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Planet Ripple- 128- Not stupid

Another very important page that speaks to the soul of this story. Minnow can be pretty impulsive for an autistic person, and if she hadn't put this as eloquently as she did, Onora would probably say "Look it's fine, I'll just take care of your sea dog for you anyway," but... here we go.

That's it for today.

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I'm impulsive too at times, but not on THIS level!
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Can I get a 'Zuit Zuit'!
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Super smart cookie. Nice.
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The people on this ship seem to change their treatment of Minnow on a dime for the most part. At this point staying on the ship will probably just bring her bad memories like living in a house where bad family matters happened, so wanting to leave doesn't surprise me that much.
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It's always a relief to see Minnow taking charge and being assertive. It feels like she has a strong will, but doesn't show it very often.
People with autism tend to be above average intelligence. Or that is what my psychologist said, and I had enough personal experiences to believe what she says.
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I think of it like everyone has a certain amount of brainpower to spare, and us autists tend to disproportionately pool most of that in one area, so we're really good at some things, not so good at other things.
I feel ya. I know what you mean.
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So... When's the big reveal that she's her mother!

Come on! You know you want to! Just have them say "No, I am your mother" "THAT'S NOT TRUE, THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!"

She won't even need to cut an arm off, the job's already done!!
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There is no relation between these two. It's just coincidence.

Actually, I think I'm going to address that later on. Someone will say to Minnow "Oh, is this your mother?" or to Onora, "Oh, is this your daughter?" and they'll answer "" with a puzzled look, and the first person will say "Oh, all right. You just look alike, is all."

Minnow's mother will be brought up in a later story. She's far, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away.
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