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Planet Ripple- 21- What did he call her?

And here's where the song would fade out.

Having colored more of the comic after this scene, it's struck me that so far, no one in the story has uttered a single swear word. Not even weird, made up future ones like "jithead" or "glitchstain" or whatever. I'll try to keep this comic relatively tame so parents can read it to their autistic kids, but yeah... there's still going to be the occasional BRUTAL scene like this. The sad fact is, a lot of ignorant people do conflate autism with mental retardation. Like, they think it's the EXACT same thing, and not, like, part of a gradient or spectrum. I've been called a retard a couple of times for being autistic. So yeah... this is where the comic gets real for a moment.

And that's the end of chapter- I mean, Log 1. From here on out, I'll only be uploading one page of this a day on average, maybe two, on occasion. I hope the stuff I've front loaded these three days gave you guys a good taste of this comic and have you biting for more.

That's it for today! See you tomorrow with another page.

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Commissions are always open.

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Feedback is appreciated.
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That guy with the yellow hair... man, he just speaks as he finds, doesn't he... Gives it to them straight, no exaggerations... But it does aggravate me when people put the two things together.
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Guilt is something that can haunt us for a life time. I wish more people understood that instead of telling others to "get over it." 
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Specially if the people saying that don't let it go.
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A world where your best friend is an old, toy Giraffe . . . .
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I can't remember the last time a character made me hate them so much with so little dialogue. I kinda feel sorry for the other guy, it sounded like he sympathized with Minnow or at least wanted to be respectful, so when the first jerk shut him down I felt bad for her and for him too.

Your use of color to show Minnow's emotional state is really good too.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
There's more to be mad at coming up.
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Well blondie, I have rarely wished death upon anyone as badly as I wish it upon you, may the Kraken itself drag you through a sewage pipe to your screaming undignified doom. He kind of reminds me of Sharpner from DBZ, another jerk but not quite to this extent (mostly cuz he was never a serious threat to Gohan).

Does minnow have any friends on this ship or do they all look down on her for being poor, autistic, or for what happened to Andrea?
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They look down on her for all three of those.
Dude im totally buying this when it comes out.
So far i think it nails the whole indie comic feel; dosent attempt too much visually in each panel, but manages to convey volumes through minor set elements. The pacing pretty much has me hooked; while the tragic-style opening of the story has been done before, i feel like everything after the "title sequence" so far uses this opening to the benefit of Minnow's character, making it even easier to sympathize with her. Im really looking forward to blasting through the whole story like i did with these 21 pages.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Thanks, dude. I'm going to release the first half of the book for free, and sell the second half on amazon and the like. If I don't slack off, I should have both parts done by the time I've uploaded all of the free pages. It'll be a while, though. Only 1 page per day from here on out.

And yeah, I was a little worried about the opening being cliche, but I realized it's kind of essential for the scenes that follow to work. What's really eerie is because that first scene was a flashback, Andrea is a character we only ever see in Minnow's memories. She's like a phantom.
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