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Planet Ripple- 125- Kill my day

Well, dang.

Congrats, Cristina. You may've just upgraded yourself to full-blown Disney villain status in terms of sheer unabashed dickery.

That's it for today.

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What is wrong with that she-devil? After the crap she took from the Captain for making Minnow's life Hell, she decides to change tactics on how to do that? Why couldn't the pirates have taken her, she would be fun to watch in gladiatorial fights or a light snack for super piranhas.
MapleSamurai's avatar
Huh. You know, I actually started to feel sorry for her on that page where she learned Kelsey had been taken by the pirates.

Should have known that wasn't going to last very long.
Osmostrix's avatar
Where's a flamethrower when you need one?Dance! 
ToaNaruto's avatar
What a spiteful wench!  They should just launch her from a torpedo tube, or force her out of the air lock...
Jokerz-1824's avatar
It's both amazing and sickening to think that such a spiteful, hate-filled woman can even exist.
NEO-Lexamus-Prime's avatar
wow just wow that is low even for her. 
LegendWeaver25's avatar
Not if you become the end of her first, Minnow.
0-0master's avatar
Cristina is gonna get killed at some point in the story isn't she? 
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Not that I have anything planned.
FatherOfMusho's avatar
Preferably by falling to her doom.
FatherOfMusho's avatar
In true Disney style
FatherOfMusho's avatar
I think I have a good song to fit Marxy.  "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by Let it Out.
Well, I don't know who this Cristina is, I started to see your comic only the later pages, but I have to say, it takes a lot of courage to bully a crippled person.

She does look a little like Cinderella's evil step-mother. Only a little more openly hostile than Lady Tremaine's passive agressive douchebaggery, it seems. Was the physical resemblance intentional?
Gusindor's avatar
How does it take "courage" to bully a disabled person? It seems pretty cowardly to me.
I was being sarcastic. It is a pretty cowardly and jerkish thing to do, since it is pretty easy to attack someone weaker than you.

Of course, you can interpret it in other way, as in: It takes a lot of courage to bully a disabled person and disregard the possibily of someone going after you to give you some well-deserved punishment.
Gusindor's avatar
Ah, I understand. Sorry, it's hard to recognize sarcasm over the internet sometimes.
Don't sweat it. I'm pretty sure most people have that problem.
Gusindor's avatar
Yeah, I see it a lot. My theory is that sarcasm is usually indicated by tone and body language, so it's harder to pick up on when all we have is text.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Nah, that wasn't intentional. You'll see what kind of person she is if you go back to those earlier pages. It's a surprisingly quick read.
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