giant eyes in the future. Not sure I'll do that, though.

We wouldn't change THAT much, though.… a few thousand years, even tens, is a blink of an eye to evolution. There are some humans who have... pushed themselves in a certain direction, but you won't see them for a few books.
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