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So yeah.... about this whole "special DNA" thing. 30,000 years isn't a long time. Sure, it seems long to us, but as far as nature's concerned that barely qualifies as a morning stretch. Still, it leaves plenty of time for the more advanced people who lived before the flood to meddle with their own DNA, activating "junk strands" and the results manifesting in their descendants. This will be touched upon later in the story in greater depth. Even Minnow doesn't really understand this.

In today's world, there's a little boy with three DNA strands, and... he has a lot of health problems. This is serious stuff. But who knows? Maybe more kids in the coming years will be born with extra DNA? Maybe things will even out and later examples will have fewer problems? Or maybe I'm just spouting crap.

You'll see what this all means someday. At the moment, though,  it'll just have to be another thing, on top of everything else, that makes Minnow special and mysterious.

That's it for today.

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Okay, so here's a trope that's always been kinda weird to me. Basically the piloting requirements for this new machine, this machine that the navy plans to mass-produce for hundreds if not thousands of soldiers, can only be piloted by Minnow or clones of Minnow. Seems a bit too hyper-specific to be practical in mass production, not to mention this is meant to impress sponsors who will no-doubt notice that very flaw. The biggest advantage of a machine like this is that it's easy to mass-produce with its smaller size, which reduces the resources required to make it, but that goes out the window when only a few select people in the world can even get behind the wheel.