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Planet Ripple- 21- What did he call her?



And here's where the song would fade out.

Having colored more of the comic after this scene, it's struck me that so far, no one in the story has uttered a single swear word. Not even weird, made up future ones like "jithead" or "glitchstain" or whatever. I'll try to keep this comic relatively tame so parents can read it to their autistic kids, but yeah... there's still going to be the occasional BRUTAL scene like this. The sad fact is, a lot of ignorant people do conflate autism with mental retardation. Like, they think it's the EXACT same thing, and not, like, part of a gradient or spectrum. I've been called a retard a couple of times for being autistic. So yeah... this is where the comic gets real for a moment.

And that's the end of chapter- I mean, Log 1. From here on out, I'll only be uploading one page of this a day on average, maybe two, on occasion. I hope the stuff I've front loaded these three days gave you guys a good taste of this comic and have you biting for more.

That's it for today! See you tomorrow with another page.

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Hey Nick, we met earlier today at the convention (I was carrying the big ax and wearing a scouter) and I just read this first log here and it was really great! It makes me a little sad that I hadn't read any of the series prior because it's really interesting to see your thought process on each page. I sorta mentioned it before but the cover and especially the character of Minnow immediately grabbed me (I know I'm saying that on the page where she cries herself to sleep :(but still) I'm definitely going to be buying a physical edition soon, whether through amazon or if I catch you at the con again.