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Planet Ripple- 122/3- Propaganda

Whoops. Looks like someone took a picture of her while she was deep in thought (and recovery) and decided to use it for malicious purposes.

Believe it or not, this whole scene was inspired by a terrible post I saw passed around on facebook a coupla' years ago. It was this photograph of a little boy in a third world country lugging a wheel-barrel around by ropes loosely slung over his armless stumps. He'd just stopped so someone could take a picture of him. I'm guessing the original intent of the photo was to spread awareness of child labor in areas like that, to show how bad his and others' situation could get, but little could the boy or even the photographers have foreseen that douchebags on the internet would plaster "TELL ME WHY YOU CAN'T WORK," over the picture to guilt people in America who can't work because they have some disability or other. The original, simple and poignant message of "No child should have to endure this" was replaced with "LOOK AT WHAT THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOY WITH NO ARMS GOES THROUGH EVERY DAY, YOU DAMN LAZY MILLENNIALS!! HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO DO ANY LESS?!! YOU BETTER NOT COMPLAIN UNTIL YOU'VE AT LEAST BEEN THROUGH EVERYTHING HE HAS!!!!"

And I'm just thinking "Pfft, you people pushing this around don't give a crap about that little boy. You're just using him to push your narrative that millennials are lazy. You'll forget all about that little boy in a week."

I didn't. It's terrible, what people do. But that kind of thing happens a lot, especially in the last coupla' years. People with a hateful agenda will find a picture or a video of someone who's made it through some bad times and use them (without their consent, of course) as the poster child of whatever movement they're pushing. Sometimes that person will speak out and say, "No! I don't like my face being used for this! I don't want you to push what happened to me onto other people! Stop it!" and they go ignored.

What examples of this can you think of?

It seemed like a pretty socially relevant thing to comment on in the comic. Wait 'til tomorrow to see what Minnow as to say about this.

That's it for now.

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I once saw a pic of a woman (Islamic I think, but I'm not sure. Point is they weren't European.) besides a downed civilian and using her phone to contact help after a terrorist attack. Some altright fuckers (I think they were the extremist group Britain First Defence Force) had tweeted it saying she was casually browsing her phone in the aftermath. If there's a way they can indoctrinate people, the far right will do it.
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I've seen a couple news stories get parodied and it sickens me. Both of them featured an African-American. Then there are the shootings that have taken place recently. THIS, however! THIS TAKES THE CAKE! Mxls - Major Nixel furious emote 
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I wonder who made that...
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Oh yeah. You don't need autism for something like that to piss you off.
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Gah, that's just awful. I can't think of any direct examples, but this reminds me of something I often see used against queer people (sometimes by other queer people), the idea that if someone else is "more oppressed" than you are, you have no right to complain about anything and should just shut up and be thankful you don't have it as bad as them.
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Jesus why is everyone being a bunch of assholes to minnow? She did save them from a pirate attack after all -_-
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Use her face to keep others down, will you? I'LL USE YOUR FACE AS A MOP!
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Powerful stuff. Great job!
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Motivational posters, you're doing it wrong.

I'd be more inspired if it was a picture of Minnow in the Zuit fighting off pirates. Wait ... I think I overlooked something.
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^ points to description ^^^
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Sorry, I should have clarified it was regarding the people in the story who made the poster, not you.
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Ah. Don't worry, they'll explain themselves on the next page.
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But anyways, my comment about a potentially better poster made me realize back what Andrea said about needing Minnow as the test pilot to convince donors to fund her project. And also stemming back what I said about the Living Dead Division from Gundam Thunderbolt.

Given the discrimination against those with artificial limbs in this universe, I can see two scenarios:
1. The operators of these Zuits will given more respect and everything will get along.
2. Operators and those with artificial limbs are still treated as **** and they're going to revolt with these new Zuits (unless there's some killswitch or way to make the operator comply with orders, which may bring up a potentially worse scenario).
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That is just cruel. It seems clear that people don't seem to appreciate the fact that Minnow risked her life to try and save others. It's not her fault that she was recovering from that whole ordeal.
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That, and they didn't get her good side.
Phoenixofthesea's avatar

But still..... I kinda get Minnow... kinda
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This struck a serious cord with me. Nobody should EVER be told that they can't work. I understand that some people have serious conditions that prevent them from working, but we shouldn't chastise them for it! 
You sure know how to make a reader feel something. Keep it up!
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That... wasn't the point of this scene. In the description, I talked about people using examples of someone in dire straights to guilt people for "not working."

Example: "What's that? You 'can't work' because you have a neurological disorder that makes you feel weak and in constant pain? YOU DAMN SISSY LIBERAL MILLENNIAL!! Look at this little African boy who has no arms! HE'S working! If he can work, so can you! You have nothing to complain about compared to him! NOW GET TO WORK, you fucking welfare queen!"

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