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Planet Ripple- 119- Yuge hands

Now it all comes together...

I enjoyed drawing Onora's face in panel two. You can see she kinda knows how goofy this all sounds As she's saying it.

As for her "weighing her down" comment... oooogh, not cool, lady. Not cool at all. Don't worry, that gets addressed on tomorrow's page. I just hope nobody sees this page without reading the description and gives me flak for supposedly being abelist in the meantime. Characters in fiction need to be allowed to be problematic so other characters can call them out.

You know what? I'm gonna go ahead and upload the next page. Just gimme a moment.

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You designed an armor that doesn't work if the pilot has limbs? I feel the need to slap whoever made that design decision.
"Characters in fiction need to be allowed to be problematic so other characters can call them out." I, like the others, like this quote. Personally I will often stop following a story if a problematic character is never called out, so it's nice to know some rationality is coming.
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It also goes the other way, scrubbing a work clean of any character with problematic world views out of a fear that people in real life will latch onto that and go on to do harmful things isn't warranted if you make it clear that the character is wrong for believing what they do.
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This reminds of Daryl Lorenz's situation in Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt; lost his legs early in the One Year War, gets prosthetic legs and becomes a Zaku pilot, tests the Psycho Drive on the Psycho Zaku, suffers critical injuries after a fight with the Full Armor Gundam, gets both his arms amputated (one of which had to be amputated anyways, the other was still good but amputated so he could fully use the Psycho Drive).
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That's not to mention the Living Dead Division that Daryl is a part of; pilots with prosthetic limbs who become pilots because Zeon is desperate enough to get any manpower available to fight in the war.

I would be terrified to think of something similar in your story.
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"Characters in fiction need to be allowed to be problematic so other characters can call them out." Good quote, I'll have to remember that one.
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Well, I can certainly see why Minnow would be the ideal test pilot for a machine like this, but even if she's able to prove the new zuit works, I imagine they'll have to divide its new technologies and special features between two or more different mass production models in order to make the zuits large enough for the average pilot to utilize. Minnow can certainly test the abilities of this unique prototype, but unless they can find a way to enlarge the current design without sacrificing its special features they're still gonna have to simplify & specialize later models for rescue workers to make use of it without giving up body parts like the pirates seem to do.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
That's the real tricky part, is this thing was made to be light and nimble and fast, but in order to accommodate the average joe, they'd have to beef it up substantially to the point where it'd be slow and clunky like Tron Bonne's signature mech from her game. They could still find ways to strip it down then, but it'd probably end up very fragile.
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Well, at lest Minnow will have clean cybernetics if she goes along with this.
Also, just my two cents, Nick - You have to stop caring if people call you all these "ism" buzzwords.  Focusing on that too much will only bring you grief from walking on eggshells as an artist.  You need to flip people like that the bird and never so much as give them the time of day.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
Problem is, there are a lot of scenes in this comic where someone says a harmful thing on one page... and it's resolved on the very next page, and I can't trust everyone on the internet to bother to read that next page before they type up a storm about how horrible I am for supposedly condoning or even promoting whatever. It's like when someone comments on a youtube video without watching the whole thing. I don't want there to be a shitstorm on tumblr that ruins me because someone got jumpy. Rest assured, I'm not letting this effect the story itself, just how I go about distributing it. I don't want there to be a misunderstanding in this era of miscommunication and misinformation, and... geez, that's a lot of missus.
FatherOfMusho's avatar
That's exactly what I mean.  Resolving the conflict right away isn't really a good thing to do, as conflict is central to a story.  This is what I mean by walking on eggshells.  You resolve the conflict right before it has a chance to build suspense for fear of angering someone.
PS - Defamation is something you can sue for, and taking into consideration the nature of SJW snowflakes, they have a likely chance of ruining their defense with an outburst and being held in contempt of court.
NickOnPlanetRipple's avatar
That wasn't the right way to put it, that's not the kind of resolution I'm talking about... what I mean is these conversations are often too long to cram into one page and they bleed into the next
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Okay, that makes sense.  The thing is, you need to have some underlying conflict.  The main one I see her is Minnow's inner struggle, which I feel is definitely necessary for most of the series.  Also,you might want to make least one character hold onto their prejudice throughout most if not all of the series as a "side-antagonist".  You know, the whole thing with giving reasonable viewers someone they love to hate.
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Yeah, don't worry, there're some issues I'll bring up that'll span multiple books. I want to throw in a "not" autism speaks kinda group that gives people like Minnow a bad name, the kind of people who do a good job spreading awareness of everything SCARY about the condition, how "Having a child like that will destroy your marriage" an' shit, but who fail to spread acceptance of actual autistic people or help them. And as you may've guessed, a "rations card" is that era's equivalent of an EBT we'd use in this era.
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