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Planet Ripple- 133- To the Pristidae

I'm a little bummed out by how the last few pages were received... I probably worked harder on that scene than any other scene in the free portion of the comic, and I was really looking forward to hearing about all the things it made people feel, how it would resonate with them, and weirdly, it didn't seem to much at all. A few people commented about how it related to their lives an' whatnot, and to them I say thank you, but most of the people who'd usually have something to say were completely silent about that important scene, which was supposed to be like the huge payoff at the end of an episode that resolves so many things.

Oh well. I guess it was so bitter and depressing of a scene that people just weren't very comfortable talking about it. Maybe they were so conflicted they couldn't find the words. >shrugs<

Anyway, that's it for that. This is the Pristidae, a navy ship that's much smaller than the Balena, only around a sixth of its length. You'll see its uses in the second half of the comic.

That's it for today.

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I personally think that the big pay off after the previous scene made people want to think/remember more than leave a comment about it. I'm not usually the type to respond to things as much, but I can say that it really hit home for me. Sometimes we will never know the impact we can cause on other people, and I think that says enough. Loved it though!

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When people face bombs like the one that you dropped on the previous pages, it makes one reconsider many things
Many aren't aware of all this stuff and when it is exposed openly people can have conflicting feelings

Maybe that's why you didn't get much feedback
Or maybe most readers are aware of everything that these pages pointed out and simply agree and didn't feel the need to comment or point out anything
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Ooh... How interesting...
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I already expressed how I felt about the last few pages, even if I didn't have much to say for the last two. Definitely some great stuff. :)
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Thanks. Sorry, I guess I felt the last two introduced enough new things to stand on their own... but whatevs. What didja' think of Minnow's callback to when Kelsey found her in chapter 2, if I may ask?
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I thought it was a good attention to detail. Despite what happened earlier, Kelsey already proved himself to be better than Marx because he didn't let Minnow die. Hell, just by his actions, he never really wanted Minnow to die or really be hurt. 
I'm loving how much Minnow's progressing as a character, if her "reasons you suck" speech to Marx and her attack at the pirates have anything to go by. Her telling Marx what she really wanted to hear struck a cord with me, mainly because I've wanted people to say what I wanted them to, but they never did. Going by Marx's reaction, I think it's for the better.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Well yeah, Marx was only able to justify treating Minnow so badly by telling herself that Minnow is a shitty person who deserves every bit of mud slung her way. She always sort of imagined Minnow "confessing" like that so she could go "I KNEW it! I knew you were the villain of this story, making me the hero by default!" We see a lot of this spring up in real life, people saying "I wish they'd just come out and say what we all KNOW they really want," just to confirm what we already believe about them because it's fun to tell ourselves that we're good and they're bad, but when they do indulge you, once you've heard it... you realize how utterly cartoonish and senseless it sounds/is.
SuperGenKun's avatar
Like I said, I was in the same position as Marx with someone that I used to love, or rather, I still love them, but... it's complicated. I wanted them to say that I was in the right and how wrong they were. I never treated them badly, but I thought they were being unreasonable, so I ended up villainizing them and saw them as needing to be "corrected." It didn't work, and it wasn't until later on that I realized that I was the bad guy in all of that. I still beat myself up over it because it makes me feel like I'm a bad person. I've always cared about them, but I put myself before them, and I had the gaul to call them out for being selfish when I was being even more selfish than they were. 
It's situations like that that make me feel like I need to hide and never speak to anyone ever again, because I'm afraid of repeating that same mistake. If only I could make things right... but I can't. It's too late for me. I'm sorry for unloading all of this, it's just that those last few pages really struck a major chord with me, and a rather unpleasant one at that. It's not your fault, really it isn't.
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Oh dang. Sorry about that.
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I think you're probably right about people having trouble finding the words. The intersection of bullying and forgiveness is a very complex and emotionally loaded place. I know I sat at my keyboard for a long time trying to figure out what to say, because I have a complicated relationship with that situation myself.

Anyway, this page is well done. The atmosphere is great, it genuinely feels like a dark, kind of depressing rainy day, which suits the mood perfectly. Are you still doing that thing where the colors and lighting reflect Minnow's emotional state?
Also I really like your designs for both the Pristidae and that smaller water-car.
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I may not have commented much but this series has been interesting to me. Tackles alot of subjects that many stories rarely do

Things have been quite for me here too
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I have been kinda busy lately.

But I'll tell you that it did resonate with me, as someone who's forgiven their bullies except for one.
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Yeah I was kind of stuck on what to say on the last few pages as I could relate to some moments, does not mean over all I am not enjoying this.
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This should be interesting.
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