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Planet Ripple- 14- Alone

That's it for today.

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Commissions are always open.

Bust- $10
Full body shot- $20
+$15 for each additional character
+$15 for a background
Comic book cover/page- $30

Feedback is appreciated.
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I didn't think She'd have it THIS bad! Mxls - Krog crying emote 
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There's a lot of things to be said about this scene, but there's one thing that I must mention if nobody else will.

If this were an anime, there'd be a brief pause, then Minnow would start screaming her head off as it cut to a further off perspective.
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Wow. Killing off a character who was just introduced sometimes makes it hard for the audience to care, but you made Andrea's death hit really hard. Well done. Well done indeed.
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Your comic seems to be off to a good start. This small emotional climax in the beginning of the story definitely piqued my interest and I'm looking forward to reading the rest and buying a copy.

You were considering making print copies of this, right? One area you might want to try to fix for that is the font size, it seems to be quite small in these current pages and might not be readable in print. Font size of 9-11 points should be enough for readability.

Keep it up man :thumbsup: 
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
I've made the text bigger where I can, but there's a point where it eats the illustrations. I've tried to keep the text in mind and leave plenty of room for it in the panels, but I still end up having to make the text smaller, or just leave out some of the dialog. Don't worry, though, I'll make sure the print books are big enough for the text to be readable, like, the standard size of magazines (about 20x30 centimeters). If it were a small book, like, say, a manga, that would be a problem. In any case, I think it's actually a fair bit bigger than the text companies like marvel and dc use. I think it's just that their pages have a higher resolution, somehow?
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I've often had to wrestle with the same problem, balancing between the illustration and text, and it does suck when things are unexpectedly covered by text and you kinda have to find a good compromise. In some cases, I've even had to redraw the panel. Of course small text will be less of a problem in larger size books, but if self-published, printing those can get very expensive. For that 20x30 cm American comic book issue size you mentioned, 9-11 points size should be fine. 8 if there's no way to have it larger.

I'm not too sure about how the big companies like Marvel or DC do their printing process, but from what I understand, 300dpi is the standard resolution for color comics, and 600 for black and white. Could be that they print their color comics in 600dpi too? Although in that case the file sizes tend to get ridiculously difficult to handle.
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Im defiantly buying the rest of the book when it comes out...Poor Minnow...:( (Sad) You defiantly made good with the delivery of the scene and the mood. for that i salute you.I salute you! 

Keep em coming!Clap 
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Ugh....Way to twist the knife with this page man, only way it could be sadder is if the sad music from the Incredible Hulk TV show started playing >_<
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Looks good so far!  :)
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Well done minnow! you killed your friend over a god dam plush! what do you have to say for yourself? spongebob rape face 

No but in all seriousness this was very emotional and surprising.....I need more pages!
Parsnipsingularity's avatar
Hey, at least the biologists back up on the ship will have a field day.
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