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Planet Ripple- 34- Failure



This should clear some things up. Seems Minnow's even more of a cyborg than she appeared.

And before anyone calls out the doctor's second line as contradictory, he means they haven't SEEN each other in a while, not that she's been under for a while.

You only need one working Kidney to live, but two is always better than one, so when  Minnow's left kidney was punctured by that piece of debris, she had it replaced. If not for that, Minnow may be dead right now.

You may've noticed they've changed the phrase "out of the woods" to "out of the storm," because there's no such thing as "woods" anymore.

And yeah, this middle-eastern descent, Jesus-looking guy is named after a fish, too. You're going to be seeing that naming convention pop up a lot. Because the world is a giant ocean, now. Yes.

That's it for today. Tomorrow, we address the REST of Minnow's health concerns and see to her recovery.

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