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Planet Ripple- 117- Regression

Ahh... so that's what's throwing her off her game.


That's it for today.

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Pain and grief are powerful causes for regression, I speak from experience.
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Okay, my earlier Simon comparison is starting to look even more relevant. Is this new lady scouting around for potential agents for a special operation?
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Oh geez....Yeah, a sick pet can really throw anyone off their game >_<
aw poor boy. Recently I've been doing a co-op at a dog grooming place and there was a pair of dogs that would occasionally come in, a rottweiler  named Xena and a pug named Walter, at one point they stopped coming, the owner came in one day and told us Xena was very sick and barely able to eat and if they couldn't afford the treatment just to keep her alive they'd have to pull the plug. and she was such a sweet and gentle dog too.
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Oh, dang. I'd freak out every time Molly just didn't feel like eating or drinking for a day. It happened a few times over the years. I think she was in a weird mood. She had a rough puppyhood. You know what happens to Beagles in Ohio?
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You know lab monkeys? They do that to beagles in Ohio, for the first six years of their lives, then release them to spend retirement with proper families. She was passed around so many times, she wound up all the way here in Maine. We didn't put the pieces together until well after she was dead.
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...I absolutely epathize with Minnow...I absolutely know just how heart breaking this kind of stuff is.
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I feel like I've been regressing myself when it comes to social interactions. I don't want to get into what that is, but I can feel for Minnow here. It always hurts to see someone come so far, but then fall. 
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Stress can cause someone to narrow their perspective on things, like a flower closing up or a hermit crab retreating into its shell.
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Oh no...  Is Puppy dying?
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Aw, poor Minnow.  That's never good thing to experience: an old beloved pet slowing down.
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Well I hate to spoil stuff, but no, he doesn't die from this. He's just really sick.
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