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Planet Ripple- 136- Articulation

These new limbs are miles better than the ones she just had. She's so used to being pulled down by heavy, mismatched ones with stiff, clunky digits that she suddenly feels rather free.

I guess I didn't need to explain that, though.

That's it for today.

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That form of freedom can be so shocking, can get terrifying at the same time as well as exhilarating.
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Like the detail on her cyborg arms.
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Thanks. I'm going to make little changes in future books as she gets new ones.
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Can only imagine how that would feel.
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Huh, reading the description, I thought these were actually sensible limbs, capable of feeling and such.
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Whoops! No, not yet. In a later story, she will get limbs that advanced.
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Sorry. I figured it'd be a given that Minnow would get later upgrades. Nice excuse to change up the character design a bit now and then, you know?
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Yep.  She pulls a Zuko.
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Crying tears of joy? Can't blame her after the nice stuff she's been given.
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Shiny, shiny shiny shiny.
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 aah liberation
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